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Tryon International Film Festival

Equus Film Festival in Tryon

At the third Tryon International Film Festival this month, horses will quite literally be prancing in the streets. Six equine performers and their trainers,…

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Cannes-Do Spirit

Cannes is coming to Tryon. No, not the sun-drenched beaches of the French Riviera. Instead, the scenic foothills town is presenting the Tryon International Film Festival, for two days in October.

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Beauty Mark

Most artists resist being categorized, though they usually favor one medium over another. For Noël E. Jefferson, though, the objection isn’t casual: stretched over…

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Melting the Competition

True story about champion jumper is full of miraculous twists and turns If ever there were a perfect pairing of movie and audience, it’s…

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Epic Entertainment

When a small town sponsors its first film festival and creates an international event for two days in the peak of the fall tourist…

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