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Susi Lawson

Member since: March 2, 2011
Comments Posted: 2
Professional Portrait Photographer, magazine writer, artist and instructor. http://susilawsonphotography.biz

Face Value
Photographer Anthony Bellemare makes an art out of talking to strangers. [March 31, 2010]
Guerilla Photographer, Urban Explorer
Guerilla photography may be the best way to describe Walter Arnold's passion for recording little known, often abandoned, and sometimes downright dangerous subjects. [December 28, 2010]
Off Shoot
Retired commercial photographer continues to practice his art. [February 28, 2011]

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Re: Guerilla Photographer, Urban Explorer  3/ 2/2011 - 10:43pm
   LOve the motorcycle and bowling alley shot! Great job!
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Re: Off Shoot  3/ 2/2011 - 10:32pm
   I agree, Retirement? What is that???? Joe , great to meet you in Asheville not long ago! I wish you the best there, and you have the talent and personality to keep on going up! Age is an asset , not a limit! Best wishes!
   Susi Lawson
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