All the Feelers

Matt Willey and a pollinator friend.
Photo by Rachel Pressley

If Matt Willey looks happy, it’s probably because, after more than a year of delays — most of them pandemic related — he finally got to celebrate the completion of his mural on the outside wall of Hands On! Children’s Museum. The project, funded through community donations, furthers Willey’s aims through his organization The Good of the Hive, which calls worldwide attention to the plight of pollinators. One of those future pollinators, the monarch caterpillar getting her closeup on Willey’s nose, was brought to the site by local Bee City USA Coordinator Kim Bailey. A nearby garden will demonstrate such pollinators in action (landscape architect Tricia King helmed that part of the project). In a press statement a few weeks before the start of National Pollinator Month in June, Bailey expressed her enthusiasm over a collaborative effort that’s officially taken wing: “We are grateful to all those who have been involved.” 

Azalea parking lot, Third Avenue East between Main St. and King St., Hendersonville. For more information, see 

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