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· Cold Pressed, Warm Heart
  Serious juicery revives the New Year. [December 29, 2014]
· Liberation Stories
  Local survivors and activists mark a Holocaust-remembrance milestone. [December 29, 2014]
· Big Eyes
  [December 29, 2014]
· No Bluffing
  " It's that mix where the blues was going from the country to the city, after the electric guitar got more popular," explains Cary Fridley, half of the duo Asheville Aces. "It still has that Southern, old-style beat, but it also starts to sound like rock and roll." [December 29, 2014]
· Melding Cultures
  Hendersonville artist blends three continents. [December 29, 2014]
· Seeing Stars
  Local scientist opens up about the January sky. [December 29, 2014]
· Fermented is the New Gluten-Free
  Blogger makes "foodie" prognostications for 2015. [December 29, 2014]
· Material Difference
  Scientist-turned-novelist releases latest book. [December 29, 2014]
· In the Spirit of Sandburg
  National poetry contest to benefit regional archive. [December 29, 2014]
· Frontier Life
  Epicurean idealist to open old-fashioned burger joint off 7th Avenue in Hendersonville. [November 26, 2014]
· The Pickle Economy
  Asheville food exchange trades It forward. [November 25, 2014]
· Hickory Nuts
  Thick-skinned do-gooders brave hypothermia to help the Gorge. [November 23, 2014]
· Space Opera
  Interstellar is one of those space movies that reminds us how human we are. [November 21, 2014]
· Let Us Eat Cake
  Former executive chef transforms gas-station fare [November 8, 2014]
· The Count of Visionary Art
  George Widener indulged his intensive study of calendars and the dates of historical events; loops of arithmetic he'd committed to memory — and developed his own system of numerology. [November 8, 2014]
· War Is Always Hell
  Surrounded by the enemy in the waning days of WWII, five tank crewmates try to survive. [November 8, 2014]
· Slow Burn
  VW bus lovers are passionately loyal to their rides. [November 8, 2014]
· Pride of Place
  Alumni of a history-making school tell their stories. [November 8, 2014]
· Dog Day Afternoon
  Canine Weddings: It was bound to happen [November 8, 2014]
· Taste Test
  Ardenne Farm in Mills River attempts to elevate gluten-free baking [November 8, 2014]
· The Not-So-Big Beer Movement
  Tryon brews up a different kind of festival. [November 7, 2014]
· Found in Translation
  Locally written spellbook marks 10th anniversary to wide acclaim [October 11, 2014]
· Digging For Recovery
  Local healer’s intervention method involves stirring up personal stories [October 11, 2014]
· Montano's Peak
  El Paso owner opens new upscale restaurant [September 26, 2014]
· Going Home Again: The Reawakening
  Thomas Wolfe's 114th birthday, time to discover (or rediscover) Asheville's most famous author. [September 26, 2014]
· No Place Like Autumn at OZ
  Tales of the amusement park [September 26, 2014]
· Life Changes A Love Story
  [September 26, 2014]
· It's a Hard Lox Life
  Jewish food festival receives big honor [September 26, 2014]
· The First Straw:
  Scarecrows at Sky Top [September 26, 2014]
· Shear Madness
  The rough beginnings of fiber art [September 26, 2014]
· The Fiber of the Community
  WNC upholds its vital ties to American Craft Week [September 24, 2014]
· Under the Influence
  Retro roots group explores the songs behind the songs [September 24, 2014]
· Murrine Life
  Hendersonville glass artist who practices rare, ancient form is collected worldwide [September 1, 2014]
· Space-Time Continuum
  Long-running USS Alaric is the mothership of NC's Trekkie clubs [September 1, 2014]
· Fresh Air
  Bids & Blues, a fundraiser for Thrive, keeps its legendary supporter, heads outside [September 1, 2014]
· Henderson County in a Bottle
  Naked Apple Hard Ciders don't fall far from the tree [September 1, 2014]
· Life of Pie
  Legendary author Tom Robbins reads from his "Absolutely True" memoir [September 1, 2014]
· "Cold" Grapes are Hot Topic
  Heritage Farmer Introduces a Potentially Landscape-Changing Crop [September 1, 2014]
· Heavy-Metal Music
  Mountain State Fair blacksmith plays only originals [August 30, 2014]
· Hot for Pots
  Wood-fired "cougar kiln" attracts artists of a certain age [August 30, 2014]
· Appetite for Instruction
  Henderson County portion of ASAP Tour is big on demonstrations [August 27, 2014]
· Sins of the Irish Fathers
  [August 20, 2014]
· Different Drummers
  Goombay returns with a pumped-up vibe [August 20, 2014]
· Festival of the Decade
  For its tenth, triumphant birthday, award-winning Harvest Records in West Asheville, owned by Mark Capon and Matt Schnable, will stage Transfigurations II. [August 11, 2014]
· Her Story
  Women's Museum Opens With Local and Worldwide Exhibits [August 6, 2014]
· Core Strength
  Apple names have gotten strange. Some read like a cross-cultivar between pet names and underdog sports leagues... [August 4, 2014]
· Farm Everywoman
  Historic Johnson Farm Director Schools the Future [August 4, 2014]
· Key of P
  Purist Banjo Player Insists on Scruggs Style (But Doesn't Resist Fusion). [August 4, 2014]
· The Mark Less Made
  Penland Graduate Finds Honesty in the Abstract. [August 4, 2014]
· A Snowy Tale Heats Up Summer Screens
  Snowpiercer is an astonishingly good movie, one that truly deserves the appellation of "brilliant." [August 4, 2014]
· Ol' Blue Eyes, Opened
  Veteran Soap Actor Channels the Swings and Dips of Frank Sinatra. [August 4, 2014]
· Fried-and-True Recipe
  South Side Rocky's May Prove Even Hotter Than the Original. [August 3, 2014]
· Social Media
  Cherokee Novelist Shortlisted for Kingsolver Award. [August 3, 2014]
· Grounding Force
  John Mahshie — a member of the U.S. Air Force and a graduate of Blue Ridge Community College's horticulture program — and his wife, Nicole Mahshie run Veterans Healing Farm in Hendersonville. [August 1, 2014]
· Baby Dragons to the Rescue
  [July 11, 2014]
· The Write Stuff
  Former teacher Erin Keane is drawn to the craft of making books [July 11, 2014]
· Celebrity Smoke Signals
  [July 11, 2014]
· Who Smokes Whom?
  Pitting together three WNC barbecue joints [July 11, 2014]
· Heartbreak and Beauty
  Jammin' with The Get Right Band [July 11, 2014]
· Sole Woman
  Jessica Brommer is reviving the craft of shoemaking [July 11, 2014]
· Stranger than Fiction
  Tales from a Hendersonville urologist [July 11, 2014]
· Bezoar it Or Not
  Nightclub owners enlighten the dark [July 10, 2014]
· The Phoenix Has Landed
  Avian adoption group takes parrots under its wings [July 10, 2014]
· Community Foundation of Henderson County
  2014 Report to the Community [June 19, 2014]
  [June 12, 2014]
· Chef 3.0
  [June 12, 2014]
· X-Men: Days of Future Past 4.5
  [June 12, 2014]
· "And So It Is"
  Magical moments in the circus arts [June 1, 2014]
· On a Roll
  Ujamaa Freedom Market vs. the food desert [June 1, 2014]
· A Slave's Daughter Makes English History
  [June 1, 2014]
· Gathering of the Shutterbugs
  Carolina Camera Club shows off [June 1, 2014]
· Winner's Circle
  French bistro is a worthy fit for horse country [June 1, 2014]
· Traveling Well
  Balsam Range Finds its Voice [June 1, 2014]
· Ride of a Lifetime
  Dottie Mattern's Journey [June 1, 2014]
· Noah 5.0
  [April 15, 2014]
· Enemy 3.5
  [April 15, 2014]
· The Grand Budapest Hotel 4.5
  [April 15, 2014]
· A Flurry of Festivals
  Festivals are sprouting up this April around Western North Carolina like spring flowers. [April 2, 2014]
· A Family Affair
  At 14, 15 and barely 16 years old, the up-and-coming rockers of Posh Hammer credit all the right people with their early buzz. [April 2, 2014]
· After the Academy Awards
  [April 2, 2014]
· Alain Resnais Film Series
  Each Friday in April [April 1, 2014]
· August: Osage County 2.5
  [March 26, 2014]
· Winter's Tale 4.5
  [March 26, 2014]
· 18 Ways to See: An Exhibition at Upstairs ArtSpace
  An upcoming exhibit at Upstairs Artspace in Tryon features some of the more unconventional artists who have appeared in the pages of Bold Life over the past 11 years [March 5, 2014]
· CD Review: Too Late to Ask Now
  What if Cajun folk asked Appalachian folk music to dance? [March 4, 2014]
· 18 Ways to See: Program Guide
  Snake handlers, train hoppers, avenging angels and more are freed from the margins at "18 Ways to See" opening at Upstairs Artpace in Tryon on March 22. [March 4, 2014]
· CD Review: Love is Covered in Dust
  A new CD from Yes the Raven. [March 4, 2014]
· On the Road Again
  All of the dues paid on the road began reaping rewards for Underhill Rose in 2013. The Asheville-based trio's fan-funded country-soul release, Something Real, made the Americana Music Association's year-end Top 100 for airplay. [March 1, 2014]
· Molasses Makers and Moonshiners
  Filmmaker aims to preserve a rich, resilient culture [February 28, 2014]
· Crimes of the Art
  James Bond investigates [February 26, 2014]
· Greatest Treasure Hunt of All Time
  In a rousing WWII adventure, George Clooney and Matt Damon are American cultural experts on a secret mission to save European art from Nazi destruction. [February 26, 2014]
· Do-Si-Do
  Eva House, a Southern Lights Square and Round Dance Club vice president, and her husband Dick, kick up their heels at least three nights a week. [February 1, 2014]
· 'Love is All There is'
  Lorre Diamond Sparkles as a Singing Telegram [February 1, 2014]
· Mission-ary Zeal
  Bruce Johnson creates an ideal classroom for Arts & Crafts aficionados. [January 31, 2014]
· Watered Down
  Documentary examines a community's fight for safe drinking water [January 30, 2014]
· Man of Brass
  Energy and mayhem and trombonist JP Furnas [January 29, 2014]
· Wolf of Wall Street
  A morally deficient greed-meister, and the low-lifes who idolize him, make tons of money selling worthless stocks in the 1990s. [January 22, 2014]
· Her 4.5
  [January 15, 2014]
· 12 Years a Slave 5.0
  [January 15, 2014]
· American Hustle 5.0
  [January 15, 2014]
· Captain Phillips 3.5
  [January 15, 2014]
· About Time 4.5
  [January 15, 2014]
· Philomena 4.5
  [January 15, 2014]
· City Limits
  The Native is serious about insider food in an outsider locale [January 7, 2014]
· Sweet Claudette
  Asheville's Country Motown supergroup [January 7, 2014]
· Speak Out (for Kids!)
  Henderson County Youth Council to participate in virtual conference via chat, video [January 7, 2014]
· Get Crafty...Brews, That Is
  Tasty Pours at Asheville's Winter Warmer Beer Festival [January 7, 2014]
· The Arias Have It
  Charlotte Self shares her passion for the opera [January 7, 2014]
· Back to School
  Jimmy O'Neal gets a lot of questions about his new mural on the wall of 5 Walnut Wine Bar. And without context, his answers might seem a little nonsensical. [January 7, 2014]
· Drawing a Blank (Slate)
  Phillip McGuire embraces white space with his intricate drawings [January 7, 2014]
· An Odyssey through Nebraska
  [January 7, 2014]
· Meal Deal
  Restaurant Week offers a chance to sample some of Asheville's best dining spots [January 7, 2014]
· Taking the Plunge
  Ken Potter leads his polar brethren into Lake Lure [January 7, 2014]
· Darnell Boys
  [January 7, 2014]
· Warm the Bell
  You Are the Sun [January 7, 2014]
· Snakesphere in Love
  Reptiles tickle breeder's fancy [December 3, 2013]
· Snakesphere in Love
  Reptiles tickle breeder's fancy [December 3, 2013]
· Perfecting the Schuhplattler
  [December 3, 2013]
· Urban Silhouettes
  Brian Mashburn's paintings are infused with melancholia [December 3, 2013]
· The Unlikely Activist
  [December 3, 2013]
· Pie in the Sky
  Pizza Pura serves a utopian version of America's favorite dish [December 3, 2013]
· Fifty Strong Voices
  Reading Music with the Carolina Concert Choir [December 3, 2013]
· A Christmas Pilgrimage
  Volunteer Randy Hair leads 30th Annual Bounty of Bethlehem

[December 3, 2013]
· The Secret B-Sides
  Easy Magic [December 3, 2013]
· Santa Down!
  Hundreds of Santas to converge on downtown Asheville [December 3, 2013]
· A Homespun Christmas
  Carl Sandburg home decked out for holidays with Saturday music series [December 3, 2013]
· Here Comes the Sun
  ECO leads evening walk on Winter Solstice [December 3, 2013]
· Pulling It Off
  BBQ Joint a Welcome Addition to Downtown Hendersonville [October 30, 2013]
· Our Lady of the Trees
  Three years ago, Rebecca Priddy set about to learn the looks, seeds, bark, fruits, flowers, buds and leaves of all the trees in Southern Appalachia, which has a forest ecosystem more diverse than most of the world. [October 30, 2013]
· Apple Toast
  CiderFest NC celebrates local green building [October 28, 2013]
· A Solo Sailor Defies the Sea
  Robert Redford as near-silent castaway [October 23, 2013]
· Ready Made Feasts
  Here are your best bets for a chef-prepared Thanksgiving dinner. [October 23, 2013]
· CD Review: Dodge the Arrow
  Soulful rock and roll and they do it with an arsenal of style and attitude. [October 23, 2013]
· CD Review: Instrumental Swim
  Dave Desmelik walks a somewhat unusual path on his eighth album. [October 23, 2013]
· Moving Experience
  [October 1, 2013]
· Mac's Back in Town
  [October 1, 2013]
· Down to Earth
  [October 1, 2013]
· A Song of Her Own
  Singer Kat Williams' Fearless Performance [October 1, 2013]
· A River Runs Through It
  [October 1, 2013]
· Picky Eaters
  [October 1, 2013]
· Revolutionary Images
  [October 1, 2013]
· Indelible Imprints
  [October 1, 2013]
· A Mature Love Story
  [October 1, 2013]
· Open Windows
  Poet Holly Iglesias finds her 'sturdy child' [October 1, 2013]
· The Heat 4.5
  [October 1, 2013]
· Closed Circuit 4.0
  [October 1, 2013]
· Blue Jasmine 5.0
  [October 1, 2013]
· Lee Daniels' The Butler 5.0
  [October 1, 2013]
· Brightly Sinister
  Dark stories lurk in Asheville art show [September 15, 2013]
· Not Too Delicate for Deep-Fried Spam
  Lovely tea room doubles as a comfort food sanctuary [September 8, 2013]
· A Space In-Between
  A work of art may speak in many tongues, changing its message according to the viewer, but the work of Hendersonville artist Costanza Knight seems especially suited to the task. Inhabiting the fluid ground between representational and abstract, her watercolors, acrylics and drawings may invite multiple interpretations but share a deep understanding of our need for emotionally textured narrative. [September 8, 2013]
· Down Home, High Culture
  Opera gala premieres in Saluda [September 8, 2013]
· Forging a New Path
  Nature loving couple expand the Perry Rudnick Nature Trail [September 8, 2013]
· Sing it Loud
  The Broadcast's Caitlin Krisko evokes the spirit of Janis Joplin [September 8, 2013]
· Unfinished Song 4.0
  Quick Take: A widower finds a renewed interest in life with the help of a young music teacher and a senior citizen choir. [August 7, 2013]
· Frances Ha 4.5
  Quick Take: A troubled, charismatic young woman struggles to find her way, and a real home, in contemporary New York City. [August 7, 2013]
· World War Z 4.5
  Quick Take: Action tale in which Brad Pitt tries to find the cure for a zombie pandemic that is destroying the planet. [August 7, 2013]
· Mud 5.0
  Quick Take: Two boys help a fugitive repair a boat and try to rescue the woman he loves. [August 7, 2013]
· Funny Man
  A life inspired by comics [August 1, 2013]
· Ladies First
  Flat Rock's Ladies Aid Society keeps charity close to home with its nonprofit Book Exchange [August 1, 2013]
· The Eye is Quicker than the Mind
  The mind-boggling art collection of Ray Griffin and Thom Robinson [August 1, 2013]
· A Perfect Summer Movie.
  [August 1, 2013]
· Honky Tonk Woman
  "I believe that songs just kind of exist out there, and songwriters find them somehow," says Amanda Platt, lead singer of the band The Honeycutters. [August 1, 2013]
· In the Neighborhood
  Bistro fare at The Square Root [August 1, 2013]
· Hearing Bells
  [August 1, 2013]
· E Normus Trio
  Love & Barbiturates [August 1, 2013]
· The Apple of Her Eye
  North Carolina Apple Fest President Tonya Cochran [August 1, 2013]
· Dirty Grass Soul
  Movin' On [August 1, 2013]
· The Train Kept a Rollin'
  [July 1, 2013]
· Childs Play
  Painter Shellie Dambax gets physical [July 1, 2013]
· A Helping of Hope
  The Dandelion in Downtown Hendersonville pairs a fresh concept with a fresh menu. [July 1, 2013]
· The Man of Steel Follows His Father
  [July 1, 2013]
· It's Complicated
  [July 1, 2013]
· A Few Good Men
  Inside the Prince Hall Lodge [July 1, 2013]
· Hidden Gem
  Secret Saluda Museum Revealed [June 3, 2013]
· Got Milk?
  Divco Convention Comes to Town [June 3, 2013]
· Artist Mononymous
  [June 3, 2013]
· Soft Serve
  The Green Room Cafe and Coffee House Makes its Patrons Feel like VIPs [June 3, 2013]
· Shaking the Family Tree
  Father & son team up to rock down [June 3, 2013]
· A Bold Life.
  [June 3, 2013]
· Pain & Gain (3.0 Stars)
  [May 28, 2013]
· Star Trek Into Darkness (4.5 Stars)
  [May 28, 2013]
· The Great Gatsby (4.0 Stars)
  [May 28, 2013]
· A Hero Comes Home
  [May 3, 2013]
· Bears, Horses, Ravens
  Christine Kosiba's sculptural menagerie [May 3, 2013]
· Chile Con Confidence
  Zia Tagueria's blend of savory food and shiny servers is a recipe for success [May 3, 2013]
· The Revlon-ution
  David Mench keeps the punk spirit alive [May 3, 2013]
· Latitude Adjustment
  Michael Reagan draws on a lifetime of adventure to create his luminous maps [May 3, 2013]
· Pedaling for Dollars
  Mike Farmer will ride his bike for charity across America [May 3, 2013]
· A Bold Life
  Building a Future [May 3, 2013]
  Mia Wasikowska brushes the hair of her mother Nicole Kidman in a scene from the stylish thriller, Stoker. [April 29, 2013]
· G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  In the action adventure, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson uses a surfeit of weaponry to clear up the reputation of his elite military unit. [April 29, 2013]
· The Croods.
  In the latest Dreamworks animation adventure, The Croods, the world is coming apart, but one father is determined to keep his family together and safe. [April 29, 2013]
· In On the Road
  Jack Kerouac (Sam Riley) and Neal Cassady (Garrett Hedlund) are inseparable friends who crisscross the country together after World War II and help create the "Beat" generation [April 29, 2013]
· Sales and Specials for the month of April 2013!
  [April 3, 2013]
· A Bold Life
  What's next for Best-Selling Local Novelist? [April 3, 2013]
· Lucky Dogs
  Program connects volunteer pilots with pets who need help. [April 2, 2013]
· Art Into Action
  For DeWayne "B-Love" Barton, Life Comes Full Circle [April 2, 2013]
· American Warriors Make Peace
  [April 2, 2013]
· Pushing the Envelope
  Inherited stamps inspire artist's painted tapestries. [April 2, 2013]
· Secret Spice
  Nervous foodies sidle up to Baba Ghannouj in Asheville Mall [April 2, 2013]
· Redemption and Forgiveness
  The Overmountain Men play "music of the people" [April 2, 2013]
· At The Movies
  Romance-Lite in Coastal Carolina [March 6, 2013]
· True Blue
  Jazz-Loving Trio Presents House Concerts in WNC [March 6, 2013]
· Cast of Characters
  Doll Makers Have a Story to Tell [March 6, 2013]
· Crowd Pleaser
  Ursula Gullow Finds Passion in the Motion of Multitudes [March 6, 2013]
· Love at First Sip
  The Exotic World of Debra Tea [March 6, 2013]
· Beat Box Man
  Zach Deputy's One-Man Jam Band [March 6, 2013]
· A Bold Life
  Is Joe Crowell faster than a redneck? [March 6, 2013]
· Spooning Around
  [March 6, 2013]
· Going Once, Going Twice...
  Some of Duke Domingue's fondest childhood memories are of family outings to the auction at the Cooper Antiques warehouse in Corpus Christi, Texas. "That's where I first heard the auctioneer's chant," says Duke. "The auctioneer generated so much enthusiasm from a huge audience over some old stuff — I was mesmerized." [February 5, 2013]
· Asheville a Capella
  Land of the Sky Chorus belts out the tunes [February 5, 2013]
· He's Back!
  Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen in The Last Stand [February 5, 2013]
· Excavated
  The alchemical images of Robert Asman [February 5, 2013]
· Pack Mentality
  Familiar fare done right [February 5, 2013]
· The People's Music
  Jonathan Santos' Musical Mash-up [February 5, 2013]
· A BOLD Life
  A Refuge to Needy Farm Animals [February 5, 2013]
· Sales and Specials for the month of February 2013!
