A Kinder, Gentler Pizza

The new Peace Pizza.

Sometimes, a rebranding effort reads more like a mission. Last month, Melody and John Crawford opened their new restaurant Peace Pizza, formerly Two Guys Pizza and Ribs, following an environmental awakening. The Crawfords were inspired by the Netflix documentaries Seaspiracy (about the impacts of climate change and overfishing on marine biodiversity) and The Game Changers, which follows professional athletes who eat plant-based diets. Newly galvanized with a rehabbed “planet-friendly” menu, “We are trying not to be part of the problem,” says John. “We’re trying to make a change.” 

The couple credits their son Christian for making them aware of Seaspiracy. “We immediately decided to take shrimp off the menu,” Melody stated earlier this year in a press release. Shortly before the restaurant reopened in early May, she revealed to Bold Life that she was researching the use of a vegan, algae-based shrimp alternative. But until then, says Melody, Peace Pizza will serve “the same amazing food” — just with no meat products. That means pizza with dairy or soy cheese and meatless toppings, pasta, calzones, plant-based burgers, daily specials, and more. 

Taking ribs and wings away may lose them some diehard clientele, but John is confident that their regular base of pizza eaters will bridge the gap. “Truly, we’ve done our figures already,” he says. “Up to 32 percent of the pizzas we sell are already vegetarian.”

Peace Pizza, 1307 7th Ave. East, Hendersonville. Open Wednesday through Saturday, 11am-9pm. For more information, call 828-693-6755 or see 2guyspizza.net. 

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