Easter for Every Bunny

If you don’t envision yourself making the sunrise service at Chimney Rock Park, Redneck Mimosa headlines an Easter Sunday gospel brunch at Southern Appalachian Brewery at noon. Photo by Rimas Zailskas.

Organizers are cagey on whether participants in the Bunny Hop 5K are actually expected to, y’know, hop for the full 3.1 miles of the race course. They don’t say you have to. But they don’t say you don’t have to, either.

Either way, it’s safe to say that this annual charity event isn’t a formal affair. Sponsored by the Hendersonville Kiwanis Club, the run actively encourages all ages by awarding prizes for oldest and youngest hopper, plus costume prizes. In addition, free bunny ears will be dispensed to the first 200 pre-registered hoppers. An Easter-egg hunt at Jackson Park follows the race, and an appearance by the Top Rabbit himself is on the agenda.

March 26. 10am-2pm. $20-$35. Proceeds benefit Kiwanis youth programs in Henderson County. www.hendersonvillekiwanis.org.

For the more reverent, there’s the 61st Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Chimney Rock Park on March 27. With early spring green brightening the monolith’s panorama, there’s no way this isn’t a gorgeous experience (barring any unforeseen torrential rains). The iconic local event draws upwards of 1,000 believers, who break dawn to experience scripture, spiritual song, and the sunrise. Admission is free, with optional breakfast afterward at the Old Rock Cafe. 5-8am. 800-277-9611.

The Easter Sunday Brunch at Southern Appalachian Brewery is for those whose hearts are open but whose laidback lifestyles have a hard time accommodating a sunrise service. Starting at noon, the popular ongoing event, poised for high levels of roof-raising on Easter Sunday, features the Farm to Fender food truck, beer, hard cider, mimosas, and — hold on to that last thought — brunch band Redneck Mimosa, a spiritedly irreverent Hendersonville trio profiled in October Bold Life.

Todd Hoke, Mike Carver, and Mare Carmody include bluegrass gospel, traditional spirituals, and spirituality-minded Americana songs in their set.

“As loose as the trio appears, the music they present involves a lot of practice,” Bold Life music reporter Robin Tolleson has written about the group. Todd Hoke says: “There’s one song, ‘Move Up’ — it looks fun and casual, and it’s supposed to look and feel like that, but we really think about the arrangements and the parts and who’s singing what.”

March 27. 12pm. 822 Locust St. 828-684-1235.

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