  [February 5, 2013]
· Jon Stickley Trio
  [February 5, 2013]
· The Hermit Kings
  [February 5, 2013]
· Jack Reacher
  Rosamund Pike and Tom Cruise are on opposite sides of the law, at least for a while, in Jack Reacher, the first movie based on the popular series by Lee Child. [January 10, 2013]
· Zero Dark Thirty
  In Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain is the obsessive CIA operative who spent almost 10 years looking for terrorist Osama bin Laden. [January 9, 2013]
· Django Unchained
  Oscar winners Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx are merciless bounty hunters in the South in Quentin Tarantino’s outrageous look at American slavery, Django Unchained. [January 9, 2013]
· A BOLD Life
  Ellen Knoefel blankets children with love. [January 3, 2013]
· Rayna Gellert
  Old Light: Songs From My Childhood and Other Gone Worlds [January 3, 2013]
· Russ Wilson
  P.S. I Love You [January 3, 2013]
· Krewe Cuts
  It's a Homecoming for this West African-Influenced Quintet [January 3, 2013]
· Crunch Time
  A Roundup of Hot and Hyped Fried-Chicken Spots [January 3, 2013]
· Changing Channels
  Asheville Artist Maps Out His Vision [January 3, 2013]
· Muscle Bound
  High Velocity Wrestling Hits the Road [January 3, 2013]
· Every Day is Flag Day
  The House of Flags Museum Makes Waves [January 3, 2013]
· At The Movies
  Musical Epic Steals Your Heart [January 3, 2013]
· You've Got a Friend
  Friendship Force International spreads global goodwill [December 5, 2012]
· Movies on the Move
  Mechanical Eye Microcinema Rolls Into Town [December 5, 2012]
· Sales and Specials for the month of December 2012!
  [December 5, 2012]
· A Bold Life
  Bands for Bounty is Back [December 5, 2012]
· Over-Easy Does It
  The Local Joint promotes farm-to-table without harvesting your whole wallet [December 5, 2012]
· Train Hopper Blues
  Photographer Maureen Robinson chronicles modern-day hobos [December 5, 2012]
· The Great Chase
  Choreographer adds zing to holiday favorite [December 5, 2012]
· Gabrielle Tee
  Find My Way [December 5, 2012]
· Ahleuchatistas
  Heads Full of Poision [December 5, 2012]
· Get Krekin'
  Surf-lounge-psychobilly combo to play in Hendersonville [December 5, 2012]
· Spectacular Romantic Tragedy
  [December 5, 2012]
· One Pho the Money
  Vietnamese restaurant doesn't noodle around with pricey extras. [November 1, 2012]
· A Visual Vocabulary.
  To hear him describe it, looking at one of Kevin Hogan's prints or paintings today is akin to being privy to an overheard discussion, one that started long ago and will continue well into the future. The subject matter is modern art, from the time painting abandoned narrative up through minimalism and beyond. [November 1, 2012]
· Time Twister
  [November 1, 2012]
· Five Murals
  Historical murals at Hendersonville Genealogical & Historical Society. [November 1, 2012]
· Out of the Past
  Inside the Henderson County Genealogical and Historical Soceity [November 1, 2012]
· Man on a Mission
  Benjamin Porters Big Adventure [November 1, 2012]
· Sales and Special for the month of November 2012
  [November 1, 2012]
· A Bold Life
  [November 1, 2012]
· Music Reviews
  [November 1, 2012]
· Da Beers
  A Touch of Oktoberfest at Inaugural Tryon Beer Fest [November 1, 2012]
· That Free Feeling
  Jazz band not limited by genre. [November 1, 2012]
· Early to Market
  Three Holiday Gift Fairs. [October 31, 2012]
· Big Tastes
  Sample culinary creations at Taste of Asheville [October 31, 2012]
· Sales and Specials for the month of October 2012
  Check out this handy summary of sales and special events for this month from the advertisers who bring you Bold Life. [September 28, 2012]
· Waxed Capers
  Preserving Encaustic Art. [September 26, 2012]
· Street Value
  Hendersonville's 53rd annual Art on Main happens this month. [September 25, 2012]
· A Fond Farewell
  Connie Backlund is rarely seen without her ranger's uniform on, accessorized by a smile. After 18 years as Superintendent at the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site in Flat Rock, she is retiring on October 3. [September 25, 2012]
· At Home in Horse Shoe
  Casual menu hints at fine dining [September 25, 2012]
· A Knish is Still a Kanish
  HardLox Jewish Food and Heritage Festival [September 25, 2012]
· Down By The River
  Jeff Rich Chronicles the French Broad River Watershed. [September 25, 2012]
· Dr. Blues
  Chuck Beattie also known as "Dr. Blues," finds his rhythm in Western North Carolina. [September 25, 2012]
· CD Review: American Hornpipe
  The musical teamwork runs deep on Dana and Susan Robinson's new release. [September 25, 2012]
· Crafting a Vision
  American Craft Week Brings WNC Artisans Together [September 25, 2012]
· Millionaires Malfeasance
  Arbitrage: A sophisticated, gripping thriller about the rich, with a string of tribulations, each worse than the other. [September 25, 2012]
· A Bold Life: William Talley
  The band, under the direction of William Talley has scored an invitation to perform at the Presidential Inaugural Music Festival in January. [September 25, 2012]
· CD Review: Mike Cullison
  Using a unique format, Mike Cullison and his band of "regulars" deliver an album full of classic honkytonk country slathered in rock, blues and even a bit of zydeco. [September 25, 2012]
· Living it Up
  New Green Living Expo Means Dollars and Sense. [September 4, 2012]
· Tango City USA
  Inside the dance hall at Eleven on Grove in downtown Asheville, the walls are a glowing, rosy pink. On the dance floor, under the mirror ball, couples turn in restrained synchrony, now a slow slide, now a quick turn. Their faces are serious, eyes downcast, posture erect, a hand-wide gap between their bodies — this is old-school sensuality, circa 1930, complete with fedoras and t-strap pumps. [September 3, 2012]
· Rolling in Dough
  You’ll find feel-good fare at 2 Guys Pizza. [September 3, 2012]
· Town and Country
  Band plays bluegrass and beyond. [September 3, 2012]
· A Sustainable Plan
  Environmental and Conservation Organization celebrates 25 years. [September 3, 2012]
· Larger Than Life
  Vadim Bora retrospective aims to capture breadth of the artist’s work. [September 3, 2012]
· Senior Trouble
  Hope Springs is a low-key, small-budget film that for many audience members might be the most important film they see all year. [September 3, 2012]
· A Bold Life: Marshall Gordon
  [September 3, 2012]
· CD Review: Carolina Bound, Love & War
  Armed with only a guitar and a voice that suggests a bit of wisdom, Carolina Bound's album is remarkably hard to pigeonhole [September 3, 2012]
· CD Review: Pierce Edens
  Pierce Edens is back — belting out his raw, energetic brand of music. [September 3, 2012]
· Keeping an Open Mind
  The Henderson County Studio tour offers a peek into the creative process. [September 3, 2012]
· Music Therapy
  Debrissa McKinney has a knack for harmony [August 9, 2012]
· A Bold Life: Betty Jamerson Reed
  A retired school teacher explores the history of school segregation in Western North Carolina. [August 8, 2012]
· CD Review: Michael Burgin, Some Heavy Hammer
  Michael Burgin's powerful music has been pared down to the essentials. [August 8, 2012]
· CD Review: Paula Hanke, The Only Voice
  singer/songwriter Paula Hanke has released a deeply heartfelt debut album. [August 8, 2012]
· Mad for Tomatoes
  Growing heirloom tomatoes and less-sturdy hybrids in Western North Carolina can be tricky. But passionate growers, like those at Morningside CSA lovingly cultivate their crop. [August 8, 2012]
· Painting the Town
  Asheville artist Molly Must makes her mark. [August 8, 2012]
· The Roots Run Deep
  Smithsonian Exhibit travels to Landrum [August 8, 2012]
· No Translation Required
  Hendersonville fusion fans flock to Umi Asian Cuisine. [August 8, 2012]
· Dark Shadows Destroy Evil
  Batman emerges from retirement to save Gotham City. [August 8, 2012]
· Special Delivery
  It's in the mail for Anything Goes show at Asheville's Courtyard Gallery [August 8, 2012]
· Voice of Many Colors
  Artist’s work focuses on themes of culture and identity. [July 11, 2012]
· Grizzlies on the Prowl
  Asheville’s Semi-Pro Football Team Kicks off the Season. [July 5, 2012]
· One Sweet Spot
  Nib’s heats up Hendersonville’s culinary scene with innovative fare. [July 5, 2012]
· 50 Shades of Love
  Everyone loves a happy ending, none more so than the half-dozen or so women who meet monthly at Malaprop's in Asheville to discuss their favorite reading, the romance novel. [July 5, 2012]
· Surprising Threesome
  Mumblecore is the label given to a style of recent low-budget indie films, usually shot on digital (so it resembles a home movie)... [July 5, 2012]
· Soul Jazz Powerhouse
  Whitney Moore Comes Home to Bele Chere [July 5, 2012]
· CD Review: Worldline, Inside the Noise
  I had never heard of Worldline before receiving this CD, but I'm sure glad they sent it to me. [July 5, 2012]
· Feathers Over Flat Rock
  Breakfast and Birds each Thursday at Highland Lake Inn [July 5, 2012]
· Dogged Determination
  Nonprofit tackles pet overpopulation in Henderson County [July 5, 2012]
· A Bold Life: Myra Grant
  When Pardee Hospital created its own fundraising organization in 1996, Myra Grant left her position at the United Way of Asheville to lead the new philanthropic effort. [July 5, 2012]
· CD Review: Tom Fisch, Songs for Kids
  Flat Rock's own Tom Fisch is back with a collection of songs aimed at the younger crowd (or those of us who just feel young). [July 4, 2012]
· CD Review: Men on Earth, The Guise of Another
  A fantastic example of the evolution of Rock & Roll. [June 13, 2012]
· CD Review: Tim Collins, Radar in the Dark
  From the first time I met Tim Collins and heard him play, I knew he was a huge musical talent. [June 13, 2012]
· Slice of Life
  Marc and Shellie Dambax combine artistic talents at Marco Trattoria in Brevard where they serve up cuisine with a taste of southern Europe in an elegant setting. [June 3, 2012]
· Being Abraham Lincoln
  Christopher Oakley and his group of undergraduate researchers are working on project to create a "virtual" Abraham Lincoln. If all goes as planned, their Lincoln will read the Gettysburg Address in November 2013, the 150th anniversary of the famous speech. [June 3, 2012]
· Dueling Steinways
  High energy duo promises to make classical music more accessible [June 3, 2012]
· An Eco-Friendly Celebration
  The Environmental and Conservation Organization throws a party for its 25th anniversary. [June 3, 2012]
· Moving on Up
  [June 3, 2012]
· A BOLD LIFE: Fran Shelton
  Fran Shelton was sort of “forced” into her career. “My sister was in the band, and she was older, so I had to do what she did.” The Hendersonville High School band should certainly thank her sister for shoving her into the music business. [June 3, 2012]
· Burritos, Your Way
  Build your own burritos, tacos and more at Cabo’s Burritos in Hendersonville [June 3, 2012]
· Discovering India
  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel isn’t perfect. It’s predictable, unrealistic, and possibly politically incorrect. It’s also charming, gorgeous, and thoroughly entertaining. [June 2, 2012]
· CD Review: Jon Reid, Reverb and Tambourine
  As I sit down to write this, spring is just a few days old, and now we have a wonderfully timely s [May 1, 2012]
· CD Review: Darien, New Elements
  At the ripe old age of 18, Darien Crossley is blessed with a musical maturity that escapes musicians twice her age. [May 1, 2012]
· It’s News to Them
  It’s Monday night, and Brooke Priddy and Julie armbruster are up in their clubhouse. [April 30, 2012]
· Building Hendersonville
  You may not be familiar with the name erle Stillwell, but if you’ve spent any time in downtown Hendersonville, you know him well. [April 30, 2012]
· Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  New Yorker David Gelb, in his feature film debut, has created a mouth-watering 81-mintue film tribute to one man’s obsession about his work. [April 30, 2012]
· Learning to Bend
  Ben Sollee might not call himself a “pioneer,” but the cellist/singer/songwriter can’t deny the parallels. [April 30, 2012]
· Blasts from the Past
  What is it that distinguishes a good diner from an ordinary restaurant? [April 30, 2012]
· Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
  Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is so far the most pleasant movie this year. [April 30, 2012]
· Paint It Black
  On a sleepless night in March 2011, artist Daniel McClendon had an epiphany. He grabbed a notebook and compiled a list of attributes he would like a new body of work to entail. Some of the things he wrote: “Use simple source materials. Use Black. Be selective with color. Work in a stream of consciousness.” [April 30, 2012]
· A Messy Business
  If you’re a runner, listen up: there’s a new type of race coming to Western North Carolina in June. [April 30, 2012]
· A Bold Life
  Tim Cochran says his job is a little like being the bouncer at a Chuck E. Cheese franchise. [April 30, 2012]
· John Carter
  It’s now official. John Carter is the biggest bomb in Hollywood history. [April 30, 2012]
· Hoedown Lowdown
  Foot-stompin’ fun. Dancing encouraged. That sums up the Hooterville Hoedown, a weekly gathering in Hendersonville. [April 30, 2012]
· In the World of Serpents
  When Rick Cary was in graduate school in Tennessee some years ago, a friend told him of the strange deaths of two young ministers of a religious congregation called Signs Following, one of a number of such independent, non-affiliated congregations throughout the Southeast bearing that name. The ministers had died after being bitten by venomous snakes that figured in the group’s services. [April 1, 2012]
· Daniel Nevins' Long, Strange Trip
  For more than 10 years Daniel Nevins’ imaginary narrative paintings were a favorite amongst Asheville collectors, and it’s no wonder given the cherubic characters he placed within dreamy landscapes of flowers, clouds and rivers. Then, nearly three years ago, in a shift that happened literally overnight, Nevins began painting large works of voluptuous shape, color and movement. [April 1, 2012]
· Big Tastes at Flat Rock Wood Room
  I know somebody who knows Guy Fieri. Why am I mentioning this other than to confirm that I’m a celebrity hound? Because you kinda have to have a reason to be linking arms with Guy…and the reasons abound on the trophy mantle at Flat Rock Wood Room. [April 1, 2012]
· At The Movies: We Need To Talk About Kevin
  If you can bear to sit through We Need to Talk About Kevin, you’ll be rewarded with a film you’re compelled to talk about afterwards. If you have children, you might take opposite sides on the nature vs. nurture controversy. What role do parents really play in the development of their children? Is there such a thing as a kid born bad? If you don’t have children, you might re-consider your desire for them. Yes, the film is that scary. [April 1, 2012]
· Uphill Battle
  When John Cash heads out with his bike the morning of April 28, he's expecting some ups and downs. [April 1, 2012]
· A Bold Life: Joreeca Dinnall
  Hard times, to paraphrase famed basketball coach John Wooden, do not build character. They reveal it. [April 1, 2012]
· Juggling Act
  Asheville’s madcap Runaway Circus and The Loose Cabooses perform at annual community show this month. [February 28, 2012]
· Playing Our Tune
  The Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra Celebrates 40 Years. [February 28, 2012]
· At The Movies: The Secret World of Arrietty
  In this lovely animated Japanese film, Arriety is a tiny “borrower” who lives under the floorboards in the house where “human bean” Sean has come to visit. [February 28, 2012]
· One Billion Seconds
  Asheville tile artist, once a fugitive, talks about his 30 years on the local scene [February 28, 2012]
· Stone Bowl
  Korean cuisine comes to Asheville [February 28, 2012]
· Eat (and Grow) Your Vegetables
  The only way to really know what's in your food is to grow it yourself. [February 28, 2012]
· Bach and Flamenco
  Guitarist Marc Yaxley mixes it up [February 28, 2012]
· A Bold Life: Judy Abrell
  Judy Abrell puts her experience to work for the Henderson County Heritage Museum, where she is currently the Board Chair. [February 28, 2012]
· Foothill Fools
  Go ahead, act like a fool. The town of Tryon welcomes it. [February 28, 2012]
· Dancing to a Different Drum
  Two of Western Carolina's most noteworthy chefs have joined forces to help make Dembele's dream a reality. [February 28, 2012]
· CD Reviews: Eric Congdon Eric Congdon
  A veritable "jack of all trades", Congdon does it all himself — guitars, dobro, mandolin, percussion and drones — on this self-titled release, and does it well. [February 28, 2012]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  Do you miss winter and the snow? [February 28, 2012]
· Change is Good
  Gregg Braden and Howard Martin are a couple remarkably optimistic guys...especially when you consider that they deal with super storms, revolutions, and other thorny worldwide problems. [February 28, 2012]
· CD Reviews: Nathan Dyke Lightbody
  A cornucopia of world music, Lightbody isn't simply a "world music" album. [February 28, 2012]
· At The Movies: The Woman in Black
  The Woman in Black is a remarkable old-fashioned ghost story with a memorable performance from Daniel Radcliffe [February 27, 2012]
· At The Movies: Albert Nobbs
  Glenn Close, rebelling against the soul-destroying sexism of Victorian times, lives in Dublin disguised as a male butler. She’s been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her incredible performance. [February 27, 2012]
· Chihuacolypse Now
  Sketch-comedy troupe The Feral Chihuahuas is fearless in the pursuit of parody. [January 30, 2012]
· Changing Channels
  New media exhibit at the Asheville Art Museum. [January 30, 2012]
· At The Movies: The Artist
  French actors Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo are so enchanting you feel every unspoken word of their romance and every pulse of their toe-tapping energy. [January 30, 2012]
· Don't Shoot, Click!
