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» 18 Ways to See: An Exhibition at Upstairs ArtSpace
An upcoming exhibit at Upstairs Artspace in Tryon features some of the more unconventional artists who have appeared in the pages of Bold Life over the past 11 years
By Norm Powers | March 5, 2014 (Art: Art)

» 18 Ways to See: Program Guide
Snake handlers, train hoppers, avenging angels and more are freed from the margins at "18 Ways to See" opening at Upstairs Artpace in Tryon on March 22.
March 4, 2014 (Art: Art)

» CD Review: Too Late to Ask Now
What if Cajun folk asked Appalachian folk music to dance?
By Brent Fleury | March 4, 2014 (Music: Music)

» CD Review: Love is Covered in Dust
A new CD from Yes the Raven.
By Brent Fleury | March 4, 2014 (Music: Music)

» Lessons from the Worm Lady
Vermicomposting with the Mystics 101
By Rebecca Sulock | March 1, 2014 (Culture: Culture)

« Cover story Mar. 1, 2014
Cover Mar. 01, 2014
» On the Road Again
All of the dues paid on the road began reaping rewards for Underhill Rose in 2013. The Asheville-based trio's fan-funded country-soul release, Something Real, made the Americana Music Association's year-end Top 100 for airplay.
By Robin Tolleson | March 1, 2014 (Music: Music)

» Track and Field
The Bull and Beggar Genre-Hops With Inspired Charcuterie
By Blaise Covert | February 28, 2014 (Dining: Dining)

» Molasses Makers and Moonshiners
Filmmaker aims to preserve a rich, resilient culture
By Kate O'Connor | February 28, 2014 (People: People)

» Goodbye Country Life
No one in Stephanie Moore's family thought the organizational fervor of their little girl was odd, even when she started categorizing the contents of her closet using ticker tape labels.
By Norm Powers | February 26, 2014 (People: People)

» Crimes of the Art
James Bond investigates
By Norm Powers | February 26, 2014 (Culture: Culture)

» Southern (Irish) Style
Caladh Nua at Tryon Fine Arts Center
By Rebecca Sulock | February 26, 2014 (Music: Music)

» Greatest Treasure Hunt of All Time
In a rousing WWII adventure, George Clooney and Matt Damon are American cultural experts on a secret mission to save European art from Nazi destruction.
By Marcianne Miller | February 26, 2014 (Movies: Movies)

» Do-Si-Do
Eva House, a Southern Lights Square and Round Dance Club vice president, and her husband Dick, kick up their heels at least three nights a week.
By Katy Nelson | February 1, 2014 (People: People)

» 'Love is All There is'
Lorre Diamond Sparkles as a Singing Telegram
By Katy Nelson | February 1, 2014 (People: People)

» Mission-ary Zeal
Bruce Johnson creates an ideal classroom for Arts & Crafts aficionados.
By Dorothy Foltz-Gray | January 31, 2014 (Culture: Culture)

» Salad Days
New Bakery-Deli at Rezaz Lives Up to Its Owner's Legacy
January 30, 2014 (Dining: Dining)

» Watered Down
Documentary examines a community's fight for safe drinking water
By Dorothy Foltz-Gray | January 30, 2014 (People: People)

« Cover story Jan. 29, 2014
Cover Jan. 29, 2014
» Junk and Disorderly
Artist Bobbie Polizzi's fantastical constructions
By Norm Powers | January 29, 2014 (Art: Art)

» Man of Brass
Energy and mayhem and trombonist JP Furnas
By Robin Tolleson | January 29, 2014 (Music: Music)

» Drawing on History
Hands-on art project spurs kids to dig deeper
By Bridget Conn | January 28, 2014 (Art: Art)

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