A Drum Circle of our Own

Approach the fire carefully, but with enlightenment in mind.

Approach the fire carefully, but with enlightenment in mind.

The Friday-night drum circle in that trendy city up the mountain — the drum circle that has been mentioned in leisure articles in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and in online travel blogs extant — now has a little competition in the Hendersonville area.

The Feral Fire Drum Circle, however, carries a note of sustained intention. It has a beat all its own. Held at picturesque Tigg’s Pond Retreat Center in Zirconia, it is intended to be a “night of joyful noisemaking to empower you to connect to your own primal voice and wisdom,” according to coordinator Tina Fire Wolf.

A teacher, author (Beneath the Chatter the Wise Self Awaits), consultant, and self-styled “energy medicine practitioner,” Tina, on her website, says that she brings an unusually experienced approach to her one-on-one intuitive healing sessions, having been trained in biology, education, and Tibetan energy work, and “practicing her energy-medicine gifts on herself for over 10 years.”

In group situations, she tries to “ignite everyday enlightenment” by promoting leadership from within.

To learn more about what one can expect at the Feral Fire Drum Circle, e-mail her at tina@tinafirewolf.com

 November 7. 6-8pm. $10. 111 Fiddlehead Lane. 828-329-9589.


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