  14 photographers put on a show. [January 30, 2012]
· Eggs Aren’t Easy, and Other Life Lessons
  Horse Shoe Café gets top grades for breakfast. [January 30, 2012]
· Walk This Way
  If your New Year's resolution involved getting healthy and losing weight in 2012, there is a tried and true method that still exists for accomplishing that goal: just go for a walk. [January 30, 2012]
· Now You See Them
  Big fans of the girl bands. [January 30, 2012]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  Have you ever been fired? [January 30, 2012]
· The Art Affair to Benefit OpenDoors
  Art, food, wine and music will all come together this month at The Venue in Asheville in an effort to help at-risk children reach their potential. [January 30, 2012]
· CD Reviews: Memphis Train Union The Bluebird Sessions
  Part Tom Petty, part Bob Dylan, part J. Geils Band and part Rolling Stones, Memphis Train Union's The Bluebird Sessions is a shining example that blues-infused Southern rock is still alive and well, one just needs to know where to look for it. [January 30, 2012]
· CD Reviews: J. Scott Hinkle Far From Close Enough
  Mostly rooted in the blues, J. Scott Hinkle also mixes in Americana, country, a little rock and even a touch of South American lounge into Far From Close Enough — and comes away with a cohesive, engaging and highly original recording [January 30, 2012]
· Mystery in Morganton
  A symposium led by two researchers this month will attempt to finally solve the centuries-old mystery. [January 30, 2012]
· A Bold Life: Gary Eblen
  Gary Eblen enjoys keeping fit, but you won't find him exercising at some fancy gym. [January 30, 2012]
· At The Movies: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  Thomas Horn is an obsessed boy trying to make sense of the death of his beloved father, Tom Hanks, on September 11, 2001. [January 29, 2012]
· At The Movies: The Iron Lady
  Meryl Streep gives another extraordinary luminous performance, lifting an ordinary movie to a memorable one. [January 17, 2012]
· Bold Life's Top Films of 2011
  Like the previous year, 2011 was what I call a "Good Film Year" and it was nearly impossible to come up with so few favorites. Worldwide cinema, once again, contradicted the naysayers and proved that movies are alive and well. If you missed the wonderful films below, do see them at home--on as big a screen as possible to do their glorious cinematography justice. [January 4, 2012]
· At The Movies: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  The American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is as good as the Swedish original, but let's never call it a "feminist" film. [January 4, 2012]
· A Tour of Africa
  Allen Mitchem brings safari adventure to Hendersonville. [December 28, 2011]
· The Guided Autobiography
  “Why do writers write?” novelist Tom Bergen once pondered. “Because it isn’t there,” was his own answer. [December 28, 2011]
· Spin City
  Asheville’s first dance marathon will benefit future exhibits of Black Mountain College. [December 28, 2011]
· At The Movies: My Week With Marilyn
  Michelle Williams gives an incandescent performance as Marilyn Monroe in this sweet, true story. [December 28, 2011]
· Making Do
  Artist’s transcendent works are nourished by earthy pragmatism [December 28, 2011]
· Welcome Inn
  Historic Hendersonville hotel has been refashioned as a bistro and themed B&B. [December 28, 2011]
· Sweet Relief
  Hendersonville pharmacy eases the burden of high-cost prescriptions. [December 28, 2011]
· Rare Birds
  The Steep Canyon Rangers. [December 28, 2011]
· Get Your Garden On
  If you’re interested in knowing the basics of organic gardening, the Hendersonville Community Co-Op is offering a series of four classes in January to help you develop your green thumb. [December 28, 2011]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  What's the worst New Year's resolution you've ever made? [December 28, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Ryan Barrington Cox Ryan Barrington Cox
  Plaintive, grungy, thoughtful and oozing with emotion, Ryan Barrington Cox’s self-titled solo album is a fantastic fusion of both a variety of genres and of a variety of recording and engineering philosophies. [December 28, 2011]
· A Bold Life: John Dockendorf
  John Dockendorf thinks every kid should have a chance to go to camp…and he’s backed it up over the years with $160,000 worth of scholarships. [December 28, 2011]
· Tailgate Time
  Old man winter may have arrived, but he won’t stop you from purchasing local goods at the Flat Rock Tailgate Market. [December 28, 2011]
· CD Reviews: stephaniesid Starfruit
  Stalwarts of the Asheville indie/pop/rock/scene, stephaniesi, is back with a big, beautiful 14-track collection of some of the coolest songs I’ve heard since…well…never. [December 28, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Descendants
  George Clooney is the clueless father to teenage Shailene Woodley and 10-year-old Amara Miller in the heart-warming, very human drama, The Descendants. [December 14, 2011]
· Sinbad's Last Voyage
  Farewell to a Hendersonville Icon. [November 30, 2011]
· Musicke Antiqua
  Mad for medieval music. [November 30, 2011]
· The Mind's Eye
  For Marcus Thomas, art is everything. [November 30, 2011]
· Plant Thrives
  Upscale, values-driven cuisine takes root in North Asheville. [November 30, 2011]
· It's Not A Diet, Really
  With the calorie-laden holidays expanding waistlines throughout the community, Park Ridge Hospital is offering a series of "Full Plate Lifestyle" classes designed to help participants develop healthy eating habits. [November 30, 2011]
· Chocolate Addiction
  The Drops come to town. [November 30, 2011]
· At The Movies: Hugo
  Martin Scorsese's masterpiece homage to early cinema, Parisian orphans Hugo and Isabella struggle to uncover an automaton's secrets. [November 30, 2011]
· At The Movies: Martha Marcy Mae Marlene
  Elizabeth Olsen makes her astonishing film debut as a troubled young woman who can't distinguish nightmares from reality. [November 30, 2011]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  What was your favorite toy? [November 30, 2011]
· Heroes and Nerds to Unite at Multiverse Benefit
  You may not know it, but there are superheroes among us and they are doing good in many forms across Western North Carolina. [November 30, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Christmas Bounty
  When describing the volunteer army that puts on the annual Bounty of Bethlehem Christmas Day dinner in Hendersonville, the word dedication somehow seems insufficient. [November 30, 2011]
· Help for Caregivers
  Pavilion Adult Day Health, along with Four Seasons Hospice and the American Cancer Society are offering special help for area caregivers. [November 30, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Dave Desmelik Deep Down the Definition
  "I won't tell you what to do" is how Dave Desmelik's seventh album — Deep Down the Definition — begins; a sentiment that seems to go to the heart of what his music is about. [November 30, 2011]
· At The Movies: Happy Feet Two
  In the lively, icy adventure, Emperor penguins deal with global warming by dancing their hearts out. [November 30, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Chuck Palmer
  Mountain Community School science teacher is headed for a two-week study tour in the Costa Rican rain forest, the home of poison arrow frogs, giant rhinoceros beetles, bushmaster, coral snakes, and the dangerous fer-de-lance. [November 30, 2011]
· Hanging Up the Elf Boots
  For most of the past decade, Asheville actor Tom Chalmers has spent every November getting into candy cane-striped tights and gold elf boots to portray Crumpet the elf in local adaptations of David Sedaris' dark holiday commentary The Santaland Diaries. [November 30, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Saint Solitude By Some Great Storm
  The brainchild of musician Dup Crossan, Saint Solitude is back with an extremely well-crafted album of highly-listenable, ethereal pop/rock. [November 30, 2011]
· At The Movies: J. Edgar
  Leonardo DiCaprio gives a stunning performance as J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI for almost half a century. By emphasizing the man's personal life, J. Edgar becomes one of the outstanding, and most surprising, dramas of the year. [November 13, 2011]
· At The Movies: Blackthorn
  An elderly American outlaw (Sam Shepard) goes on a last great adventure with a new and unpredictable friend. [November 13, 2011]
· At The Movies: Margin Call
  In the mesmerizing financial thriller, computer screens tell Wall Street investors, such as Kevin Spacey, that their world is going to come crashing down. [November 9, 2011]
· The X Factor
  TEDx combines technology, local talent, and innovation. [October 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Way
  Martin Sheen is a grieving father who walks the 500-mile El Camino De Santiago pilgrimage in France and Spain. [October 31, 2011]
· Good Food, Syrian Style
  Traditional eats from the Middle East. [October 31, 2011]
· A Splash of Fitness
  The YMCA aquatic aerobics program is low-impact, high-energy. [October 31, 2011]
· Heart of Opportunity
  David Wilcox’s Homecoming Show. [October 31, 2011]
· The Searchers
  Training at DuPont Rescue Experience. [October 31, 2011]
· A Creative Clan
  [October 31, 2011]
· The Big Screen for Young-uns
  The Asheville International Children's Film Festival offers dozens of films just for the little ones. [October 31, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Small Plate Crawl Goes Big
  Almost 30 Hendersonville and Flat Rock restaurants will be serving up "small plates" priced from $2 to $8 each during the Small Plate Crawl, November 8 and 9. [October 31, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Doom Ribbons, The Violence, The Violence
  Completely instrumental and utterly unconventional, Doom Ribbons makes music unlike any I have ever heard before, and with each song on The Violence, The Violence, takes their music into wildly different directions. [October 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: Footloose
  Teenagers convince a town that dancing is a good thing, even blessed by the Bible. [October 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: Ides of March
  In the riveting political thriller, The Ides of March, Ryan Gosling is a true believer in presidential candidate George Clooney. [October 31, 2011]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  Planes, Trains, or Automobiles? [October 31, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Wainscotting, Geography
  Wainscotting has produced a recording of some of the most distinctive jazz fusion I have heard in quite some time. [October 31, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Michael Hayes
  Michael Hayes is the director and creative force behind Asheville's Urban Arts Institute, which was founded in 2007 to provide a safe, positive environment and creative inspiration to children in need. [October 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: Real Steel
  A father who was once a boxer, a robot with guts, and a boy in need of a dream--it's an unlikely but winning threesome in the mega-hit, Real Steel. [October 12, 2011]
· At The Movies: 50/50
  In the surprise gem, 50/50, Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers up the effects of chemotherapy with a knitted cap. But he can't hide the turmoil of his emotions from his devoted friend, Seth Rogan. [October 12, 2011]
· Smartphones & Funny Little Films
  A veteran movie maker and his BRCC class explore minimalist comedy. [September 28, 2011]
· At The Movies: Drive
  An electrifying, touching, and violent film in which actor Ryan Gosling gives the performance of his career. [September 28, 2011]
· Blinking Into The Abyss
  A group art show presented by the Flood Gallery, the Fine Arts Center, and Bold Life. [September 28, 2011]
· A Deliciously Mixed Metaphor
  Bayou Roma offers traditional Italian cuisine with a touch of the Deep South. [September 28, 2011]
· A Healthy Recovery
  The Health Adventure, a non-profit science and children's museum that has been in existence since 1968, has been reborn following a year of turmoil. [September 28, 2011]
· Back to Basics
  Sidney Barnes debuts his new group in Asheville this month. [September 28, 2011]
· Sharing the World
  Three unconventional preachers take their faith beyond church doors. [September 28, 2011]
· Oktoberfest
  Hendersonville will show its German side this month when its first annual Oktoberfest will be held in conjunction with the Jump Off Rock 10k race. [September 28, 2011]
· A Bigger, Better Moogfest
  [September 28, 2011]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  What will you miss most about summer? [September 28, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Holly Headrick
  WLOS anchor Holly Headrick first worked at the Asheville television station as a college intern and later as an assignment editor, but you may be surprised to learn broadcast journalism was not her first career choice. [September 28, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Dodd Ferrelle Hide the World
  With nearly ten albums to his name, Dodd Ferrelle is back again with Hide the World. [September 28, 2011]
· Unknown Hinson to serve Southern Dis-comfort this October
  [September 28, 2011]
· Haunted Asheville
  [September 28, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Shane Perlowin Shaking the Phantom Limb
  Perhaps best known for his involvement in Ahleuchatistas, Shane Perlowin takes the opportunity on Shaking the Phantom Limb to show his fans another side of his musical self. [September 28, 2011]
· At The Movies: Contagion
  In Contagion, a deadly virus kills two out of five people on the planet. Matt Damon is one of the few people with immunity. [September 21, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Debt
  Ciaran Hinds and Helen Mirren are retired Mossad agents who must face their past in the haunting espionage thriller, The Debt. [September 21, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Guard
  In the Irish comedy/thriller, The Guard, uptight FBI agent Don Cheadle and small town Connemara cop, Brendan Gleeson, team up to capture drug smugglers. [September 21, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Help
  The summer’s most emotional film. Striking performances bring to life the story of a white writer and black maids in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s. [August 31, 2011]
· Looking and Waiting and Doing
  Artist Ray Cooper and his upcoming exhibits. [August 31, 2011]
· A New Family Classic
  Dining with a “Reza Flair.” [August 31, 2011]
· Running and Chi
  A technique that teaches proper running form. [August 31, 2011]
· United Nations of Music
  Free Planet Radio celebrates the Peace Corps. [August 31, 2011]
· Life by Design
  Sam Highberger makes things (happen). [August 31, 2011]
· The Producers
  Tom and Sandi Anton of the Asheville Cinema Festival. [August 31, 2011]
· Queens of the Fest
  [August 31, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: 7th Avenue Organic Fest
  [August 31, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Sunshine & The Bad Things
  [August 31, 2011]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  What’s your most annoying pet peeve? [August 31, 2011]
· Photog Gets Discovered
  [August 31, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Old North State Long Road Home
  [August 31, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Chris Ricker
  [August 31, 2011]
· Sing A Mountain Song
  [August 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  The leading character in the remarkable sci-fi adventure Rise of the Planet of the Apes is a super-intelligent chimpanzee named Caesar. [August 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Project Nim
  Project Nim is a brilliant, and unsettling documentary biography of a chimpanzee who was raised as a human and taught sign language to communicate with humans. [August 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Cowboys & Aliens
  In the fantastic desert canyons of New Mexico in 1870, cattle rancher Harrison Ford and robber Daniel Craig join forces to fight invading extraterrestrials in the sci-fi western, Cowboys & Aliens. [August 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Captain America: The First Avenger
  In Captain America; The First Avenger, Army soldiers Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan prove their patriotic courage against the Nazis. [August 10, 2011]
· A Postmodern Romance
  Taiyo La Paix saves the world and gets the girl. [July 27, 2011]
· At The Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  Now grown up, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley battle monstrous evil in the final film of the series. [July 27, 2011]
· Fueled By A Fable
  Landrum’s Stone Soup. [July 27, 2011]
· Serving Softly
  A new model for offering yoga. [July 27, 2011]
· Me and Brian McGee
  Leaving his roots behind. [July 27, 2011]
· Second Time Around
  Tim and Donna Frady’s Rustic Remakes are all about second chances. [July 27, 2011]
· A Simple Game
  Cornhole obsession grips Western North Carolina. [July 27, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: You Say Tomato...
  Nothing says summer like biting into a fresh vine-ripened tomato. [July 27, 2011]
· CD Reviews: The Terry Eckard Band Angelene
  Originally recorded in 1996, it took 15 years for Angelene to see the light of day. [July 27, 2011]
· Marshall Gordon's Streetwise
  What’s your favorite place to spend a summer day? [July 27, 2011]
· Getting Straight About the Merry-Go-Round
  Way before arcade kicks came in the form of virtual video shoot-'em-ups, entertainment existed in the real world, in the parks and fairgrounds of America. Leading these particular promenades were sparkling, dizzying carousels full of dancing, dashing horses. [July 27, 2011]
· CD Reviews: The Secret B-Sides Flowers & Chocolate
  Claiming to be interested in three things – love, dinosaurs and flying saucers — The Secret B-Sides seem to enjoy cultivating an image as off-beat and eclectic as their music. [July 27, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Bob Bowles
  "I get to meet so many great and interesting people, and it all revolves around food," Bowles says. [July 27, 2011]
· Mail It In
  The idea behind mail art is simple. An artist mails a piece of art through the postal system. The gallery receives the artwork and displays the piece. [July 27, 2011]
· At The Movies: Midnight in Paris
  In Midnight in Paris, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams visit the City of Love--unaware that director Woody Allen has put some time-twisting crimps in Cupid’s aim. [July 11, 2011]
· At The Movies: Horrible Bosses
  Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman are three bumbling would-be boss killers in the crude but funny summer comedy Horrible Bosses. [July 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Shia LaBeouf, friend to the good alien robots, and his new girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, run from the bad robots. [July 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Green Lantern
  In Green Lantern, based on the comic book tales, Ryan Reynolds is given a powerful green ring that turns him into an intergalactic warrior. [July 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Larry Crowne
  A motor scooter ride speeds Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks to love in the pleasant summer rom-com, Larry Crowne. [July 10, 2011]
· At The Movies: Queen to Play
  In France's Queen to Play, reclusive professor Kevin Kline and hotel chambermaid Sondrine Bonnaire bond with one another while playing chess. [July 10, 2011]
· Ageless Grace
  Denise Medved wants you to sit down and exercise. [June 30, 2011]
· If You Wannas
  Grunge-pop quartet to play at Bele Chere. [June 30, 2011]
· The Day Carl Sandburg Died
  Filmmaker Paul Bonesteel makes the esteemed poet come alive. [June 30, 2011]
· The Aerophonic Orchestra
  If you wanted to start an all-banjo band around here, chances are you'd have no problem getting together a few dozen folks right off the bat. All mandolin? You should be able to enlist at least as many. But all accordions? Asheville musician August Hoerr was able to come up with eight. [June 30, 2011]
· Drawing Nothing
  Artist Lori Raines. [June 30, 2011]
· Escape to Season's
  Flat Rock restaurant serves up fine fare in an elegant setting. [June 30, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Holy Guacamole!
  We recently spent some time sampling the fare at Sol y Luna (1715 Brevard Road, aka the Laurel Park Shopping Center), the latest entry in the Hendersonville field of Mexican restaurants. [June 30, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Albatross Party Glass
  As with their 2009, self-titled release, Albatross Party continues to explore, interpret and manipulate a wide variety of musical inspirations and influences within a pop/rock blueprint in a way that I've heard few others do. [June 30, 2011]
· Giggle Fest
  Western North Carolina has a growing comedy scene and many of those funny mountain folk (along with a few special guests) will be getting crowds to giggle July 12-16 during the 5th annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival. [June 30, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Don Keefauver
  So you think you can't dance? Don't feel bad. There was a time Don Keefauver didn't consider himself to be much of a dancer. He describes his early dancing days as nothing more than "cuddling and shuffling." [June 30, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Johnson's Crossroad Mockingbird
  Johnson's Crossroad is back in the saddle with Mockingbird, their latest labor of love for the music of — and inspired by — our own Appalachian mountains. [June 30, 2011]
· The Show Goes On
  What would the Fourth of July be without fireworks? Henderson County residents nearly found out when budget constraints threatened to cancel this year's show. [June 30, 2011]
· Saluda Stories
  The Historic Saluda Oral History Committee has completed Home, Hearth & History: Stories of Old Saluda, its inaugural oral history DVD. [June 30, 2011]
· Here Comes The Flood
  Asheville’s Flood Gallery meets Tryon’s Upstairs Artspace in a daring exhibit. [May 31, 2011]
· Ridin' the Tractor
  Haute cuisine gets down on the farm. [May 31, 2011]
· Medicine Woman
  Singer Eliza Lynn cuts a new album of fan-picked covers. [May 31, 2011]
· Model A Citizen
  Meet Ed Barnett, the last surviving founder of the Western Carolinas Model A Ford Club. [May 31, 2011]
· Dressed to Kill
  Terpsicorps’ Vampyre shows off some fashionable fangs. [May 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  In the dazzling, swashbuckling adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, pirates Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz search for the legendary Fountain of Youth. [May 31, 2011]
· Creation to Improve Mind, Body and Soul
  Park Ridge Health offers an eight-week program to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. [May 31, 2011]
· Brave Combo
  Art advocates Jolene Mechanic and Nancy Holmes discuss art and shared vision. [May 31, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: First Brew
  The Southern Appalachian Brewery opens in Hendersonville. [May 31, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Michael Burgin Sick On The Noon Day Sun
  Michael Burgin returns to his acoustic roots. [May 31, 2011]
· Sky High in Hendersonville
  If you’ve ever wanted to see the City of Four Seasons from the clouds, head on over to the Western North Carolina Air Museum. [May 31, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Dr. Ronald G. Curran
  Western North Carolina AIDS Project executive director set to retire after 10 years at the helm. [May 31, 2011]
· Morris Broadband Live United 5k and 10k
  Chip-timed race benefits the 2011 United Way Campaign. [May 31, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Aaron Wood Aaron Wood
  Aaron Wood transcends his sources. [May 31, 2011]
· Starring...Main Street
  The lights of Broadway will soon glow in Downtown Hendersonville, courtesy of Flat Rock Playhouse. [May 31, 2011]
· Streetwise: What's Your Favorite Barkeeper Story?
  "Two guys are standing at a bar, and one says to the other..." Some of our favorite jokes and stories seem to always begin with this ubiquitous line. But have you ever thought about the bartender's side? [May 31, 2011]
· At The Movies: Thor
  In director Kenneth Branagh's spectacular comic adventure, Thor, the immortal thunder god, Chris Hemsworth, is a perfect gentleman with astrophysicist Natalie Portman. [May 5, 2011]
· Garden To Go
  Julie Gordon’s Thriving Antidote to Road Rage [April 27, 2011]
· Spot Be Nimble, Spot Be Quick
  Agility stars are fast, accurate and obedient [April 27, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Conspirator
  In Robert Redford’s superb historical drama, The Conspirator, Robin Wright plays Mrs. Mary Surratt, accused in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and James McAvoy is her reluctant defense attorney. [April 27, 2011]
· A Path to Parenthood
  Brevard attorney Dawn Davenport says knowledge is power when dealing with infertility and adoption [April 27, 2011]
· Beyond December
  Deeply Whimsical Paintings Suggest an Eternal Blooming [April 27, 2011]
· Simply Italian
  Fiore’s South serves up Italian comfort food [April 27, 2011]
· Kat Power
  “Late bloomer” belts out powerful tunes [April 27, 2011]
· CD Reviews: The Cheeksters The Golden Birds
  Long-time kings of Asheville Brit-pop, The Cheeksters, are back at it again with their latest release, The Golden Birds. [April 27, 2011]
· Eco-Activism Takes the Stage
  Play explores extreme environmentalism. [April 27, 2011]
· Streetwise: What Motto Do You Live By?
  "What's life all about?" we ask ourselves, and the answer is often a deeply ingrained saying or belief that helps point to the direction we want to go. [April 27, 2011]
· Relay for Life
  The Henderson County Relay for Life, an all-night event to raise money for cancer research, returns this year at a new location. [April 27, 2011]
· Good Food Cheap: Five Buck Burger is a Downtown Delicacy
  The next time you're in the mood for an excellent-yet-inexpensive burger, skip the meat disc from a fast food chain and head to The Black Rose Public House. [April 27, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Jonathan Scales Character Farm & Other Short Stories
  Not your ordinary steel-drummer, Jonathan Scales is taking the steel pan to incredible heights. [April 27, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Jay & Shirley Grinnell
  Jay Grinnell and his wife Shirley are cancer fighters in more ways than one. [April 27, 2011]
· At The Movies: Jane Eyre
  In director Cary Fukunaga's magnificently atmospheric new Jane Eyre, Michael Fassbinder and Mia Wasikowska are the tragic lovers. [April 27, 2011]
· Fanboys (and Fangirls) to Costume and Converge on FANATICON
  Adults play dress up as superheroes and villains. [April 27, 2011]
· Silent Films
  TV producer shares some tools of the trade. [April 27, 2011]
· At The Movies: Water for Elephants
  In a traveling circus in Water for Elephants, four characters come into life-or-death conflict: sadistic ringmaster Christoph Waltz, frustrated lovers Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon, and Rosie, the matchmaking elephant. [April 27, 2011]
· At The Movies: Of God and Men
  The extraordinary French film, Of God and Men, dramatizes the story of eight French monks caught up in the Algerian civil war in the 1990s. [April 22, 2011]
· South Side Spice
  Cinnamon Kitchen in South Asheville offers Indian food for every palate. [April 1, 2011]
· Small Plate Crawl Bigger than Ever
  The Carolina Epicurean gives us the lowdown on the Small Plate Crawl, happening April 5 and 6 in Hendersonville and Flat Rock. [March 30, 2011]
· Helping Hands
  Hendersonville Rescue Mission’s mission is transforming lives. [March 29, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Laura Huff
  Culinary enthusiast Laura Huff the driving force behind the Small Plate Crawl. [March 29, 2011]
· Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
  Arts Council presents one-woman show about Ann Landers. [March 29, 2011]
· At The Movies: The Lincoln Lawyer
  Matthew McConaughey is a shady defense attorney who works out of the back seat of his spacious Lincoln Town Car. [March 29, 2011]
· Blue Ridge Community Health Services Seeking Last Million
  BRCHS is currently building a new $7 million facility that will expand its family practice and pediatric services and also offer state-of-the-art equipment, a pharmacy, a laboratory/radiology suite, and mental health services all under one roof. The 27,000-square-foot facility is scheduled to open around September, according to Chief Development Officer Steve Kirkland. [March 29, 2011]
· Building Character
  Musician Jonathan Scales releases a new CD. [March 29, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Angi West Opportunity Cost
  On her third album, Opportunity Cost, Angi West continues her musical evolution in interesting directions. [March 29, 2011]
· My Night At The Mission
  Bold Life reporter bunks for a night with the homeless. [March 29, 2011]
· Where The Action Is
  ActionFest is a film festival with a body count. [March 29, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Go Team Go!
