Bold Rock Hard Cider Grows its Garden

Patrons of Bold Rock Hard Cider in Mills River will have much more to enjoy once springtime rolls around. The cidery is expanding its outdoor cider garden with additional space and amenities, as well as a reconstructed stage to feature local musicians.

Lindsay Dorrier, Bold Rock’s vice president of retail operations, explains that the upgrades will benefit both visitors and neighbors of the cidery. “Previously, we’ve had some concerns about the noise, so we’re going to be building a covered stage that faces back toward the facility,” he says. “We’re also putting in more seating and outdoor lighting so folks can enjoy the space into the evening.”

Heavy-duty landscaping also contributes to the new space. Bold Rock is moving dirt from its old parking area to the garden, which will make more parking available while simultaneously leveling out the garden’s grade for more usable area. He expects the renovations to be completed by early March. “All these enhancements are intended to make it a better place to hang out, relax, be one with the land — and be one with the cider.”

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