Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Enjoying Get Outdoors Day

Enjoying Get Outdoors Day

As a concept, “National Get Outdoors Day” (June 13) sounds uncomfortably obvious, rather like “National Put Some Shoes On Day” or “National Brush Your Teeth Day.” But with screen time exponentially gobbling up all-other-kinds-of-time, both in work and at play, ritualizing fresh air has become a legitimate cause. It’s a holiday aimed at kids, though the hint is, we all should step up and step out(side).

A related local event at Chimney Rock Park will even throw in some stewardship lessons this Saturday. Attendees will learn “leave no trace” camping ethics and get to see some of the wild animals who dwell in the park. There’s also the opportunity to learn the basics of rock climbing with Fox Mountain Guides. Getting outdoors: it’s not just about porch-swinging anymore.

10 am-2 pm. (See for information about additional events.)


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