  The AB Tech Hot Food Team wins a gold medal. [March 29, 2011]
· Citizen CPR
  Learn this life-saving technique in just 30 minutes. [March 29, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Agent 23 Monkeywrench
  Funky, uptempo and rife with unusual instrumentations and weird samples, Monkeywrench is a feast for the ears. [March 29, 2011]
· Streetwise: What's The Song You Can't Get Out Of Your Head?
  It starts without warning. A relentless humming inside your head. And there's nothing to stop it because you're its very origin. And why would you want to, when it's such an enjoyable experience? So you just sit back and sing and hum right along with it...hour after hour. [March 29, 2011]
· Good Food Cheap: Grandma's Chicken Soup
  Try the chicken soup at El Paso Mexican Restaurant. [March 29, 2011]
· The Scales Of Justice
  Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Center for Lifelong Learning. [March 29, 2011]
· The Asheville Jewish Film Festival
  James Franco is mesmerizing as poet Allen Ginsberg in Howl, one of the six great international films being presented at the Asheville Jewish Film Festival, March 26 to April 1. [March 23, 2011]
· At the Movies: Rango
  Rango is the funniest grownup movie in years. In the heartless Mojave Desert, a brave chameleon named Rango tries to win the heart of Miss Beans, a spunky desert iguana. [March 12, 2011]
· Wings of Support
  The dream of flying is as old as dreaming itself, and as young as any number of youngsters watching a kite flutter against a blue sky, but only a few of us become inspired to make the dream come true. For Derek Campano and Nick Stoker of Hendersonville, the dream is even more ambitious — to use their love of flying for a good cause. [February 28, 2011]
· Bowling on a Country Lane
  Ancient game of Irish Road Bowling finds enthusiastic fans in WNC. [February 28, 2011]
· Off Shoot
  Retired commercial photographer continues to practice his art. [February 28, 2011]
· The Spice is Right
  Jamaican cuisine returns to Hendersonville. [February 28, 2011]
· Voice of Reason
  Ingles dietician Leah McGrath offers suggestions for eating healthy. [February 28, 2011]
· Harmonic Convergence
  The sweet sounds of Underhill Rose roll across WNC. [February 28, 2011]
· At The Movies: Barney's Version
  In Barney’s Version, a terrific character study from Canada, Paul Giamatti and his father Dustin Hoffman have a better time at the wedding than the poor bride does. [February 28, 2011]
· Writer's Block
  Writer to take up residence on Carl Sanburg property. [February 28, 2011]
· Brave Patchwork
  Quilters offer comfort to families of servicemen who die in service. [February 28, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Hole Lotta Love
  Bagels offer a helping hand to people. [February 28, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Nothingsaint The Golden Mean
  Nothingsaint are on their way up. [February 28, 2011]
· Streetwise: Facebook, Twitter or Texting?
  With all the choices available, each of us has whittled ours down to a personal preference or two. [February 28, 2011]
· Good Food Cheap: Sandwich Hero
  The sandwiches at McFarlan Bake Shop seem too good to be true. [February 28, 2011]
· CD Reviews: Warm The Bell Warm The Bell
  Warm the Bell creates an acid rock vibe. [February 28, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Pam Schlueter
  Henderson County Spanish teacher chosen for Fulbright educator exchange. [February 28, 2011]
· At the Movies: The Fighter

In The Fighter, a riveting family drama, half-brother boxers Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg fought one another as often as they KO'd opponents in the ring. The film has been nominated for a whopping seven Academy Awards. [February 18, 2011]
· At the Movies: The Company Men
  In The Company Men, Chris Cooper joins an unhappy horde of unemployed corporate executives. [February 18, 2011]
· They Run This Town
  Four Seasons Running Club invites you to pound the pavement. [January 30, 2011]
· Odyssa Speaks
  Jennifer Pharr Davis is the world’s fastest woman on the Appalachian trail. [January 30, 2011]
· Rage in a Cage
  Mixed martial arts kicking its way to the top of the local sports scene. [January 30, 2011]
· At The Movies: Rabbit Hole
  In the exquisite family drama, Rabbit Hole, grieving parents Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart are lost on separate paths of sorrow. [January 30, 2011]
· Square Roots
  Kenn Kotara’s art fuses geometry, design and nature. [January 30, 2011]
· Turning a New Leaf
  South Carolina’s Lime Leaf opens second location north of the border. [January 30, 2011]
· Going for Baroque
  Angi West celebrates her third CD. [January 30, 2011]
· In a Fix
  Spay and neuter organization searches for funding while it prevents unwanted litters. [January 30, 2011]
· Streetwise: Would you try to find your dream date online?
  Finding that dream person we've always been looking for may be a mere mouse click away. [January 30, 2011]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Velvet Elvis is in the Building
  Never Blue’s Jesse Roque opens a new chocolate lounge in March. [January 30, 2011]
· Happy Returns
  Unlike the tax man, AARP Tax Aide service won’t cost you. [January 30, 2011]
· A Bold Life: Carroll Helms
  Retiring Henderson County barber a cut above the rest. [January 30, 2011]
· At The Movies: True Grit
  Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld are on a journey of vengeance in the Coen Brother's extraordinary western, True Grit. [December 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Top Films of 2010
  2010 was a great year for films. Riveting stories, superb performances, terrific cinematography, art direction, and music. It was a heady experience seeing all these films and a difficult task to reduce the list to just a few. [December 29, 2010]
· Guerilla Photographer, Urban Explorer
  Guerilla photography may be the best way to describe Walter Arnold's passion for recording little known, often abandoned, and sometimes downright dangerous subjects. [December 28, 2010]
· Trivial Pursuits
  Local bars put your useless knowledge to the test. [December 28, 2010]
· Trial by Fire
  Challenges mark local potter’s ascent. [December 28, 2010]
· Finally, Pho
  Fans of Vietnamese noodle dish now have a place to dine. [December 28, 2010]
· Finding the Beat
  Oso Rey and Soulgrass Revolution play love-filled groove. [December 28, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Danny Ellis 800 Voices - My Life In An Irish Orphanage
  Having grown up in one of the most brutal Irish orphanages from the age of eight, Danny Ellis' songs throw the doors wide open on eight more years of beatings and general suffering with poignancy and a surprising positivity. [December 28, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Rufus "Pooch" Pace
  Henderson County World War II veteran continues to serve. [December 28, 2010]
· Celebrating a Sesquicentennial
  Transylvania County prepares to mark its first 150 years. [December 28, 2010]
· A Chianti Love Affair
  [December 28, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Boys of Summer It's Not Me, You're Just Difficult
  Part acoustic indie pop, part alt country and part what I’ve just now dubbed “emo-folk”, It’s Not Me, You’re Just Difficult is another shining example of the collective musical consciousness of Asheville and its surrounding environs. [December 28, 2010]
· Streetwise: What's the Worst New Year's Resolution You've Ever Made?
  They're back. Those pesky New Year's resolutions. [December 28, 2010]
· For What It’s Worth
  Head to the Conn-Artist to find out if your treasures really are treasures. [December 28, 2010]
· At The Movies: Black Swan
  In the psychological thriller, Black Swan, Natalie Portman is a ballerina whose role as the Swan Queen pushes her into madness. [December 14, 2010]
· At The Movies: Southeastern Film Critics Association Names The Social Network Best Film Of 2010
  The Southeastern Film Critics Association (SEFCA) named The Social Network the Best Picture of 2010. Director David Fincher's incisive account of the founding of Facebook earned a total of four awards, with its other victories coming in the categories of Best Ensemble, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. [December 13, 2010]
· At The Movies: The King's Speech
  In the brilliant historical film, The King’s Speech, an Aussie commoner helps the King of England speak for the nation in time of war. [December 13, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Tourist
  In the Venice-based caper, The Tourist, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie run from the bad guys but really have eyes only for each other. [December 13, 2010]
· At The Movies: I Love You Phillip Morris
  Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor are lovers in the true comic romance, I Love You Phillip Morris. [December 13, 2010]
· At The Movies: Monsters
  Humans must often wear gas masks when traveling in the "Infected Zone" inhabited by extraterrestrial creatures in the bizarre low-budget sci-fi film, Monsters. [December 13, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Next Three Days
  In The Next Three Days, innocent prisoner Elizabeth Banks and husband Russell Crowe make a daring prison break. [December 1, 2010]
· Pet Project
  December is going to be a doggone big month for the Blue Ridge Humane Society. [November 29, 2010]
· Living History
  A year after her passing, historian Louise Bailey's unfinished work is published. [November 29, 2010]
· Ladies of a Certain Age
  Modern artist creates Victorian vignettes. [November 29, 2010]
· Are You Sirius?
  Quirky band hard to describe but fun to listen to. [November 29, 2010]
· Broadcast News
  Local AM radio lives on with at Brevard’s WSQL. [November 29, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Jose Case
  Meet one of Hendersonville's most visible personalities. [November 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Fair Game
  In this riveting drama, CIA undercover agent (Naomi Watts) and her diplomat husband (Sean Penn) both discover there are no WMD in Iraq--and struggle to keep their marriage from becoming a casualty of war. [November 29, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Bakke to the Basics
  Chef Laurie Green Bakke updates her popular cookbook. [November 29, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Nikki Talley Beautiful Charmer
  Talley's always silken, yet adaptable voice is on full display on this album - as are the talented guest musicians. [November 29, 2010]
· For Your Amusement
  New Asheville business is part bar, part video game arcade. [November 29, 2010]
· Vine Line: Goes to Italy
  Find out what wines were sampled during this big fat Italian vacation. [November 29, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Dodd Ferrelle Lonely Parades
  A grab bag of rock, country, indie pop and soulful Americana, Lonely Parades is a solid a piece of work. [November 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Conviction
  It takes Hilary Swank 18 years to get her innocent brother, Sam Rockwell, out of jail. [November 28, 2010]
· At The Movies: Waiting for Superman
  Waiting for "Superman" is a compelling look at the heroes and villains in the American public education system. Possible Oscar-nominee. [November 2, 2010]
· At The Movies: Hereafter
  In director Clint Eastwood's new film, Hereafter, three people experience life after death in different ways. [November 1, 2010]
· Family Ties
  A collection of artwork from the Voorhees family. [October 31, 2010]
· A Few Good Books
  For publisher Grateful Steps, small is beautiful. [October 31, 2010]
· The Kids Are Alright
  West Henderson High’s Bluegrass Club. [October 31, 2010]
· Artists of the Cloth
  Fiber takes center stage at Arts Council exhibit. [October 31, 2010]
· You Say Tomato, I Say Sabroso
  Tomato Cocina Latina brings Latin flavor to Westgate Mall. [October 31, 2010]
· Tasty Blues
  Shane Pruitt Band takes its blues fusion sound across the Southeast. [October 31, 2010]
· Monks Running Amok
  Tryon Little Theater presents MonkY Business. [October 31, 2010]
· Streetwise: What Song Speaks to You Most When You Think About Fall?
  People share the music they love when the leaves hit the ground. [October 31, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: A New Vue
  Hendersonville restaurant gets a new start. [October 31, 2010]
· Starting on a Blue Note
  Say goodbye to the Flat Rock Wine Shoppe and Back Room. Say hello to the Flat Rock Wine Shoppe and Blue Note Grille in downtown Hendersonville. [October 31, 2010]
· At The Movies: Red
  In the spy caper Red, CIA agents discover retirement is as much fun as the “good old days” - extreme danger, loony antics, old enemies - and for Bruce Willis and Mary-Louise Parker, a sweet new romance. [October 31, 2010]
· Vine Line: Do It Yourself
  Falderal Winery makes wine without the rolling hills. [October 31, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Brian McGee The Taking or The Leaving
  The Taking or the Leaving is a testament to the musical growth of one of Asheville's favorite artists. [October 31, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Red June Remember Me Well
  [October 31, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Francee Sherman
  Henderson County League of Women Voters’ first president fought for honest elections. [October 31, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Social Network
  Genius or thief? The tale of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is brilliantly told in one of the year's best films, The Social Network. [October 6, 2010]
· New Americans
  A naturalization ceremony in Hendersonville welcomes new U.S. citizens. [September 29, 2010]
· Goodbye, City Life
  New York artists find their own green acres in Landrum. [September 29, 2010]
· Happily Ever Crafters
  American Craft Week celebrates quality, handmade objects. [September 29, 2010]
· Not All Sugar & Spice
  Gallery’s exhibit channels the dark side of female friendships. [September 29, 2010]
· Down Home Cooking, Jamaican Style
  Simma Down serves up down home cooking. [September 29, 2010]
· One World Grooves
  Telepath fuses several musical styles into a unique sound. [September 29, 2010]
· Walk This Way
  Men sport high-heel shoes to fight domestic violence. [September 29, 2010]
· Streetwise: What's Your Favorite Band, Group or Performer of All Time?
  From Led Zeppelin to Slightly Stoopid, people share what music gets their groove on. [September 29, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Slow Food
  WNC food producers heading to Terre Madre conference in Italy. [September 29, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Amerika Jane Half Moon to Here
  Amerika Jane's new album is a good listen for the broken hearted. [September 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Town
  Ben Affleck stars in and directs this intriguing crime drama about a gang of Boston-area bank robbers. [September 29, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Ingrid McNair
  The coordinator at Historic Johnson Farm teaches children and adults about the old ways. [September 29, 2010]
· Vine Line: Working Up a Head of Steam
  Appalachian Craft Brewery coming to Hendersonville. [September 29, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Baconfoot Licking Toads
  Licking Toads is a frenetic, schizophrenic, frantic and fantastic work of breakbeat electronica. [September 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
  Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is a beautifully photographed but disappointing family drama set in the world of Wall Street. [September 25, 2010]
· At The Movies: Mao's Last Dancer
  Mao's Last Dancer is an exhilarating tale of the passion for ballet, played against the East-West divide. [September 8, 2010]
· At The Movies: Get Low
  In Get Low, Sissy Spacek and Robert Duvall meet again after four decades of separation. [September 8, 2010]
· At The Movies: The American
  In the taut suspense thriller, The American, George Clooney runs for his life in the streets of a small Italian town. [September 8, 2010]
· Screen Savers
  Movie buffs come together at the Asheville Film Society. [August 25, 2010]
· X Marks the Artist
  Architects prove their artistic sides go beyond building design. [August 25, 2010]
· Heart of Glass
  Anna Helfand brings Polish tradition of reverse glass painting to the mountains. [August 25, 2010]
· The Art of Thai Cuisine
  Ling’s Bistro brings the taste of Asia to Laurel Park. [August 25, 2010]
· Arch-itects of Sound
  Lexington Avenue Festival welcomes The Archrivals. [August 25, 2010]
· Apple of Our Eye
  Henderson County gets ready for its biggest party to toast the apple. [August 25, 2010]
· Streetwise: If You Could Invent a Festival for Hendersonville, What Would It Be?
  People share their thoughts on a Concrete Regatta and a Festival of the Weird. [August 25, 2010]
· At The Movies: Eat Pray Love
  Fans of the book won’t be disappointed with Julia Roberts’ globe-trotting performance. [August 25, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Get Fresh
  Get your fresh produce at Seventh Avenue’s first Organic Market. [August 25, 2010]
· CD Review: You Dirty Rats You Dirty Rats
  You Dirty Rats provide a fun rock album. [August 25, 2010]
· Don't Just 'Trot' to This Event
  Dancing Under The Stars a fundraiser featuring therapeutic horse riding. [August 25, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Emily Moore Patterson
  The 2010 Apple Festival Ambassador promotes Henderson County’s cash crop. [August 25, 2010]
· Vine Line: Wine County
  Polk County becoming a destination for wine lovers. [August 25, 2010]
· CD Review: Aaron Burdett Stand Up Eight
  Singer/songwriter Aaron Burdett shows his versatality with his latest. [August 25, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Girl Who Played with Fire
  Noomi Rapace is The Girl Who Played with Fire, in the second film of Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson's wildly popular thriller trilogy. [August 25, 2010]
· At The Movies: Ondine
  In the beautiful Irish film,
Ondine, Alicja Bachleda and Colin Farrell live a fairy tale in the hopes to escape reality. [August 10, 2010]
· Happy Feet
  Mills River’s Orr family keeps mountain clogging tradition alive. [July 29, 2010]
· Playing With Time
  Watch and clock collectors enjoy the nuts and bolts of time management. [July 29, 2010]
· Master Classes
  Fine Arts League students learn the old masters’ techniques of realism. [July 29, 2010]
· Musical Melting Pot
  Galen Kipar Project making musical waves in WNC. [July 29, 2010]
· Oh, Say Can You S.E.E.
  The Southern Energy and Environment Expo celebrates it’s 10th anniversary. [July 29, 2010]
· Makeover at Saluda Cottages
  Introducing the 2010 Flat Rock Designer Showhouse. [July 29, 2010]
· Streetwise: What Does Labor Day Mean to You?
  The day began as a way to honor the working man and woman, but is it now just the last chance to get in some summer fun? [July 29, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Tomato Jam
  Tailgate Market organizes festival for a summertime treat. [July 29, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Wishgrove I Lost My Head
  1970s-style rock lives on through Wishbone. [July 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Inception
  In Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio leads a band of dream invaders through a baffling, reality-challenged, mind-warping adventure. It’s already creating Oscar buzz. [July 29, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Anthony Owens
  You can’t beat this organic apple grower’s boss and office space. [July 29, 2010]
· Vine Line: The Cider House
  Apples aren’t just for eating. Lindsey and David Butler of Sky Top Orchard are successfully capturing the nostalgia for old-fashioned non-alcoholic sweet cider. [July 29, 2010]
· CD Reviews: J. Larry Keith Traveling Angel II - Wings Take Flight
  J. Larry Keith’s music takes flight in new gospel recording. [July 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Salt
  In the espionage thriller, Salt, Angelina Jolie is a Russian spy. Or is she? [July 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Winter's Bone
  In the remarkable drama, Winter's Bone, Jennifer Lawrence is a teenager in the Missouri Ozarks on a painful quest to find her father. [July 14, 2010]
· An Airtight Alibi
  Ken Butcher’s new novel places U.S. government corruption in Western North Carolina. [June 29, 2010]
· Getting On Board
  Kevin Yount and other adrenaline junkies go riverboarding on the rapids [June 29, 2010]
· A Bird's Eye View
  With binoculars in hand, Rich Leppingwell shares his passion for our flying friends with others. [June 29, 2010]
· Functional to Sculptural
  Potter and clay artist Ann Gleason has been part of the Tryon art scene for 25 years. [June 29, 2010]
· A Moveable Feast
  Food trucks are suddenly haute in Western North Carolina. [June 29, 2010]
· A Riot Goin' On
  The Cheeksters preparing to stage a British invasion at Bele Chere. [June 29, 2010]
· Peer Pressure
  Flat Rock Playhouse stages 12 Angry Men inside Historic Henderson County Courthouse. [June 29, 2010]
· Streetwise: What Food Would You Never, Ever Eat?
  Learn which foods people absolutely, positively will not put in their mouths. [June 29, 2010]
· Vine Line: Loire and Order
  Importers bring France’s fine wines to Western North Carolina palates. [June 29, 2010]
· CD Review: Andrew Larson Sound The Fromethean Chord
  Andrew Larson’s sixth album creates punk-rock-honky tonk vibe. [June 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Secret In Their Eyes
  This film from Argentina won last year’s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Now it’s one of the best films of the year seen in Asheville. [June 29, 2010]
· Seniors Just Want To Have Fun
  Shae Kemerer starts Fun Bunch for everyone enjoying life in their golden years. [June 29, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Ken Siano
  Henderson County’s dog trainer put down his briefcase for good 30 years ago to help people train their wayward pups. [June 29, 2010]
· CD Review: The Galen Kipar Project The Scenic Route
  Local favorites The Galen Kipar Project offer a refreshing summer treat. [June 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Good, the Bad and the Weird
  The best spaghetti western I've ever seen is South Korea's The Good, The Bad and the Weird, which is enjoying a repeat showing at the Carolina Cinemas. Don't miss it! [June 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: Toy Story 3
  In Toy Story 3, Andy's toys stick together after he goes off to college. It's a terrific film that appeals differently, but equally well, to kids and adults. [June 22, 2010]
· At The Movies: The A-Team
  Four wild and crazy Army Rangers seek justice in the action spectacular, The A-Team. Lots of sizzle but no substance. [June 16, 2010]
· At The Movies: Shrek Forever After
  Shrek Forever After is a surprisingly good movie. I don't know about kids, but adults will love it. [June 9, 2010]
· At The Movies: Exit Through the Gift Shop
  Exit Through the Gift Shop, a documentary about the art of graffiti as well as the art of huckstering, is exciting, infuriating, and unforgettable. A must-see for those who can take it. [June 2, 2010]
· Killer Comedy
  Stand up comedy takes guts, talent and a degree of insanity. [May 28, 2010]
· Elements of Style
  Simplicity, texture and depth are artist Heather Knight’s watchwords. [May 28, 2010]
· Pizza in the Valley
  Success is all about quality at Blue Ridge Pizza Company. [May 28, 2010]
· Chuck Brodsky Connects
  Connect with Chuck Brodsky, one of WNC’s most beloved musicians. [May 28, 2010]
· Sculpted Features
  The third annual Sculpture for the Garden exhibition kicks off this month. [May 28, 2010]
· A Driving Force
  The rubber meets the road in this new film by James Suttles. [May 28, 2010]
· Streetwise: Is June a Magical Month for a Wedding?
  Would You Like to Have a June Wedding? Wedding bells are ringing this month, but some prefer a less-traditional ceremony. [May 28, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Hog Wild
  Carnivores rejoice at the return of the Blue Ridge Barbeque and Music Festival. [May 28, 2010]
· At The Movies: Letters To Juliet
  Real-life married couple, Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero, play long-lost lovers in a sweet summer romance set in sunny Tuscany. [May 28, 2010]
· Sofa, So Good
  Find the perfect piece of art to complete your home. [May 28, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Bill Stokes
  Meet Hendersonville’s newest hero. [May 28, 2010]
· Vine Line: To Health, Salud!
