Bright Lights, Big City, Big Score

Garage on 25 has a treasure trove of vintage New Yorker covers.

Fletcher’s vibrant multi-vendor market Garage on 25 recently celebrated five years in business, bringing in a new crop of local makers among whom fashionable, uypcycled art is the strong motif. But a group of vintage illustrations are sharing the spotlight this holiday season: Susan Brady, a founding partner of the venue, has announced a motherlode of mint-condition old New Yorker covers for sale, part of a valuable paper-goods buyout from a local estate. Enthusiasts of the iconic magazine’s cover art will note illustrators Saul Steinberg, William Steig, Charles Saxon, Anatol Kovarsky, Arthur Getz, Laura Jean Allen, Charles E. Martin (aka C.E.M.), and many more among the stack.This pictured pastiche of late-’60s December covers melds droll tradition with joyfully gaudy Mid Century commercialism. Nostalgia is a great leveler, though, and more than half a century on, there’s a certain comfort and joy to be had from the varied lot. 

Garage on 25, 3461 Hendersonville Road, Fletcher. Call 828-376-0198 or see the venue’s Facebook page for more information.

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