Cradle of Forestry Comes Alive After Dusk

If you get to know Pisgah National Forest after dark, you may be greeted by amphibians that shun the daily grind.

All it takes is the patience to wait for twilight and a good magnifying glass. After daytrippers have gone home, Pisgah National Forest rewards the patient seeker with more crawling, flying, and slithering examples of wildlife than would ever deign to reveal themselves at high noon. On Saturday, May 20, the Cradle of Forestry is hosting another one of its Pink Beds BioBlitzes, a “citizen science” program for all ages and experience levels that gets revved up after the sun goes down.

Last year, a mother-and-daughter team spotted no less than three species of salamanders in a creek on the Cradle of Forestry property. What will you see? Read more about it in this month’s issue.

Until 10pm.

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