  Modern Italian wines are leaps and bounds ahead of their post-war predecessors. [May 28, 2010]
· CD Review: Sirius. B Monkey Robot Soldier
  Grabbing you up from your chair with infectiously toe-tapping tunesSirius. B takes you on a crazy dance through their delicious take on the festive music of the Gypsies with Monkey Robot Soldier. [May 28, 2010]
· The Main Attraction
  Antique lovers won’t want to miss this one-day-only event. [May 28, 2010]
· For Book Lovers Only
  The second annual Blue Ridge Bookfest comes to Hendersonville. [May 28, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Darien Theorem
  Singer/songwriter Darien Crossley has created a debut EP of great musical beauty. [May 26, 2010]
· At The Movies: Mother (Madeo)
  In a brilliant mystery from South Korea, a single mother will do anything to prove her son is innocent of a brutal crime. [May 17, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Secret of Kells
  The Oscar-nominated animated treasure, The Secret of Kells, arrives for a short stay at the Fine Arts Theatre, downtown Asheville. I've seen it three times and can't wait to see it again. [May 7, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  Noomi Rapace is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a compelling Swedish thriller that American audiences can appreciate fully. [May 5, 2010]
· At The Movies: Iron Man 2
  Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr. prove that screwball comedy is alive and well in the action hero blockbuster, Iron Man 2. [May 5, 2010]
· Little Fatty & Potato Boy
  Meet artist Julie Armbruster and her wild cast of characters. [April 28, 2010]
· Fair Food
  Mix politics and food and what do you get? The Grassroots Café. [April 28, 2010]
· The Return of Ashley Chambliss
  Self-taught singer/songwriter re-emerges on the scene with her new album, Tupelo. [April 28, 2010]
· It's Historic
  The third annual Preservation Week is coming to Hendersonville. [April 28, 2010]
· Bam! Pow!
  Asheville gets its first taste of comic convention craziness. [April 28, 2010]
· Classical Grass
  The Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra gets a little country with the Kruger Brothers. [April 28, 2010]
· Pita Love
  Mediterranean meets American comfort food at Hendersonville’s newest eatery. [April 28, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Small Mammal Small Mammal
  Weird, wild and rather imaginative, Small Mammal is an ever-changing electronic symphony with a penchant for re-imagining otherwise normal, everyday ambient sounds into catalysts of melodic progression. [April 28, 2010]
· At the Movies: Death at a Funeral
  Comics Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence are brothers trying to deal with blackmail, murder, sibling rivalry and naked relatives at their father’s funeral. [April 28, 2010]
· Into The Wild
  Helen Thayer shares her wild adventures. [April 28, 2010]
· Streetwise: What Is It That Mama Never Told You?
  Mama said there’d be days like this, but what did she forget to mention? [April 28, 2010]
· Tom Young's Excellent Adventure
  Part Two of our in-depth look at Hendersonville’s premiere wine master. [April 28, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Pilgrim The Dog's Dinner
  Pilgrim's latest offering is a unique and seemingly quite personal homage to canines. [April 28, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Jennifer Pickering
  Meet the woman who opens her home twice a year to bring us the Lake Eden Arts Festival. [April 28, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Ghost Writer
  Director Roman Polanski takes a few pages from Hitchcock in his latest release. [April 3, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Runaways
  Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart are unforgettable in the story of the l970s all-girl rock band, The Runaways. [April 3, 2010]
· At The Movies: Centurion
  A fierce Pict warrior is the relentless foe of Roman soldiers in
Centurion, the opening night world premiere at ActionFest, Carolina Cinema's 4-day action film festival. [April 3, 2010]
· Porch Time With Pierce Edens
  Get inside the mind of the leader of The Dirty Work. [March 31, 2010]
· On The Right Track
  A bike, a few bucks and a little road magic are all this cyclist needs to make the trek from Asheville to San Diego. [March 31, 2010]
· Be In The Moment
  Relax a while with these local practitioners of Qigong. [March 31, 2010]
· A Force Of Nature
  Earth Day is upon us yet again, and David Weintraub has some big plans. [March 31, 2010]
· Face Value
  Photographer Anthony Bellemare makes an art out of talking to strangers. [March 31, 2010]
· A Taste Of Elegance
  Step inside one of Hendersonville’s most beautiful bed and breakfasts. [March 31, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: A Chile Reception
  Now’s your chance to delight in a Chilean meal, cooked by a Chilean chef, benefitting Chilean earthquake victims. [March 31, 2010]
· Sountbite: Rent: A Lease On Life
  Some of Asheville best musicians come together for one of Broadway’s favorite plays. [March 31, 2010]
· A Rumpus Among Us
  This sure ain’t your Grandfather’s Vaudeville. [March 31, 2010]
· Streetwise: Are You Ready for Spring?
  See who’s welcoming the warmer weather, and who wants six more weeks of winter. [March 31, 2010]
· Vine Line: Freedom of Expressions
  Meet the man behind a restaurant people are still talking about. [March 31, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Michael Burgin & The Drinker's Union Violently Hungry
  Much like their punk rock predecessors, Michael Burgin & The Drinker's Union eschews melody in favor of a reliance on attitude and the weight of the lyrics. [March 31, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Connie Hudson Backlund
  It’s no easy task preserving the home and legacy of Carl Sandburg. [March 31, 2010]
· CD Reviews: The Smokey Joe Show Tailfins and Talespins
  A multi-family, multi-generational band, these six musicians seem wonderfully devoid of pretension — a quality as refreshing in its organic-ness as it is almost creepy in its authenticity. [March 31, 2010]
· At The Movies:The White Ribbon
  Thought-provoking Oscar-nominated film from Germany finally reaches Asheville. [March 10, 2010]
· At The Movies: Shutter Island
  Leonardo DiCaprio gives the best performance of his career in director Martin Scorsese’s intense psychological suspense thriller. [March 10, 2010]
· At The Movies: Green Zone
  In an electrifying military thriller, Matt Damon plays a U.S. Soldier looking for weapons of mass destruction in war-torn Iraq. [March 10, 2010]
· At The Movies: Alice In Wonderland
  Johnny Depp is delightfully bonkers as the mad hatter in director Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland. [March 10, 2010]
· Funk and Reflection
  Asheville’s Jar-e takes his time on his latest album. [February 27, 2010]
· Festival of Lights, Camera, Action
  The second annual Jewish Film Festival kicks off this month. [February 27, 2010]
· History in the Making
  From Bulgaria to WNC, New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Kostova draws inspiration from all over the world. [February 27, 2010]
· Taking Up Residence
  The Carl Sandburg home welcomes an award-winning poet this month. [February 27, 2010]
· Sea Change
  Hang ten with one of Asheville’s surfing artists. [February 27, 2010]
· A Fork in the Road
  Take a trip to Etowah for large portions of your old-school favorites. [February 27, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Tom Fisch October Boy
  Singer/songwriter Tom Fisch's latest album, October Boy, is an example of what happens when an artist truly understands his craft. [February 27, 2010]
· Survival of the Smartest
  Learn how to survive in the wild at Chimney Rock State Park’s new Nature Series. [February 27, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Joe Mullen
  Taxes may be a certainty of life, but he takes out the guesswork. [February 27, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Chrome Plating
  Follow the truck drivers on I-26 for fresh, budget-friendly fare. [February 27, 2010]
· CD Reviews: Saint Solitude Journal of Retreat
  Saint Solitude's come a long way since his 2008 EP, Disaster Stories, and has released what so far is my favorite local album of 2010. [February 27, 2010]
· Streetwise: How Are You Coping With The Wild Winter Weather?
  Love it or hate it, it’s been a record-breaking winter. [February 27, 2010]
· Chef Talk: A Taste of Place
  Chef and Writer Mark Rosenstein is interviewed. [February 27, 2010]
· Vine Line: The Big Freeze
  Rough temperatures call for tough choices. [February 27, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Wolfman
  A beastly Gothic horror tale gets a visually stunning update. [February 26, 2010]
· At The Movies: A Single Man
  Colin Firth gives the performance of a lifetime in an exquisite drama about love and loss. [February 4, 2010]
· At The Movies: Edge of Darkness
  Mel Gibson is back--older, wiser, but no less revengeful--in a gripping, and oddly human, political thriller. [February 4, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Messenger
  Two Oscar nominations honor a worthy military drama that few have seen. [February 4, 2010]
· At The Movies: Crazy Heart
  Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal are both nominated for Academy Awards in a low-key country music tale. [February 4, 2010]
· Join the Revolution
  Break a sweat on Main St. with Dance, Dance Revolution. [January 29, 2010]
· To Know Nina
  Get an inside peek at the life of Nina Simone through the eyes of biographer Nadine Cohodas. [January 29, 2010]
· The Reel Deal
  Local lovers of the silver screen unite - the weekly meeting of the Hendersonville Film Society is about to begin. [January 29, 2010]
· Outside the Lines
  See how folk art is now trickling into the mainstream. [January 29, 2010]
· Got You Covered
  Check out these unsung heroes of local music. [January 29, 2010]
· Personal Best
  Looking for a soulmate? Give Mountain Xpress’s Xpress Love a try. [January 29, 2010]
· Streetwise: Who Was Your Favorite Crush?
  Unrequited, unrestrained or simply unfair, we all have them. [January 29, 2010]
· Mumbo Gumbo: An Import Expert
  Tasty Himalayan treats await you at Kathmandu. [January 29, 2010]
· CD Review: Jenny Arch Angels in Cahoots
  A wonderfully-titled effort which will no doubt find a welcome reception amongst the acoustic and contemporary folk crowd. [January 29, 2010]
· CD Review: Johnson's Crossroad Blood in Black and White
  Johnson’s Crossroad creates a sound that’s part blues, part old-school country and part bluegrass. [January 29, 2010]
· A Bold Life: Jenny Jones Giles
  With her help, our local history comes alive. [January 29, 2010]
· Chef Talk: Cucina Confidential
  Brevity and a love for classic rock only partially define chef Brian Canipelli. [January 29, 2010]
· Vine Line: The Name Game
  And you thought choosing the right wine was difficult before. [January 29, 2010]
· At The Movies: The Book Of Eli
  Denzel Washington is the lone gunman who guards a precious book in a grim post-Apocalympic America. [January 8, 2010]
· At The Movies: Avatar
  Every minute of the most expensive movie ever made is worth every penny - a truly awesome 3-D live action and CGI effects extravaganza. [January 4, 2010]
· At The Movies: Sherlock Holmes
  Two bad-boy crime fighters and a beautiful crook join forces in the wildly entertaining new Sherlock Holmes. [January 4, 2010]
· Popcorn and a Movie
  The Last One follows Popcorn Sutton as he prepares his final batch of whiskey. By Leigh Wills. [December 31, 2009]
· Entertaining the Troops
  Hear some unlikely war stories from former USO dancer Gwynn Kellar. [December 31, 2009]
· Glee Whiz!
  The show must go on with North Henderson High’s Show Choir. [December 31, 2009]
· Quite an Impression
  Patience and perspective allow artist Rita Peranio to create intricate prints and woodcuts. [December 31, 2009]
· Wingin' It
  Hold on to your taste buds, as Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack brings the savor and the spice. [December 31, 2009]
· Feats of Clay
  Fans of Appalachian folk music are about to have their horizons expanded. [December 31, 2009]
· Curve in the Road
  CURVE Studio artists are featured in the new exhibit, CURVEilinear. [December 31, 2009]
· Streetwise: What Big Plans Do You Have for 2010?
  Learn what everyone is looking forward to for the new year. [December 31, 2009]
· At The Movies: Up In The Air
  George Clooney is the quintessential light baggage man in a brilliant dark comedy headed for Oscar recognition. [December 31, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Piazza Pizzaz
  Flavorsome fare comes to Fairview, courtesy of Reza Setayesh. [December 31, 2009]
· CD Review: Tom Sundry and the Bucket Brigade Grown Up in Smoke
  This 24-track offering is a schizophrenic tour through the infinitely creative mind of Hendersonville resident Tom Sundry. [December 31, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Cameron Sproles
  Turning personal tragedy into a call to duty, one Hendersonville resident honors his fallen friend by helping other soldiers. [December 31, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Let The Good Times Roll
  Meet Zeb McDermott, a chef of many talents and few words. [December 31, 2009]
· Vine Line: A Wink and a Nod
  Those who swear by bargain wines may want to reconsider. [December 31, 2009]
· CD Review: The Honeycutters Irene
  The Honeycutters are back with their newest effort, Irene. [December 31, 2009]
· At The Movies: Invictus
  A heroic leader and an athlete unite the troubled country of South Africa. [December 11, 2009]
· At The Movies: Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire
  Precious stars an unlikely heroine who rises nobly above her life's harsh realities. [December 1, 2009]
· Ask...and They Shall Receive
  Got an opinion about Henderson County services? Now’s your chance to get it heard. [November 30, 2009]
· Minimalist Violinist
  Woodworker Bill Whipple’s got just the thing for the fiddler on the go. [November 30, 2009]
· Tinsel Town
  Brevard’s Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum is back for its 12th and final season. The show features 50 of the finest trees in the 120-tree collection, one for each of the 50 years since the tree burst onto the holiday scene. [November 30, 2009]
· New Horizons
  Asheville artist Dawn Rentz moves in a new, ethereal direction. [November 30, 2009]
· Horn of Plenty
  Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews bring his contemporary New Orleans sound to this month’s Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. [November 30, 2009]
· The Art of Gift Giving
  With all these holiday craft shows around, you may never go back to the mall. [November 30, 2009]
· Streetwise: If You Had A Choice Of Any Pet, What Would It Be And Why?
  Learn what critters your neighbors are considering adopting. [November 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Some Mighty Swell Cooking
  Meet a maven of down-home comfort food. [November 30, 2009]
· CD Review: Ol' Hoopty Key's Under The Mat
  Key's Under the Mat is a tight, fun, well-produced romp through an upbeat hybrid of blues, gospel, r&b and Americana. [November 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Pirate Radio
  Rock ’n’ roll on pirate radio makes waves in Britain in the 1960s. [November 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Dot Hoover
  Inspired by Charles Lindbergh, Hendersonville’s Dot Hoover has had her share of aerial adventures. [November 30, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: The Admirable Admiral
  Night owls out for a nosh won’t be disappointed by the always-changing menu at West Asheville’s Admiral. [November 30, 2009]
· CD Review: Alien Music Club Welcome to the Future
  It's hard to imagine that one man is behind the far-reaching, genre-stretching recording. Never dull and never overbearing, Alien Music Club bombards the ears with beautiful unexpected melodies, wacky chord changes and exotic arrangements and instrumentations. [November 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Fantastic Mr. Fox
  Stunning animation makes Fantastic Mr. Fox truly fantastic. [November 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: Value From the Vine
  Learn what bargain wines local experts have sniffed out. [November 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: An Eductaion
  In a touching 1960s English drama based on a true story, a teenage girl falls in love with an older man who charms both her and her parents. [November 30, 2009]
· At the Movies: The Blind Side
  True success story of black teenager taken in by a white Memphis family. [November 25, 2009]
· At The Movies: 2012
  Cataclysmic special effects provide awesome thrills in an end of the world disaster adventure. [November 12, 2009]
· At The Movies: Inglourious Basterds
  In the stylish WWII revenge fantasy, Inglourious Basterds, Brad Pitt leads an elite force of Jewish American guerillas who love to kill Nazis. [November 4, 2009]
· Heart & SOL
  Move over Hollywood! Hendersonville filmmakers are making a name for themselves. [October 30, 2009]
· Swimming with the Fishes
  Recycled plastic comes to life in artist David Edgar’s Plastiquarium. [October 30, 2009]
· Currying Flavors
  Spice things up a bit at Suwana’s Thai Orchid’s new downtown Asheville location. [October 30, 2009]
· Staying Tuned
  Take a night out for some fun and sample these recommended musical events. [October 30, 2009]
· Vicious Cycle
  Cyclocross racing season is just beginning. [October 30, 2009]
· Creature Comforts
  Meet monsterobsessed children’s book author David Sheldon. [October 30, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Pie In The Sky
  One local company is baking up something new. [October 30, 2009]
· CD Review: Mad Tea Party Zombie Boogie EP
  [October 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Where the Wild Things Are
  A boy matches his temper tantrums with those thrown by big monsters. [October 30, 2009]
· Kid Stuff
  Take the kids to a film festival designed just for them. [October 30, 2009]
· Streetwise: If You Had Just One Place To Live, Where Would It Be?
  As winter settles in, explore the ideal place to spend it. [October 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Jerry Zink
  Meet Hendersonville’s swingin’-est bandleader. [October 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: The Gypsy Queen of Cuisine
  Meet Suzy Phillips, a self-taught chef specializing in Lebanese cuisine and…television production? [October 30, 2009]
· CD Review: Denise Ostler Welcome to Asheville
  [October 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: The Big Chill
  Take a trip down memory lane with a few bottles of fermented nostalgia. [October 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Law Abiding Citizen
  High-tech revenge tale has lots of suspense but little emotional pull. [October 7, 2009]
· At The Movies: Whip It
  Roller Derby queens shine in a bodacious feel-good girl power flick. Wonderful fun. [October 7, 2009]
· At The Movies: Capitalism: A Love Story
  Filmmaker Michael Moore prods and provokes, but provides few solutions to capitalism's woes. [October 7, 2009]
· At The Movies: Bright Star
  The poet John Keats and his muse Fanny Brawne come to life in an exquisitely beautiful and lyrical film. [October 7, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Baader Meinhof Complex
  A portrait of West German terrorists of the 60s and 70s holds significance for today. [October 7, 2009]
· At The Movies: Departures
  Last year's Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film is a winner for all years. [October 7, 2009]
· At The Movies: Paris
  The city of Paris is the lead character in a charming, lovely new French film. [October 1, 2009]
· A Life Less Ordinary
  Artist Janet Orselli’s installation art gives a new lease on life to discarded objects which can still evoke powerful emotions. By selecting not the precious or overly sentimental aspects of material culture, but rather its reliable, unsung objects, she creates an access point to personal memory. [September 30, 2009]
· A Hidden Gem
  Oenophiles will rejoice at Hendersonville’s smart, relaxing wine bar. [September 30, 2009]
· The Voice Of Reason
  Black Mountain’s own Kellin Watson lets us in on her unique musical background and evolving songwriting process. [September 30, 2009]
· County Flair
  Experience the diversity of art in Henderson County. [September 30, 2009]
· Conserve and Protect
  Dig deep to help Appalachia’s wide open spaces. [September 30, 2009]
· Just Her Luck
  Meet a local who’s on an impressive winning streak. [September 30, 2009]
· TACtile Arts
  Born of a blizzard half a century ago, Tryon Arts and Crafts is still buzzing with a flurry of activity. [September 30, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Rib Tickling Fun
  Meet the next generation of BBQ bad boys (and girls). [September 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: A Chef On The Run
  Ashley Ware Garland shares her insights on ice cream, kitchen cursing and her inspiring family. [September 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Albatross Party Albatross Party
  Albatross Party fits neatly into no genre, somehow breaking fertile ground without sounding altogether unfamiliar. [September 30, 2009]
· Streetwise: If There Was Only One Season In A Year, What Would It Be And Why?
  In a temperate climate like ours, it’s hard to pick a favorite. [September 30, 2009]
· CD Review: Dave Desmelik Onlooker
  Like Tom Petty or Johnny Cash, Desmelik's greatest strength is as a storyteller, and he comes across like a friend who can always be relied on to tell you the truth. [September 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Lynn Staggs
  Helping thousands of Henderson County families each year, Lynn Staggs’ Storehouse is a beacon of local philanthrophy. [September 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: A Dry Run
  A few answers to questions about wine you might have been afraid to ask. [September 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: My One And Only
  A 1950s road trip becomes a life-changing adventure for a mother and her two sons. [September 23, 2009]
· At The Movies: Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimes)
  A Spanish time-travel thriller is wonderfully weird. [September 23, 2009]
· At The Movies: 9
  In a post-apocalyptic future, soulful "stitchpunks" try to rebuild planet Earth. [September 9, 2009]
· Pulling Strings
  David Grisman’s decades-old taste for musical fusion has pushed the boundaries of several genres, and that’s how he likes it. [August 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: District 9
  Question your own humanity with this out-of-the-mold alien movie. [August 30, 2009]
· Still Water Runs Deep
  Get back to your Southern roots at the 17th Annual Moonshiners’ Reunion. [August 30, 2009]
· Portrait Of The Artist
  From pro football players to Cherokee chiefs, Ruth Goldsborough has drawn and painted it all. [August 30, 2009]
· Once Upon A Time...
  Prepare to get a little frightened by some of the masters of storytelling. Two well-known storytellers will join others during the 4th annual "Storytelling Around the Campfire" festival at Historic Johnson Farm in Hendersonville. The event will also feature storytellers Karen-Eve Bayne, Ingrid McNair, Virginia Newsom and Ronnie Pepper. [August 30, 2009]
· Homeward Bound
  Local contemporary artist Connie Bostic uses her art to pose difficult questions about on delicate themes. [August 30, 2009]
· CD Review: Chalwa Chalwa
  These guys do a great service to the genre and to Asheville reggae-lovers in particular. [August 30, 2009]
· A Way Of Life
  Fundraising for the United Way is no easy task. [August 30, 2009]
· Streetwise: What's The Best Advice You've Never Taken?
