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CD Reviews: Johnson's Crossroad Mockingbird


Johnson's Crossroad



Johnson's Crossroad is back in the saddle with Mockingbird, their latest labor of love for the music of — and inspired by — our own Appalachian mountains. These guys have exploded in popularity since their last album, and listening to Mockingbird, it's easy to see that that popularity is not only well-deserved, but not a fluke. The musicianship (while undeniably excellent on their previous release, Blood in Black and White) seems to have settled into a comfortable maturity since then, producing an feeling of effortlessness; of the musicians being a direct conduit for the music, instead of them having to actually sit down and sweat out the "messy details" of writing the songs. Granted, if that were literally true, songwriting would be much less fun, but you get the point. Not one to mince words, or to obfuscate his meaning behind a lot of poetry, Paul Johnson has a knack for creating powerful visuals with straightforward lyrics. Some stand outs include; A word to the fellas who are fightin the law/ If they don't lock you up then you call it a draw, and If I were a stone, I would be the one in motion/ But I am a tear shed alone in the night. A treat to see live, Johnson's Crossroad gives you lots of opportunities to do just that. They are crossing the country in support of Mockingbird, but in July we lucky locals can see them on the 8th at the Feed N Seed in Fletcher, and on the 9th at Jack of The Wood in Asheville.

— Brent Fleury

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