Don’t Postpone Joy

Laurey Masterton, owner of Laurey's Catering.

Laurey Masterton, owner of Laurey’s Catering.

Laurey Masterton weaves her motto, “don’t postpone joy,” deeply into her life.Owner of Laurey’s Catering,Masterton is an ovarian cancer survivor, and conscious of just how precious the act of living is. Since Masterton was declared cancer-free 20 years ago, she has devoted her time to promoting awareness of the disease that could have taken her life.

Last year, in the midst of a weeklong bike trip to celebrate her 54th birthday, Masterton reflected upon how blessed she was to be alive. Then she had an epiphany; as far as she had come on her personal journey, Masterton decided to travel even further.

In March, she will dip her rear bicycle tire in the Pacific Ocean, then begin a 58-day, 3100-mile trek that will culminate in the wetting of the front tire — in the Atlantic.

Masterton is embarking on her odyssey to draw attention to ovarian cancer and the importance of recognizing early symptoms. “They are subtle,” she says in her blog, “but they do exist and I…am alive because I was lucky enough to have had some of those signs and, most importantly, to have paid attention to them.”

Masterton has already raised a significant amount of her $50,000 goal toward supporting ovarian cancer education and research. Visit her blog at to learn how to support Laurey on her cross-country bike ride.

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  • durbina says:

    Hello my name is Angela Shepard. I am home sick from work and thought I would sit down and search the web for some positive stories of women who have lived several years cancer-free from Ovarian Cancer I am sad to say I had failed until now.I was diagnosed with a germ mixed cell tumor of my right ovary at the age of 24. I went through four rounds of Chemotherapy. I am now 33 and I know I won the lottery in a sense. However, I am still haunted by the disease and what I would do if it came back. My doctor tells me the chance is less than 3% but I still continue to worry and each yearly check-up is always extremely difficult. This story is just what I needed to lift my spirits and give me hope for the future. My passion is running and when I was sick and was asked what is the one thing you miss I answered with….. my runs. I promised myself when I got better I would run, run, run! Finally, after nine years I have decided to run a half marathon I want to do it for all the women suffering from Ovarian Cancer who can’t. Thanks again this article changed my life today and made me realize worrying my life away is not a good way to live!

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