  Meet a few people who go their own way. [August 30, 2009]
· CD Review: The Terry Eckard Band Rebel on the Highway
  Eckard is a seasoned musician and it shows, particularly in his songwriting diversity. [August 30, 2009]
· A Strong Foundation
  Learn why two-by-fours and nails are overrated at AVI’s natural building workshop. [August 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Mike Phillips
  From half-pipes to pilates, ex-pro snowboarder Mike Phillips’ athletic journey is far from over. [August 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Taking It Easy
  Chef Joshua Lawton shares his thoughts on Vonnegut, Dostoyevsky and the gastronomic preferences of the President. [August 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: Refined Tastes
  Enjoy a book with a glass of bubbly at the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. [August 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Julie & Julia
  In Julie & Julia, Meryl Streep is totally wonderful as Julia Child, the famous cook who was as passionate about food as she was funny about life. [August 28, 2009]
· At The Movies: In The Loop
  In the razor-sharp British satire, In the Loop, spin doctors whirl the U.S. and Britain into a Mideast war. [August 28, 2009]
· At The Movies: Extract
  Extract twists the work-day comedy cliché, giving bosses some much-needed sympathy. [August 21, 2009]
· At The Movies: TheTime Traveler's Wife
  Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are time-crossed lovers in the intriguing, but ultimately passionless romance, The Time Travelers Wife. [August 21, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Hurt Locker
  War is up-close and very, very personal in the gritty war mystery, The Hurt Locker. [August 5, 2009]
· At The Movies: 500 Days of Summer
  500 Days of Summer is the feel-good movie of the summer, perhaps of the entire year. [August 5, 2009]
· In Record Time
  Celebrate a local music Mecca and its fifth year in business with a series of concerts you won’t soon forget. [July 29, 2009]
· The Seeds of Change
  Find out what it really takes to run a nearly self-sufficient farm. [July 29, 2009]
· Beach Bum Berry...and the Secrets of the Tiki
  Think you know how to make exotic drinks? Think again. Jeff Berry's spent most of his life entranced by the culture of tiki drinks, and may be one of the few remaining experts on tiki mixology. [July 29, 2009]
· Closer to the Fire
  A local potter reaches way back into artistic tradition for his technique. [July 29, 2009]
· Back to Basics
  Explore an out-of-the-way eatery with the most extensive wine list around. [July 29, 2009]
· Hot Licks
  You’ll definitely scream for Ice Cream after their performance this month at Transfigurations. [July 29, 2009]
· Power Points
  Meet Ned Doyle and his ecological brainchild, the Southern Energy & Environment Expo. [July 29, 2009]
· Streetwise: "What Are You Reading?"
  Maybe these folks will help you to turn off that television and sink your teeth into a good book. [July 29, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Cruisin' for a Brews-In
  [July 29, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Pierce Edens & The Dirty Work Long Days Above Ground
  A wonderful fusion of southern, workin’ man’s rock, classic country honky tonk, blues and rockabilly. But that just scratches the surface of what is an artistic effort of astounding depth. [July 29, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Ian Thomas Live at the Grey Eagle
  A self-described “American Songster,” Ian Thomas’s musical roots are obviously firmly planted in the soil of American folk and blues. [July 29, 2009]
· At The Movies: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  The magical Harry is back for more in the sixth film of the series. [July 29, 2009]
· Horror Story
  If psychotic, fishnet-wearing alien scientists make for your kind of theatre, you won’t want to miss this show. [July 29, 2009]
· Notable: History in the Making
  Hendersonville gets even more historic this month with An Historic Walk Through Time. [July 29, 2009]
· Chef Talk: In the Starrs
  Q&A with chef Mark Starr. [July 29, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Ned Doyle
  His funny, easygoing personality may seem at odds with the resolute eco-warrior inside, but it seems to put Mother Earth at ease. [July 29, 2009]
· Vine Line: Happy Campers
  Summer camp isn’t all about bug bites and marshmallows. [July 29, 2009]
· At The Movies: Food, Inc.
  One of the most important documentaries you’ll ever see. [July 17, 2009]
· We Are the World
  See what Hendersonville has in common with its Sister City, Almuñécar, Spain. [July 1, 2009]
· Razzle Dazzle
  Meet an Ashville artist who’s illuminating the art world one dot at a time. [July 1, 2009]
· Out of Her Shell
  From firing pottery to “burning biscuits,” Shannon Whitworth’s talents run deep. [July 1, 2009]
· Laugh Lines
  Laugh ‘til it hurts at the third annual Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival. [July 1, 2009]
· Magic in the Air
  The WNC Magic Club will thrill and amaze you with their sleight of hand prestidigitation, but the true magic is the transformative nature of the art, with effects that reach far beyond the nuts and bolts of performance. [July 1, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: The Science of Eating
  Meet food pioneer Hervé This, and discover his cooking method of choice – scientific manipulation. [July 1, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Floating Action Floating Action
  Floating Action is 14 tracks of what I can only describe as the product of some delightful alternate musical reality where Brian Wilson and Bob Marley recorded an album together. [July 1, 2009]
· Bursting With Pride
  Celebrate your independence at one of these local Fourth of July festivities. [July 1, 2009]
· Streetwise: What Was Your Worst Date Ever?
  Hear some local romance horror stories. [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Cheri
  Cheri is a visually stunning love story set in pre WWI France. [July 1, 2009]
· Tough Job: Auto Focus
  Learn the secret to success in the auto trade. [July 1, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Bella Vita
  Meet chef Christopher Aquilino as he tells all about his heroes, his inspiration and his worst habit. [July 1, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Tongues Of Tongues Of EP
  Tongues Of are not only exceptionally talented musicians, but have a wonderfully fresh and wide-open approach, with well-crafted, hardly experimental-sounding songs. [July 1, 2009]
· The Art of Marketing
  The Big Crafty, the indie arts and crafts festival, comes back to Asheville . [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Moon
  It will be a sci-fi cult classic, so see Moon on the big screen now. [July 1, 2009]
· Vine Line: The True History of American Wine
  Take a minute to learn more about American wine’s colorful past. [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Fog of War
  The recent death of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara brings to mind his appearance in the 2004 Oscar-winning documentary, now available on DVD. [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Public Enemies
  Public Enemies is a gangster movie for today - elegant, complex, romantic and very violent. [July 1, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Natalie Broadway
  Passion reigns supreme for this actor/director/producer. [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: My Sister's Keeper
  A gritty story and mesmerizing performances make My Sister’s Keeper an unforgettable family drama. [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Proposal
  Sandra Bullock struts her comedic stuff in this feel-good romantic comedy. [July 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Easy Virtue
  A perfect romantic comedy featuring Jessica Biel. [June 10, 2009]
· At The Movies: UP
  Up is an adventure story about long-lasting love, new friendship, a loyal dog, a good mama with terrific feathers, and the power of helium-filled balloons. It's also about the pangs of regret, the dangers of procrastination, and a warning about heroes with feet of avarice. [June 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Brothers Bloom
  A quirky, stylish tale about liars, lovers, bad old men and a truly dynamite gal. [June 1, 2009]
· The Fine print
  Photographer John Orolin finds his inspiration in the spontaneity of daily life. [May 30, 2009]
· Passion Play
  Miriam Allen and the Pasionistas bring their mix of Latin American folk and Southern country to the Back Room in Flat Rock. [May 30, 2009]
· A Night at the Museum
  Party down with some artsy types at the Asheville Art Museum's 60th Anniversary. [May 30, 2009]
· Tall Tales
  Take a stroll through a local bamboo forest and discover the plethora of uses for this fast-growing plant. [May 30, 2009]
· Home ECOnomics
  Terri Thompson is bringing the sexy back to thrift stores. The Frugal Design Showcase — her brainchild fundraiser which features a home decorated with thrift store finds —debuted to raves last year, bringing in $40,000 for eight local shops, catching the attention of National Public Radio and earning her and the project Habitat for Humanity International's 2008 Clarence Jordan Award for Creativity and Innovation.

[May 30, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Rib Roast
  Get your eat on at the 16th Annual Blue Ridge BBQ Festival. [May 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Stephaniesid Warm People
  On their third full-length album, stepahniesid takes another big step on their five-year-and-counting indie-pop journey. [May 30, 2009]
· Keeping an Open Mind
  Grovewood Gallery opens its studio doors for a glimpse of the work of over 500 artists. [May 30, 2009]
· Tough Job: Depth Perception
  Climb inside the life of a nuclear submarine driver. [May 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Flying High
  Flying Frog chef Vijay Shastri talks about his family and his philosophy. [May 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Parrish Ellis City Lights, Country Blues
  While the sound and feel of his music may strike a familiar chord with many in the Asheville area, he manages to incorporate the grit of busy city streets into the dust of North Carolina’s back roads, putting a little English on conventional Appalachian roots music. [May 30, 2009]
· The Razor's Edge
  Find out why the straight razor is making a comeback. [May 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Ron Manheimer
  At age 66, the director of The Center for Creative Retirement is turning over a new leaf. [May 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: Mead and My Honey
  Dive into the mysterious world of mead. [May 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Angels & Demons
  A surprisingly exciting thriller with a religious backdrop. [May 28, 2009]
· At The Movies: Star Trek
  It's the eleventh Star Trek movie and it's the best--a successful re-boot of the timeless Star Fleet mythology that will satisfy the die-hard Trekkies and capture a whole new generation of fans. [May 6, 2009]
· At The Movies: Sunshine Cleaning
  Sunshine Cleaning is the best small movie so far this year. A wonderful, quirky story by first-time scribe Megan Holley that at first seems simple and direct and then reveals itself as complex and deeply layered. [May 6, 2009]
· At The Movies: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens the summer season of movies with a satisfying wallop. It's big, brash, totally illogical and terrific. Hugh Jackman, as Wolverine, is alternately sensitive and wild, and with or without his shirt, is always watchable. Liev Schreiber as his bad brother Sabretooth is wonderfully nasty. All the guys in Wolverine are great. [May 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Terminator Salvation
  In a gloomy, apocalyptic future, humans fight monstrous robots. [May 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Soloist
  Gritty, pitch-perfect performances from Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. [May 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Is Anybody There?
  Sweet tale of an old magician and a lonely boy. [May 1, 2009]
· Pet Project
  Find out how to help our furry friends get a leg up. [April 29, 2009]
· Setting the Record Straight
  Henderson County’s unofficial historian has more than just a few stories to tell. [April 29, 2009]
· The Art of Recycling
  Aesthetically and ethically, ECO-ART is the only choice for many area artists. [April 29, 2009]
· Thinking Big
  Local artist Jinx takes on big ideas and big themes in a big way. [April 29, 2009]
· String Theory
  Hear the fiddle as you’ve never heard it before. [April 29, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Wooden Toothe
  If Asheville had its own soundtrack, Wooden Toothe would have to have a part in it. [April 29, 2009]
· Absolutely Fabulous
  Check out the new vibe at the Blue Ridge Performing Arts Center. [April 29, 2009]
· Streetwise: "What's Your Dream Job?"
  With jobs in short supply as it is, what’s wrong with a little fantasy? [April 29, 2009]
· At The Movies: State of Play
  A crusading journalist tries to connect the dots between greedy corporations, lying politicians and murder. [April 29, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: A Square Deal
  Main Street welcomes a new gourmet market. [April 29, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Marsupial Genus Thylacinus
  These guys are part rock band, part jam band, part jazz quartet and part everything else. [April 29, 2009]
· How Bizarre
  Hendersonville’s Bizarre Bazaar attracts thousands for a celebration of art and culture. [April 29, 2009]
· Culture Watch: Exhibit A
  Henderson County gets even more historic. [April 29, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Life Is Sweet
  Find out what makes dessert artist Jitra Neal tick. [April 29, 2009]
· Vine Line: Blending Bordeaux
  This centuries-old practice may be news to some. [April 29, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Scott Winter
  This coach has a different approach to physical fitness. [April 29, 2009]
· At The Movies: Cherry Blossoms
  Near-perfect, exquisite tale of love and longing. [April 24, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Class
  The award-winning film, The Class, takes an unforgettable look at a teacher and his students in a multi-ethnic school in Paris. [April 5, 2009]
· An Act of Pod
  From Asheville’s Courtyard Gallery to 55 countries around the world, this open mic night knows no bounds. [March 30, 2009]
· Play Ball
  Hot dogs, ice cream and some local baseball history make for a delicious spring treat. [March 30, 2009]
· The Cultural Landscape
  Realism and painstaking attention to detail have slowly morphed into what is now Janet Green Jacobson's signature style: landscapes that focus the viewer on the big picture. Muted earth tones dominate her paintings, allowing Jacobson to create a focal point that establishes a special mood of mystery and meditative stillness. [March 30, 2009]
· Good Vibrations
  If you doubt the healing properties of music, just spend a few minutes with Richard Hite. [March 30, 2009]
· Give Peace A Chance
  Meet a group who’s trying to change Washington DC for the better [March 30, 2009]
· Exercise Your Options
  If you’re bored with your exercise routine, check out this spicy new workout. [March 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Monsters vs. Aliens
  The 3-D effects are spectacular, the lead character is not a teenage boy but a young woman, there's one incredible scene on the San Francisco bridge that is worth the price of admission, the voice over-talent is inspired, and the art work is sometimes totally awesome. Alas, the entire time I watched Monsters vs. Aliens I kept remembering how much I liked Finding Nemo. [March 30, 2009]
· Streetwise: Do You Think There Should Be a Wall Street Salary Cap and Why?
  Wall Street bonuses and dwindling 401ks have money on our minds more than usual. [March 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: Go With The Flow
  Learn how to get your money’s worth when quaffing your favorite vintage at your favorite restaurant. [March 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Grit Pixies Live at the Grey Eagle
  Grit Pixies have delivered with a five-song disc that proves that they can not only play, but that they're blueswomen of the highest order. [March 30, 2009]
· A Bridge Too Far
  These card sharks don’t mess around with Go Fish. [March 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Michael Ramer
  “Swimming with sharks” is no figure of speech for this Hendersonville High senior. [March 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Planting The Seed
  Get inside the mind of a local chef. [March 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Angi West Love Is A Special Way Of Feeling
  Unpredictable and intriguing, Love Is a Special Way of Feeling is difficult to disregard. [March 30, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Food For Thought
  You gotta eat, so it might as well be for a good cause. [March 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Knowing
  As scary as it might seem, Nicolas Cage may be all that’s standing in the way of our certain destruction. [March 25, 2009]
· At The Movies: Duplicity
  [March 25, 2009]
· At The Movies: Race To Witch Mountain
  Action-filled family movie. [March 15, 2009]
· At The Movies: Two Lovers
  Sensitive, impressive family drama. May be Joaquin Phoenix's last film. [March 15, 2009]
· At The Movies: Coraline
  Fantastic animation in a slow, creepy tale. [March 11, 2009]
· At The Movies: Wendy and Lucy
  Wendy and Lucy is a minimalist gem of great emotional power. [March 1, 2009]
· Radical Chic and the Divine Garments of Paul Hersey
  Fantastical and otherworldly, these one-of-a-kind latex and foam garments have to be seen to be believed. [February 25, 2009]
· Seeing the Forest for the Trees
  Painter and sculptor Dale McEntire strives to capture the beauty of the land he loves. [February 25, 2009]
· Raising Arizona
  From Brooklyn to Asheville, the band Arizona proves that they can rock just about anywhere. [February 25, 2009]
· For The Thick Skinned
  Prepare to be offended by the folks at the Corpus Theatre Collective. [February 25, 2009]
· Wild Thing
  Tracking turtles isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. [February 25, 2009]
· Streetwise: What's Your Favorite Reality TV Show?
  Why can’t we look away? [February 25, 2009]
· At The Movies: The International
  If you like your action flicks on the smarter side, don’t miss this one. [February 25, 2009]
· Vine Line: Power to the Pinot
  There’s more to this popular and versatile red than meets the tastebuds. [February 25, 2009]
· CD Reviews: The Poles Twelve Winds
  [February 25, 2009]
· A Fairy Tale Come True
  Reforming wayward princesses is no easy task. [February 25, 2009]
· Tough Job: Real Life Iron Chef
  Meet the man who helps to feed the hungriest among us. [February 25, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Recipe For Success
  Meet the man behind the Mediterranean tastes of Zambra. [February 25, 2009]
· CD Reviews: High Windy A Greater Storm
  [February 25, 2009]
· Getting By With A Little Help From Our Friends
  Even in these tough times, Hendersonville shows its generosity. [February 25, 2009]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Crop Circles
  Buying locally-grown food is rapidly becoming the choice for many families. [February 25, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Don Huber
  For some, giving to others is a way of life. [February 25, 2009]
· At The Movies: Taken
  [February 18, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Reader
  A summer affair reflects the conscience of a nation. [February 1, 2009]
· At The Movies: Gran Torino
  [February 1, 2009]
· Shifting Perceptions
  Working from an eclectic array of disciplines, artist Heather Lewis wants to make you think, feel and see in new ways. Making art has always had its subversive side, a deliberate attempt to manipulate perception and emotion. The most figurative of artists still fiddle with color, texture and form to produce an effect; those on the more abstract end of the spectrum fling, drip, carve or hammer their conceptual inventions into existence from more subtle inspirational origins. [January 30, 2009]
· Born on the Bayou
  Experience “Mountain Zydeco” with the Asheville band, Bayou Diesel. [January 30, 2009]
· Southern Scene
  See what’s old, new and above all…Southern in the world of folk art. [January 30, 2009]
· Send in the Clown
  Get in the ring with a veteran rodeo clown and his chimp. [January 30, 2009]
· The Eagle Scout
  From Vespas to Harleys, Larry Harding’s worked with them all, but his favorite is a step above. Or at least a step-through. [January 30, 2009]
· Chef Talk: Oso's Culinary Passport
  Q&A session with chef Oso Wallman. [January 30, 2009]
· Soundbites: If I Were A Carpenter
  Classics and Legends. See a few legendary performers this month, as well as one who might make history. [January 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Defiance
  In a fight against tyranny, a group of Polish Jews push back against the Nazis. [January 30, 2009]
· The Big Idea
  Think it’s impossible to make a working bicycle from plastic bottles? Think again. [January 30, 2009]
· Streetwise: Personal Mottos
  What’s your credo? [January 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Joltwagon Whyanosis
  [January 30, 2009]
· Cut & Paste
  Paper sculptor Leo Monahan’s work is on view at the Education Center of The North Carolina Arboretum. [January 30, 2009]
· Tough Job: Sometimes It's Just Bad Luck
  The job of an EMT is not without it’s share of risks. [January 30, 2009]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Creme of the Crop
  Learn to make a sweet treat for your honey this Valentine’s Day. [January 30, 2009]
· CD Reviews: Silas Durocher and Everybody Knows
  [January 30, 2009]
· A Bold Life: Laurey Masterson
  From coast to coast, this local businesswoman is biking for a great cause. [January 30, 2009]
· Vine Line: The One And Only
  What’s your “desert island” wine? You may be surprised at Keith Dalbec’s choice. [January 30, 2009]
· At The Movies: Slumdog Millionaire
  British director Danny Boyle brings us an unlikely success story, and reviewer Marcianne Miller couldn’t be happier about it. [January 18, 2009]
· At The Movies: Frost/Nixon
  Dramatization of David Frost's Post-Watergate TV interviews with President Richard M. Nixon. [January 18, 2009]
· At The Movies: The Wrestler
  Mickey Rourke turns in the performance of a lifetime in the gritty drama, The Wrestler. [January 18, 2009]
· At The Movies: Milk
  [January 18, 2009]
· At The Movies: Doubt
  A brilliant stage play becomes a great film. [January 18, 2009]
· A Toy Story
  See the toys your grandparents asked Santa for when they were young with a trip to Hendersonville’s Antique Toy Museum. [December 30, 2008]
· A Child Inside
  Hendersonville artist Daniel Smith discusses the inspirations, methods and motivations for his hyperrealistic paintings. [December 30, 2008]
· Southern (Italian) Cuisine
  Have lunch with Cathy Horton at Bella Regina, Hendersonville’s premiere family pizza-parlor. [December 30, 2008]
· Love, Dinosaurs and Spaceships
  Local R&B hybrid, The Secret B-Sides release their new album, Live On The Mothership, this month. [December 30, 2008]
· A Song From The Heart Land
  Harpmaker Dave Woodworth has discovered a way for himself and his family to make a seriously good living doing precisely what they love to do - creating musical works of art. With over 1,400 harps to his name, Woodworth has perfected the craft of creating instruments which are widely prized for their rigidity, strength and comfort, as well as for their excellent tonal quality. [December 30, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Chocolate In The Raw
  Using raw, organic ingredients, UliMana makes unique, delicious and even healthy confections. [December 30, 2008]
· Soundbites: Steppin' Out
  POPAsheville 2009 invades three of Asheville’s best clubs, and a unique Fletcher venue offers a way to see some live music for less coin. [December 30, 2008]
· Streetwise: Best Bargains
  Everyone loves to get a good deal. See what kinds of bargains your neighbors are getting. [December 30, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Nikki Talley To Be A Bird
  To Be A Bird will appeal to not only fans of the female singer-songwriter genre, but will strike a chord with country fans, bluegrass fans and regular old pop and rock fans. [December 30, 2008]
· Tough Job: David Jones' Locker
  Meet the man who gets your kids safely to school. [December 30, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Valorie Miller Autumn Eyes
  Miller's voice has a comfortable, universal quality; an everywoman with a guitar. But just when you think you know where she's going, she'll toss in a little twist. [December 30, 2008]
· Vine Line: New Horizons
  Corked wines versus screwcapped wines – you might be surprised at which is winning the taste wars. [December 30, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Ruth Birge
  Greet the outgoing publisher of The Hendersonville Times-News. [December 30, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Peas and Properity
  It’s time once again for that Southern tradition, black-eyed peas. Check out Laurie Bakke’s definitive recipe. [December 30, 2008]
· Over The River
  Large-scale environmental artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude visit Asheville to discuss their latest work, which will span a large stretch of the Arkansas River. [December 24, 2008]
· The Brew Crew
  Appalachian Craft Brewery battles a shortage of hops in order to introduce a new beer this year. [December 24, 2008]
· Making Tracks
  Shush down some of the best ski slopes with Asheville’s Ski and Outing Club. [December 24, 2008]
· Ancient History
  Explore the ancient Silk Road of China with veteran National Geographic photographer Tom Nebbia, as he speaks at the Henderson County Public Library. [December 24, 2008]
· At The Movies: Australia
  [December 16, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Day The Earth Stood Still
  [December 16, 2008]
· At The Movies: Transporter 3
  [December 16, 2008]
· At The Movies: Changeling
  [December 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa
  [December 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: Quantum of Solace
  [December 1, 2008]
· Chiseled Features
  Look closely at any of B.J. Precourt's carvings and you'll discover something much more inviting than a simple piece of wood. [November 26, 2008]
· Soy To The World
  [November 26, 2008]
· Folk Lure
  After spending the last five years as a percussionist, guitarist and singer with Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, Josh Phillips unleashes his new project, The Josh Phillips Folk Festival. [November 26, 2008]
· Ring Tones
  Watching members of the Blue Ridge Ringers in concert is like seeing the many pieces of a precision time piece working in union. [November 26, 2008]
· Some Kind Of Wonderful
  [November 26, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Arugula topped with Roasted Seckel Pears, Apple-Smoked Bacon and Gorgonzola Cheese topped with Cider Vinaigrette
  [November 26, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Jonah Michea Judy Milk Sink
  [November 26, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Behind The Scenes
  [November 26, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Curb Appeal
  [November 26, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Songs From The Road Band As The Crow Flies
  [November 26, 2008]
· Tough Job: Ashes To Ashes
  [November 26, 2008]
· Vine Line: Nobody Knows The Truffles I've Seen
  [November 26, 2008]
· Notable: Seeking Salvation
  [November 26, 2008]
· Soundbites: December
  [November 26, 2008]
· At The Movies: Role Models
  [November 26, 2008]
· At The Movies: Rocknrolla
  [November 26, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Steve Ridgeway
  [November 26, 2008]
· Highland Zing
  [October 29, 2008]
· The Bible Belt Buckle
  The lyrics to Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings' popular 1978 song "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" may preach against a life on horseback, but Pastor Louis Gibson of the Blue Ridge Cowboy Church would not have it any other way. [October 29, 2008]
· Depth of Focus
  [October 29, 2008]
· Raining Light
  [October 29, 2008]
· Southern Fried Pickin'
  [October 29, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Secret Life of Bees
  [October 29, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Nouveau Tableau
  [October 29, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kutchen: Cranberry Port Relish with Dried Cherries and Rosemary
  [October 29, 2008]
· Tough Job: Running On Empty
  [October 29, 2008]
· Culture Watch: A Festival For All Reasons
  [October 29, 2008]
· Art Smart: A Cut Above
  [October 29, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Josh Phillips Folk Festival
  [October 29, 2008]
· Streetwise: Who's Your Favorite Relative?
