Deep Bow

Celtic fiddler Jamie Laval is on the bill at Hendersonville Symphony Or-chestra.

If a certain bowed instrument was played in the woods and gave voice to a Cape Breton reel, a fiery bluegrass solo, or a classical aria, and no one was around to hear any of the compositions, would it matter if it was a violin or a fiddle? Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra acknowledges the deep cultural range of the ancient instrument on Saturday, September 9, when it joins together Celtic fiddler Jamie Laval of Tryon, bluegrass fiddler Andrew Carlson, and classical violinist Dianna Joiner, all highly accomplished in their respective fields. The concert is called “Celebration! (Fiddle and Violin),” and music fans of any and all three of those genres should definitely be around to hear it.

 7:30pm. $10-$40. Blue Ridge Community College, 180 W. Campus Drive, Flat Rock. 828-697-5884.

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