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CD Review: Men on Earth, The Guise of Another


A fantastic example of the evolution of Rock & Roll, Men on Earth has fused some of the best intuitions and inclinations of many of indie rock's legends into something inventively fun as well as instinctively and viscerally....well, rockin'. The care with which they have crafted the arrangements is unusually impressive, and while their style is different, something about the songcraft reminds me of a band you might never have heard of by the name of Revis. The Guise of Another is so very not "verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-verse-chorus" style rock, and yet it flows just as easily — if not easier — than that. There's a noticeable pop sensibility here, but the rock attitude seems to override it. Even in the "tamer" tracks, the guitar solos still smoke and the need to bang your head just a wee bit are undeniable. There's a musical dissonance reminiscent of the better work of The DeLeo brothers of Stone Temple Pilots, and the lead vocals are a wonderful hybrid of Bono and Toadies' Todd Lewis. I don't often say things like this, but Men on Earth is a band I'd like to be in. However, they already have a bass player. If you like the post-punk chillness of The Smiths, but also get into Soundgarden, check these guys out.


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