  [October 29, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Telepath
  [October 29, 2008]
· Soundbites: November
  [October 29, 2008]
· Vine Line: The Glass Ceiling
  [October 29, 2008]
· At the Movies: Appaloosa
  [October 29, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Barbara Hughes
  [October 29, 2008]
· At The Movies: Burn After Reading
  [October 15, 2008]
· At The Movies: Ghost Town
  [October 15, 2008]
· At The Movies: Elegy
  [October 15, 2008]
· Numero Uno Taqueria
  Fernando Sandoval's delicious dishes will muscle in and take control of your taste buds. Maybe that's why he named his restaurant "El Padrino" (The Godfather). [October 1, 2008]
· Postcards From The Edge
  Imagine opening your mailbox to find a painted shoe, a decorated plastic chicken or even a fish emblazoned with stamps. Now imagine it happening every day. Welcome to Carlos Steward's life. [October 1, 2008]
· MANNA-Festing
  [October 1, 2008]
· Torching The Tube
  [October 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Women
  [October 1, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Picky Eaters
  With the price of food rising almost every day, WNC residents are turning to an alternative to grocery shopping: foraging.

[October 1, 2008]
· Notable: Field Of Screams
  [October 1, 2008]
· Culture Watch: T.L.C. at the T.L.T.
  [October 1, 2008]
· Taking LEAF of his Senses
  LEAF celebrates the eclectic and adventurous, and that's why Jonas has been a favorite at Lake Eden since 1991. [October 1, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Savory Pumpkin Biscuits with Pecan Rosemary Butter
  [October 1, 2008]
· How I Did It: Finding Her Calling
  [October 1, 2008]
· CD Reviews: The Buckarettes
  With lots of pep, a strong foundation in storytelling and a virtuoso fiddle player to boot, this CD almost makes me want to build a barn just to have a dance. [October 1, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Pumpkin Black Bean Soup with Chili-Crusted Pumpkin Seeds
  [October 1, 2008]
· Tough Job: Within REACH
  [October 1, 2008]
· CD Reviews: The Travelers Club
  This CD seems to be tailor-made for a winter road trip through the mountains; easy-going and comfortable. [October 1, 2008]
· Streetwise: What's Your Most memorable Halloween?
  [October 1, 2008]
· Soundbites: October
  [October 1, 2008]
· Vine Line: Love At Thirst Site
  [October 1, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Drew Van Horn
  [October 1, 2008]
· The Blue & The Grey
  Civil War buffs are, if nothing else, historically accurate. But guess what? They also know how to get dressed up and have a good time. [September 2, 2008]
· Can-Do Attitude
  Before the word "spam" meant either a Monty Python sketch or an unwanted email hawking Viagra, it was actually a food - a food which is now the centerpiece of a nationwide cooking contest. [September 2, 2008]
· Streetwise: What Was Your Worst Date Ever?
  [September 2, 2008]
· The Big Sweep
  "90 percent of my work is just seeing what's in the wood already. Nature's done all the work. All I have to do is show it off." [September 2, 2008]
· Pit Boss
  A throwback to the days when the pit-master was King and the barbeque was a labor of love, Hubba Hubba's proprietary mixture of oak, hickory and one funky metal chicken is proving to be enticing. [September 2, 2008]
· At The Movies: Tell No One
  A sophisticated, heart-wrenching thriller that Hitchcock fans will love. [September 2, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Civil Liberties
  [September 2, 2008]
· Tough Job: Fancy Footwork
  [September 2, 2008]
· Art Smart: Paint Your Wagon
  [September 2, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Gazpacho
  Cool. Refreshing. Gazpacho. Learn the hidden secrets of the tomato with Laurie Bakke. [September 2, 2008]
· A Family Affair
  "I was the drama geek, he was the art geek, and then we discovered music." [September 2, 2008]
· At The Movies: Traitor
  [September 2, 2008]
· Vine Line: Knight Vision
  Recently, local wine legend Knight Fee passed away. As we all raise a glass to his memory, Keith Dalbec reflects on the man and his legacy. [September 2, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Sci-Fi
  Hard to classify but highly listenable, Sci Fi will crawl into your ear and stay awhile. [September 2, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Shake It Like A Caveman
  Gritty, raw and completely devoid of any studio frills, this recording conveys the “less is more” credo with style. [September 2, 2008]
· At The Movies: Death Race
  [September 2, 2008]
· Soundbites: September
  [September 2, 2008]
· Notable: Tall Tales
  [September 2, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Karen Cragnolin
  [September 2, 2008]
· At The Movies: Tropic Thunder
  Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black star in this outrageous satire of Hollywood egos. [August 20, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Dark Knight
  [July 30, 2008]
· Archival Revival
  Prepare to have your horizons expanded as you're simultaneously educated and entertained by the best local treasure troves and rare finds. [July 30, 2008]
· The Bares Essentials
  [July 30, 2008]
· Art On A String
  [July 30, 2008]
· Prime Numbers
  [July 30, 2008]
· How I Did It: One Cool Kat
  [July 30, 2008]
· Art Smart: The Power of Ten
  [July 30, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Good For What Ales You
  [July 30, 2008]
· Streetwise: "What Was Your Worst Vacation?"
  [July 30, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Thai-Marinated Cucumber Salad
  [July 30, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Jonathan Scales Plot/Scheme
  [July 30, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Brian McGee & The Hollow Speed
  [July 30, 2008]
· Tough Job: A Welcome Diversion
  [July 30, 2008]
· Soundbites: August
  [July 30, 2008]
· Vine Line: The Winner, By A Nose
  " Charles Shaw California Cabernet Sauvignon aka "Two Buck Chuck" has been the focus of many people looking for a cheap, quaffable wine. Priced at $1.99 on the west coast, and $2.99 at Trader Joe stores on the east coast, Charles Shaw Cabernet has reportedly been routing the stuffed shirts in the wine world.  [July 30, 2008]
· Notable: Speaking Volumes
  [July 30, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Pat Garlinghouse
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Wall-E
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Then She Found Me
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Visitor
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Priceless (Hors de Prix)
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Nim's Island

  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Journey To The Center Of The Earth
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Hancock
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Forbidden Kingdom
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: 10,000 B.C.
  [July 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Incredible Hulk
  [July 30, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Natural Therapy
  [July 1, 2008]
· Dropping the Mask
  [July 1, 2008]
· Heart & Soul
  [July 1, 2008]
· Taking it to the Streets
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Happening
  [July 1, 2008]
· Business is Booming
  [July 1, 2008]
· Horsing Around
  On any given weekend between March and November, especially during the summer, hundreds of people congregate for a peculiar combination of sporting event and social gathering called a horse show. [July 1, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Turn Up The Heat
  [July 1, 2008]
· How I Did It: Running With The Dogs
  [July 1, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Shrimp, Corn & Avocado Salad with Sherry Cilantro Vinaigrette
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: Charlie Wilson's War
  [July 1, 2008]
· Streetwise: "What Does Patriotism Mean To You?"
  [July 1, 2008]
· Vine Line: A Most Pleasant Ale-Ment
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: High Noon
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: Get Smart
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  [July 1, 2008]
· Notable: Light My Fire
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: Sex and the City
  [July 1, 2008]
· At The Movies: You Don't Mess With The Zohan
  [July 1, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Laura Reed & Deep Pocket soul:music
  [July 1, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Kellin Watson No Static
  [July 1, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Louise Howe Bailey
  [July 1, 2008]
· Soundbites: July
  [July 1, 2008]
· Right On Cue
  The game of pool has a certain image: rough-and-tumble guys leaning out of the darkness and onto a brightly lit table, peering through the smoky haze to size up a shot on which a sizeable sum of money hinges. With the Blue Ridge chapter of the American Poolplayers Association, that stereotype is only partly true — the bars and pool halls of Western North Carolina can get a little smoky, but the league bans gambling and the players are everyday people, not pool hustlers. [May 28, 2008]
· Schnurrbarts & Curlicues
  Men, we need to have a serious discussion. Ladies may read on, but we will be discussing a subject one presumes is repugnant to ladies, which is facial hair. [May 28, 2008]
· Conceptual Contraptions
  Sylvie's creations reflect both the spirit of invention and the inspiration of a meticulous craftsperson supported by a long tradition of artistic exploration. [May 28, 2008]
· Plated Pleasures
  [May 28, 2008]
· Music From Thin Air - The Theremin Revival
  [May 28, 2008]
· Art Smart: Art On The Rocks
  [May 28, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Young At Heart
  [May 28, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Secret Agent 23 Skidoo Easy
  [May 28, 2008]
· CD Reviews: The Trainwreks Ready To Die
  [May 28, 2008]
· At The Movies: Iron Man
  [May 28, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Dread Heads
  [May 28, 2008]
· Notable: Get Physical
  [May 28, 2008]
· How I Did It: Political Science
  [May 28, 2008]
· Streetwise: "Would You Ever Consider Cosmetic Surgery?"
  [May 28, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Sun-Dried Tomato, Fresh Basil & Pine Nut Fettuccine
  [May 28, 2008]
· Soundbites: June
  [May 28, 2008]
· Vine Line: A Screwy Idea
  [May 28, 2008]
· The Lineup: Summer Festival Roundup
  [May 28, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Angie Flynn-McIver
  [May 28, 2008]
· Fighting Fire With Fire
  If that first grade fantasy of being a firefighter when you grew up is still lurking somewhere deep in your subconscious, it's time to let it out by visiting this month's Firefighter Combat Challenge at the Asheville Mall. [April 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Leatherheads
  [April 30, 2008]
· Turning Over A New LEAF
  [April 30, 2008]
· Painting The Town
  [April 30, 2008]
· Some Like It Hot
  [April 30, 2008]
· Pickin' & Grinnin'
  [April 30, 2008]
· CD Review: Telepath Fire One
  [April 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: Juno
  [April 30, 2008]
· At The Movies: The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep
  [April 30, 2008]
· How I Did It: The World On A String
  [April 30, 2008]
· Tough Job: The Three-Cent Dilemma
  [April 30, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Full Speed Ahead
  [April 30, 2008]
· Art Smart: Getting Your Goat
  [April 30, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Pressed For Time
  [April 30, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Springtime Herb & Lemon Marinade for Lamb
  [April 30, 2008]
· CD Reviews:Mad Tea Party Found A Reason
  [April 30, 2008]
· Streetwise: "At What Age Would You Feel Old?"
  [April 30, 2008]
· Vine Line: Fooling The Experts
  [April 30, 2008]
· Soundbites: May
  [April 30, 2008]
· Notable: Wilderness Challenge
  [April 30, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Jay Coan
  [April 30, 2008]
· The Zine Scene
  Among the many inventions produced by Ben Franklin during his long and idiosyncratic career, little attention is paid to a self-published, handwritten literary magazine Franklin once distributed among the patients at a Pennsylvania hospital. But among devotees of the micro-publishing industry, Franklin's little number is considered the very first zine, those small circulation, non-commercial and often eccentric publications devoted to whatever fancy their authors see fit to set down on paper. [March 28, 2008]
· The Wind Beneath Her Wings
  If music is the universal language, 17-year-old Josianne Bailey of Fletcher learned to speak it at a very early age indeed. [March 28, 2008]
· The Bold & The Beautiful
  [March 28, 2008]
· Noodling Around
  [March 28, 2008]
· A Musical Spectrum
  [March 28, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Battle Station
  [March 28, 2008]
· Notable: Finding Their Voices
  [March 28, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Spring Essence
  [March 28, 2008]
· Soundbites: April
  [March 28, 2008]
· CD Review: Cabo Verde Shade Grown
  [March 28, 2008]
· How I Did It: The Wizard of Wonder
  [March 28, 2008]
· Vine Line: Virtue & The Vine
  [March 28, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Laura Blackley Love And Monsters
  [March 28, 2008]
· Tough Job: Silent Language
  "I learned to sign before I learned to speak," says Ann Condrey, Interpreter Education instructor at Blue Ridge Community College. "American Sign Language was my first language." [March 28, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Billy & Judy Haynes
  [March 28, 2008]
· Discovering The Artist's Soul
  [February 27, 2008]
· The British Invasion
  If they were good enough for James Bond, they are good enough for the British Car Club of Western North Carolina. [February 27, 2008]
· Route 66, Everywhere
  [February 27, 2008]
· Diggin' The Quarry
  [February 27, 2008]
· Underground TV
  [February 27, 2008]
· CD Reviews: The Cheeksters Movers And Shakers
  [February 27, 2008]
· How I Did It: Dancing With Pluto
  [February 27, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Rise Up!
  [February 27, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Aaron Price Glass Opera
  [February 27, 2008]
· Tough Job: An Unwelcome Lift
  [February 27, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Meet Hendersonville's Top Chefs
  [February 27, 2008]
· Soundbites: March
  [February 27, 2008]
· Streetwise: Where Were You And What Were You Doing 10 Years Ago?
  [February 27, 2008]
· Vine Line: The 100 Club
  [February 27, 2008]
· Notable: Bad Man Blues
  [February 27, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup
  [February 27, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Community Champions
  [February 27, 2008]
· Culture Watch: London Calling
  [February 27, 2008]
· The Forked Stick
  [January 30, 2008]
· Dances With Swords
  [January 30, 2008]
· How I Did It: Queen Of The Krewe
  [January 30, 2008]
· Visionary Landscapes
  [January 30, 2008]
· Little Name, Big Sushi
  [January 30, 2008]
· Steel Pandemonium
  [January 30, 2008]
· Culture Watch: Aliens Among Us
  [January 30, 2008]
· Tough Job: The Negotiator
  [January 30, 2008]
· Art Smart: Making An Impression
  [January 30, 2008]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Nature's Classroom
  [January 30, 2008]
· CD Reviews: Malcom Holcombe Gamblin' House
  [January 30, 2008]
· CD: Reviews: Bobby Wynn Distant Shore
  [January 30, 2008]
· A Bold Life: Dream Weaver
  [January 30, 2008]
· Vine Line: Prosecco Pleasures
  [January 30, 2008]
· Soundbites: February
  [January 30, 2008]
· Streetwise: Is It Better To Have Loved And Lost?
  [January 30, 2008]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Homemade Truffles
  [January 30, 2008]
· Notable: Universal Force
  [January 30, 2008]
· How I Did It: Lap Quilting
  with Georgia Bonesteel [December 28, 2007]
· Marking Time
  Roadside taverns. Gambling. Murder. Welcome to Henderson County. [December 28, 2007]
· Signs & Symbols
  Delve into the deep and mysterious world of symbolist painter Barbara Fisher. [December 28, 2007]
· Mama Mia, What A Pizza
  The evening we visited Mona Lisa, Frank Sinatra sang a serenade. [December 28, 2007]
· Tyler Ramsey's Dream
  Singer-songwriter Tyler Ramsey talks about his new album A Long Dream About Swimming Across the Sea. [December 28, 2007]
· Big Talkers
  Who are the Toastmasters? Enthusiasts for hot, crisp bread? Social Drinkers who love to clink glasses in honor of their colleagues? Folks who have spent too much time in the sun? Not quite. Simply put, they are a group of people who meet regularly to hone their public speaking skills... [December 28, 2007]
· A Bold Life: Dr. George A. Jones
  Dr. George A. Jones preserves the history of Henderson County for future generations. [December 28, 2007]
· Culture Watch: A Lucky Strike
  Revisit Hendersonville's gold rush days. [December 28, 2007]
· Art Smart: Altered Art
  Learn the secrets of creating art out of practically anything. [December 28, 2007]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Seriously Hot
  The seventh annual Fletcher Chili cook-Off promises a spicy-good time. [December 28, 2007]
· CD Reviews: Seth Kauffman Research
  Seth Kauffman's perfectly off-kilter sophomore record, "Research, is just that... [December 28, 2007]
· Streetwise: What New Year's Resolution Did You Make - And Break - Last Year?
  Readers reveal failed New Year's resolutions. [December 28, 2007]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Spicy Time With Star Anise
  Laurie's Test Kitchen bakes up a raft of scones with a surprise ingredient - star anise! [December 28, 2007]
· CD Reviews: The Leigh Glass Band The Saints and the Creole Angel
  The Leigh Glass Band offers some serious country twang. [December 28, 2007]
· Tough Job: Rooftop Rhapsody
  Introducing a fine artist and practitioner of a very dangerous profession - the roofer. [December 28, 2007]
· Vine Line: The Wine Lover's Gadget Bag
  A look at some essential tools that wine lovers can't live without. [December 28, 2007]
· Sound Bites: January
  Check out the latest in music news and gossip with Robin Tolleson's Sound Bites. [December 28, 2007]
· Notables: All The World's A Stage
  Becoming a successful public speaker involves learning from life and using those experiences to make yourself a better speaker, says Patti Digh. [December 28, 2007]
· Culture Watch: Men WHo Wear Kilts
  The McDougal family incorporates a unique Scottish tradition into the holiday season. [November 29, 2007]
· Overside With Rice Boy
  Mark Vanderhoff takes a journey into the fantasy world "Overside" with Rice Boy comic creator Evan Dahm. [November 29, 2007]
· Lessons In Alchemy
  Kate Reynolds learns the art of the sommilier at Asheville's Sante Wine Bar. [November 29, 2007]
· CD Reviews: Stephanie's Id Grus Americanus
  Stephanie's Id presents their unique blend of electronica and soul on their third CD. [November 29, 2007]
· Playing The Pipes
  Of all the musical inventions of mankind, the bagpipe can produce some of the most beautiful and haunting music on earth. [November 29, 2007]
· Notables: The Lettermen
  [November 29, 2007]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Performance Cooking
  Cathy Horton gets the inside scoop on cooking like a pro at the Stovetrotters Culinary Arts Center. [November 29, 2007]
· CD Reviews: Eliza Lynn The Weary Wake Up
  Lynn's sophomore effort is an engaging blend of rhythm and blues and old time country and bluegrass. [November 29, 2007]
· Vine Line: Sake To Me!
  Keith Dalbec gets a taste of the east and samples sake. [November 29, 2007]
· CD Reviews: All Mooged Out
  The Moog Foundationreleases compilation featuring some of Asheville's beest bands. [November 29, 2007]
· Tough Job: The Bells Are Ringing
  Glendon Hodges rings in the holiday season with Colonel Ernest Miller, coordinator for the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. [November 29, 2007]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Homemade For The Holidays
  Laurie Bakke serves up a sweet treat for the holidays, candied pecans. [November 29, 2007]
· Name Has Game - Quick Six Is Now The Stereofidelics
  Robin Tolleson gets in the groove with bluegrass, folk, jazz and old country duo Stereofidelics, [November 29, 2007]
· Streetwise: What's The Most Memorable Gift You've Regifted?
