Downward Cat

Every cat has her day at Sanctuary Brewing Co.'s latest event.

Every cat has her day at Sanctuary Brewing Co.’s latest event.

In WNC, dogs get most of the luck and the love when it comes to hanging out in places traditionally meant only for humans. They’re welcomed in select bookstores, pubs, and even ice-cream shops. But Sanctuary Brewing has done some creative bending of the paradigm via its inspired “Yoga With Cats” project — an ongoing event that’s had an enlightened response straight out of the gate.

While they’re focused on such classic poses as Downward Dog, Warrior, or Tree, attendees can also mingle with adoptable cats from the Blue Ridge Humane Society, which benefits from the small admission fee, along with instructor Chantal Berot. The idea is to introduce the felines to potential future human parents in a peaceful, low-pressure setting.

If you’ve ever practiced yoga with a pet cat in the room, you know how delightfully attuned they can be to the meditative practice, often settling down into a long purr, a contented grooming session, or even what appears to be an imitative pose.

“We are thrilled with the success of Yoga with Cats,” says Lisa McDonald, co-owner of Sanctuary — a unique theme brewery that focuses on animal-advocacy programs. “It’s so fun to have people come out, spend some quality time for themselves, and get to interact not only with each other, but with the awesome cats from Blue Ridge Humane Society.  It’s open to everyone and anyone, and while most of the cats are up for adoption, you don’t need to be in the market for a cat to join us.”

January 16 (ongoing). $5. 10:30am. 147 First Avenue East. 828-595-9956.

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