  Marshall Gordon learns the art of regifting. [November 29, 2007]
· Sound Bites: December
  This month's Sound Bites includes Greg Cartwright, Reigning Sound, the Lonesome Road Band, Eliza Lynn and more. [November 29, 2007]
· Behind the Scenes
  Norm Powers gets a close-up of several Asheville film moguls including Blue Ridge Motions Pictures' Leanne Campbell, producer Merwin Gross, medic Barry Coleman, location scout Lance Holland, director Chusy McDonald, composer Mark Hagerling and more... [October 30, 2007]
· Tough Job: He Talks to the Animals
  Animal Wrangler Steve Becker lets us in on the secrets of his trade. [October 30, 2007]
· Socrates for the Rest of Us
  According to Albert Iosue and Done Emon, founders of Asheville's Institute for Applied Philosophy, we're all great thinkers. [October 30, 2007]
· Location, Location, Location
  See which films were shot in the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains. [October 30, 2007]
· Culture Watch: Ancient Thinkers
  UNCA revives one of the Renaissance’s greatest paintings, The School of Athens, in the form of a large-scale mural. [October 30, 2007]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Go Crazy
  Laura Miklowitz goes nuts on home-cooking at the Crazy Lady Cafe in this month's Mumbo Gumbo. [October 30, 2007]
· CD Reviews: Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers The Lonesome Sea
  Asheville's countrified indie rockers. [October 30, 2007]
· How I Did It: Asheville Auteur
  How Chris Bower's Moon Europa brings major studio film sophistication and quality to Asheville and WNC. [October 30, 2007]
· Vine Line: What's Old Is New
  Keith Dalbec traces South African wine’s move from Old World to New. [October 30, 2007]
· CD Review: Instruments of Peace
  Playing for Peace. [October 30, 2007]
· Noteworthy: Mogul Makers
  Bill Leonard gets a sneak peak into the Blue Ridge Motion Picture Studio from studio head Leanne M. Campbell. [October 30, 2007]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Sage for the Season
  Laurie Bakke lets us in on the secrets of sage in this month’s Laurie’s Test Kitchen with a recipe for Sage Cheddar Crisps. [October 30, 2007]
· Sound Bites: November
  [October 30, 2007]
· Streetwise: What's Your Favorite BAD Movie?
  Marshall Gordon exposes all those guilty pleasures by asking which movies you love to hate. [October 30, 2007]
· A Bold Life: A Star Is Born
  Mark Vanderhoff talks with Melissa Porter, the founder of the Asheville Film Festival and this month's Bold Life. [October 30, 2007]
· How I Did It: The Spirit Moves Her
  Marshall Gordon gets in the spirit of the season with Sherry Austin, author of Mariah of the Spirits and Other Southern Ghost Stories. [September 28, 2007]
· Deere Me!
  Norm Powers tracks down members of the The Mountain Men Tractor Puller's Assocation and learns what the southern tradition is all about. [September 28, 2007]
· Hidden Talents
  Impressionist painter Linda Hudgins works in bright swirls of acrylics and oils and flowing lines. [September 28, 2007]
· Avant-Groove
  Robin Tolleson gets his groove on with the eclectic and charming Futureman of Bela Fleck fame and the Black Mozart Ensemble. [September 28, 2007]
· Apparition Expedition
  Asheville's own Ghost Hunter, Joshua P. Warren, talks to Bold Life about his invesigations into spooks and spirits. [September 28, 2007]
· A Bold Life: Ale to the Chief
  Mark Vanderhoff gets a taste of what it’s like to be a brewmaster with this month’s Bold Life, Highland Brewing Company's John Lyda. [September 28, 2007]
· Culture Watch: An Asheville Original
  Quirky sport root ball grew into a craze at East Asheville's Root Bar. [September 28, 2007]
· Art Smart: Art in Action
  Jonas Gerard dances to his own beat while painting expressionist pieces in a process that is almost performance art. [September 28, 2007]
· Mumbo Gumbo: Lox of Love
  Local Jewish food and heritage festival Hard Lox serves up classic Jewish fare. [September 28, 2007]
· CD Reviews: The Afromotive Scare Tactics
  The Afromotive grooves and pulses through thier inspired take on Afrobeat. [September 28, 2007]
· STREETWISE: Haunting Memories
  You told us your spooky stories in this month's Streetwise, What's the best ghost story you've ever heard? [September 28, 2007]
· Vine Line: The Brew Crew
  Keith Dalbec hops from one Asheville brewery to another in search of the best beers in the city. [September 28, 2007]
· CD Reviews: Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band Now You Know
  The Booty Band's debut album will have you shaking your you-know-what. [September 28, 2007]
· Tough Job: Taking Care Of Business
  Susan Fischer bravely takles a dirty job with her business, the Poo Patrol. [September 28, 2007]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen: Market Share
  Laurie's Test Kitchen prepares an arugula pesto with fresh produce from Flat Rock's new tailgate market. [September 28, 2007]
· Sound Bites: October
  October highlights include the Global Drum Project, Little Feat and a look at Asheville tribute bands. [September 28, 2007]
· Notables: A Haunting History
  William B. Leonard investigates some of Asheville's most famous ghosts. [September 28, 2007]
· Apple Lore - Reminiscing About Apple Fests of the Past
  The names roll off the tongue like poetry — Starkcrimson, Vance Red Sport, Double Red Rome, Early June. They're the names of varieties of apple that crunchy little sweet/tart paradox that adds $22 million to the local economy each year, defines the landscape and gave birth to Hendersonville's most famous annual event. [August 30, 2007]
· RiverSculpture Festival Carves Out an Artistic Tradition
  This juried festival was inspired by the artistic freedom and creativity that emanated from the tiny Black Mountain Arts College. [August 30, 2007]
· Tough Job: Synthesize This
  Jason Daniello builds some of the most sought after analog synthesizers in existence. [August 30, 2007]
· Sweet On Maple
  Cathy Horton gets a tast of upscale American cuisine at Maple Restaurant in Brevard, named for the tree gracing its front lawn. [August 30, 2007]
· CD Reviews - Nevada The Sunlight and the Sound
  Asheville neo-folksters Nevada take everything that is good about ‘60s psychedelia—the lush arrangements, richly layered male/female harmonies and pop sensibility—and thoroughly modernize it. [August 30, 2007]
· Laurie's Test Kitchen
  Lindsey Butler presents her recipe for Jonathon Apple Tart with Raspberry Jam in honor of the Apple Festival. [August 30, 2007]
· CD Reviews - Barrel House Mamas gathering
  The Barrel House Mamas debut album, gathering, proves that this talented trio of ladies are more than pretty girls with guitars. [August 30, 2007]
· A Bold Life: Join The Club
  Meet Sue Fazio, founder of the Henderson County Boys and Girls Club. [August 30, 2007]
· Streetwise: I wouldn't Lie To You, Would I?
  What's the biggest little white lie you've ever told? [August 30, 2007]
· September Sound Bites
  Upcoming music highlights for the month of September. [August 30, 2007]
· How I Did It: Marching Orders
  24-year old Mark Shepherd tells us what it takes to put on a parade. [August 30, 2007]
· September Mumbo Gumbo
  Visit Hendersonville's new hotspot, the al fresco hotdog stand and eat your vegetables with gusto at Organicfest, an annual celebration of all things organic and green [August 30, 2007]
· Riesling Revival
  Oh ye weak of faith, ye former swillers of cheap, sweet, white wine labeled as Rhine something or other, ye lost slurpers of Liebfraumilch, Blue Nun and Black Cat, prepare your palate for the Riesling Revival. [August 30, 2007]
· Frankly My Dear
  D.A. Dawgs, on the corner of 6th and Main in Hendersonville, serves up some wonderful weiners. [August 29, 2007]
· Tour Du Jour
  As Summer hits Asheville, Bold Life sets out to explore the town, tourist style. [August 1, 2007]
· In Plein Sight
  Comtemporary Impressionist Richard Oversmith's uses his sixth-month sabbatical in France for inspiration. [July 25, 2007]
· Tracking Down Ben Kweller
  The charming piano-rocker talks to Bold Life about life, love, touring and his dancing grandmother. [July 25, 2007]
· Tough Job: S.W.A.T. Hendersonville, NC
  The Henderson County SWAT team keeps the bad guys at bay. [July 25, 2007]
· Expand Your Vines
  Wine connoiseurs unite. Keith Dalbec's new Wine Century Club in Hendersonville puts your tastebuds to the test. [July 25, 2007]
· Sly Vibe
  Free Planet Radio brings world music to Asheville [July 25, 2007]
· Logan's Run
  Bill Logan debuts his tale of Mary, Queen of Scots with the Montford Park Players. [July 25, 2007]
· August Mumbo Gumbo
  August's Mumbo is an eclectic mix of creative cuisine, European influences, Asian accents, tasteful events, cool cooking classes and hot new wines. [July 25, 2007]
· August Sound Bites
  Tribute bands, reggae acts, an Australian guitarist and a new jazz series in Hendersonville top the August calendar. [July 25, 2007]
· Real World: You Put A Spell On Me
  Hypnotists in your backyard. [July 25, 2007]
· CD Reviews - Jason Daniello Everything Good
  Singer-songwriter bares his soul--and rocks out at the same time. [July 25, 2007]
· CD Reviews - Nikki Talley Telling Lies
  The winner of Carolina Star shows why her sultry style put her on top [July 25, 2007]
· A Bold Life: Great Shakes
  Meet Hazel Robinson, the force behind the Montford Park Players. [July 25, 2007]
· Streetwise: What Price Liberty? What Price Security?
  "Give me liberty or give me death!" Or, not so much. [July 25, 2007]
· Mountain Siren
  Down home with clogger, singer and musician Carol Rifkin whose new band, Buddy Carol Jamie, is making the rounds in Western North Carolina. [July 25, 2007]
· Sparks Will Fly
  Like Prometheus, humans somehow long to capture fire. Asheville's fire-dancing troupe Unifire does just that, creating a mezmerizing spectacle of pyro-theatrics. [July 1, 2007]
· Chasing Love
  Get hooked up in a hurry with speed dating--Asheville's answer to finding love in a hectic world. [July 1, 2007]
· Whole Lotta Hollow
  They may not be from Asheville, or from Tennessee for that matter, but Tennessee Hollow delivers a roots-driven rock sound tailor-made for audiences that love jam bands and mountain music. [July 1, 2007]
· July Sound Bites
  July is a month of musical traditions around Western North Carolina--including Bele Chere, Shindig on the Green, The Swannannoa Gathering and Music on Main. [July 1, 2007]
· July Mumbo Gumbo
  July's Mumbo features hot and steamy choices, inimitable Italian selections, fresh from the vine ingredients and stirring libations for lazy summer days. [July 1, 2007]
· Sharing The Shisha
  The new Hookah House brings an old-world tradition to Hendersonville [July 1, 2007]
· How I Did It: Playing A New Tune
  Chair-maker Jack Hastings uses his world-class wood working-skills to build hand made guitars — from scratch. [July 1, 2007]
· Days of Wine and Rosés
  Rose is slowly on the rise in America. [July 1, 2007]
· Tough Job: Heavy Lifting
  Joe McCarson has operated McCarson's Quality Used Appliances out of the same storefront on Haywood Road in Asheville for nearly 34 years. [July 1, 2007]
· Streetwise: Remembering the Summer of Love
  In celebration of the 40th anniversary of this memorable happening, Bold Life wants to know: "Where were you during the Summer of Love?" [July 1, 2007]
· A Bold Life: Honor Thy Father
  Jeff Miller heads up the HonorAir project, ,which helps World War II veterans visit Washington D.C. to view the recently erected monument to that long-ago war. [July 1, 2007]
· Danse Macabre - Terpsicorps Unveils The Many Deaths Of Edward Gorey
  Terpsicorps dances with death--bringing to life illustrator Edward Gorey's nefarious pen and ink drawings. [June 1, 2007]
· Musica Tropical
  Stepping Out with Asheville salsa dynamos Nuevo Montuno [June 1, 2007]
· The High Flyers
  A new acrobat troupe in Asheville livens up the White Ball with its high-flying antics [June 1, 2007]
· Real World: Suburban Cowboy
  Chris Power test his hand at the reins of a bull--lucky for him it was mechanical. [June 1, 2007]
· How I Did It: Solo Sailor
  How Mike Gilboy sailed across the Atlantic with only the wind, stars, and sea. [June 1, 2007]
· June Sound Bites
  Ukulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro, the Asheville Music Jamboree, the Mad Tea party, Nikki Talley and more in June. [June 1, 2007]
· June Mumbo Gumbo
  June's Mumbo is a summery mix of enticing confections, Smokin' Barbeque, mouthwatering wines and cool treats for balmy days. [June 1, 2007]
· Give Gris A Chance
  Are American wine drinkers are kicking the sugar habit? Pinot Gris, a very old grape, finds new life in America. [June 1, 2007]
· Tough Jobs: The Confidential Agent
  As a Private Investigator, Tom Chickos braves criminals, wrongdoers--even bears. [June 1, 2007]
· Streetwise: Father Knows Best
  Bold Life wants to know: What is the best advice your father ever gave you? [June 1, 2007]
· A Bold Life: All Part Of The Team
  ECCO Founder B.J. Ramer takes kids on voyages of discovery and teamwork. [June 1, 2007]
· The Light Pours Out Of Me
  The Luminous Landscapes of Larry Gray [May 1, 2007]
· Passing the Buck
  The Liberty Dollar--made of actual silver--tries to the quell inflation one purchase at a time. [May 1, 2007]
· Klezmer Quest
  Yiddish culture is making its way back into the mainstream with Klemzer music. [May 1, 2007]
· Breakin' the Rules
  The Hendersonville-based Gag Order has mastered the so-called rules of improvisational comedy, and perfected the art of breaking them. [May 1, 2007]
· Visions of Carlos
  Short on glitz, long on substance, the Twin Rivers Multimedia Festival brings the world's best to Asheville. [May 1, 2007]
· Do Ya Wanna Dance?
  At the Charleston Grill Double Olive Lounge in Downtown Hendersonville, the dance floor is hopping every weekend. [May 1, 2007]
· May Sound Bites
  Hendersonville's Old Tyme Music Festival, the White Squirrel Festival in Brevard, Afromotive and more in May. [May 1, 2007]
· How I Did It: Riding in Circles
  To Paul Rifkin, collecting and restoring wooden carousel animals is one great ride [May 1, 2007]
· May Mumbo Gumbo
  May's Gumbo is a nourishing mix of fine feasts, good causes, heady potables and sweet treats. May you enjoy them all with gusto. [May 1, 2007]
· Tough Job: A Cut Above
  Cole Phillips has no problem discussing the some of the less graceful maneuvers he has performed in the upper branches of a tree. [May 1, 2007]
· The Match Game
  Keith Dalbec guides you through the art of matching the perfect wine with dinner. [May 1, 2007]
· A Bold Life: Something in the Heir
  Robin Farquhar, the artistic and executive director of the Flat Rock Playhouse, inherited the job and the considerable responsibility from his father. [May 1, 2007]

Anam Cara Kickstarter - Anam Cara Theatre Company has launched a kickstarter campaign to pay its directors. Through March 9. Donations, www.kickstarter.com/projects/anamcaratheatre/help-pay-anam-caras-directors.
Cat Rabies Clinic - Contact any area veterinary office in Henderson County to make an appointment. March 2-8. $8 per animal, 828-697-4723.
Dementia Support - If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, the Alzheimer's Association offers information and support through a 24-hour helpline. Free, 800-272-3900, www.alz.org/care.
Disordered Eating Support Group - Group meets at 297 Haywood Street and hears from professionals on eating disorders, weight/size obsession and our relationship with food. Call for dates and times. Free, 828-337-4685, www.mission-health.org.
East Flat Rock Planning - The people of East Flat Rock are encouraged to participate in a community planning process for their area. Go online for details. 828-697-4819, www.hcplanning.org.
Eblen Helping Families - Eblen Charities has established funds to assist the families of two T.C. Roberson graduates, Aida Bytyqi and Swayne Forsythe, who were killed after their car crashed into the French Broad River. Donations, 828-242-2848, www.eblencharities.org.
High Country Hikers - Group has weekly hikes of varying lengths and levels of difficulty. Go online for details. Mondays, Thursdays. www.main.nc.us/highcountryhikers.
Pay Those Taxes - To avoid advertisement of your delinquent taxes, full payment must be received in the Buncombe County Tax Office by 5pm on March 11. Through March 11. 828-250-4910.
Silver Medal Advertising Award - American Advertising Federation Asheville is accepting nominations for outstanding contributions to advertising. Through March 15. www.adfedasheville.org.
Spruce Street Market - Downtown Asheville summer artists market accepting applications for 2015 market. Go online to apply. Free, www.sprucestreetmarket.com.
Tax Aide Assistance - AARP Tax Aide Assistance is available at Pack, West Asheville, Weaverville and Black Mountain public libraries. Call for hours and times. Through April 15. Free, 828-277-8288.
WNC Beer Guide - The winter/spring WNC Beer Guide has hit the shelves and provides information on the local beer scene. 828-277-8250, www.groupdaniels.com.
Sonata Series - Pan Harmonia presents programs featuring sonatas from the chamber music repertoire at White Horse Black Mountain and First Presbyterian Church Asheville. Thu., March 5, 7:30 p.m., Fri., March 6, 7 p.m., Sun., March 8, 3 p.m., Fri., May 1, 7:30 p.m. and Sun., May 3, 3 p.m. $60 for all four programs; $5-22 for single tickets, www.pan-harmonia.org.
Paris Mountain Hike - Pacolet Area Conservancy offers six-mile hike of Paris Mountain State Park, Sulpher Springs, Kanuga and Brissy Ridge trails. Fri., March 6. Free, www.pacolet.org.
Dine to Be Kind - Participating restaurants will donate 15 percent of food and beverage purchases to the Asheville Humane Society. Go online for participating restaurants. Tue., March 10. Donations, www.ashevillehumane.org.
Asheville Chamber Music Series - Asheville Chamber Music Series has announced its 62nd season with concerts at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation and Diana Wortham Theatre. Tue., March 17 and Fri., April 10. $150 for season tickets; $38 for individual tickets, 828-575-7427, www.ashevillechambermusic.org.
WNC Quilters Guild - Group meets each month. Call for information on becoming a member. Third Thursday of every month. Continues through Dec. 31. 828-862-5929.
Bracken Preserve Hike - Pacolet Area Conservancy leads five-mile hike of Bracken Preserve, Brushy Creek, Mackey Ridge and Bracken Mountain trails. Fri., March 20. Free, www.pacolet.org.
Lung Buster Time Trials - Series of events in WNC provide participants with a professional bicycle racing experience. Thu., April 23, Thu., May 21, Fri., June 12, Thu., July 9 and Thu., Aug. 13. $20-$90, www.imathlete.com.
Decorator Showcase Tour of Homes - Green Blades Garden Club of Tryon presents self-driving tour celebrating club's 43rd year of presenting finest homes in Tryon and surrounding areas. Sat., April 25, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 828-894-2296, decoratorshowcasetour@gmail.com.
Brad Johnson Golf Classic - Walnut Cove hosts golf tournament with Super Bowl winning quarterback to benefit Eblen Charities. Tue., May 19. 828-242-2848, eblenfound@aol.com.
Arts and Culture Week - Enjoy more than 75 art events throughout Brevard over a two-week period. June 20-July 4. Free, 828-884-2787, www.artsofbrevard.org.

Reader Reviews
272 Reviews for this location
 12/ 6/2014 - 6:45pm
   Wonderfully liberating story of 'finding yourself' in the ashes!
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 11/10/2014 - 5:17pm
   We fell into the fmbc by accident when my husband bought an 82 westy & was online looking for parts. It has become one of the favorite activities for our family for 8 years, with our kids making life~long friends that they look fwd to seeing each campout. & we enjoy great camaraderie & lots of fun in beautiful places. there's just something awesome about being surrounded with vw buses & their people.. whether 10 or 110. :-) it's a beautiful thing.
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Jim Brown
 9/14/2014 - 3:35am
   Another zinger review by M. Miller. She elegantly (in the good sense) crafts a reconstruction of the film while attending to important details of film composition, characters (and the actors in those roles), and audience impact--all without sacrificing a fast paced critical analysis.
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Jim Brown
 9/14/2014 - 3:27am
   Wow! What a soaring literate review, rich in details and key elements of the plot without slowing readability. Graceful style of thoughtful writing. Almost as satisfying as this movie seems to be.
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 7/30/2014 - 3:58pm
   Dick............is this really you? Send me an email. Renee found this story. Bill billjen4@verizon.net
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 7/28/2014 - 12:55pm
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 7/19/2014 - 10:05am
   This is my favorite barber. We recently moved back to Hendersonville. I was very disappointed that you were not at the shop when I came in for my haircut. But I do hope you are enjoying your retirement!
   Carroll & Rachel & Mike
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 6/21/2014 - 11:39pm
   Today I was introduced to Parrish and his band at the Biltmore! There were three of the members...guitar, harmonica, and fiddle all who were amazing!!! The sound they produced was very old school but also very familiar to the heart...They are a very talented group of musicians and what they bring to the Asheville music scene will be a huge benefit!!!!
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Liz G
 5/28/2014 - 4:50pm
   I like his art.
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 3/ 3/2014 - 2:32pm
   A little while ago one of my friends in Asheville called me up and told me there were pictures of me in some gallery. I thought that was pretty funny (I'm one of those train riding kids)...saw a picture of myself in the bold paper and looked it up but found only this. (Which is very nice- You seem like a very skilled photographer)...and I'd really like to see all of the pictures from this because I'm pretty sure one of the young men shown here was a guy who went by Hot Box (I'm pretty sure it's him anyway) who was a really, really close friend to a lot of people I know. I never met him, but I think it's him and I'd really like to look through any other pictures from this. A lot can happen in even just a year, and the picture of me was from about 3 years ago I think. A number of people in these pictures might not be around anymore, so it would be really great to see them all. If you want to email me that'd be really cool. lookupku@gmail.com Thanks.
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