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Crafting for those who think they can’t craft: a fresh concept.

The Altoids Tin Shrine workshop is a fresh option for thumby would-be crafters who’ve ever despaired about their inability to paint a Lourdes-level Easter egg, assemble a cake so fancy it sings Disney songs, or craft an heirloom bed out of scrap lumber and bamboo shoots. Subtitling her event the “Artsy Fartsy Pinterest Craft Party,” Kara Ashley-Gilmore, art therapist with Mountain Creative Arts Counseling, humorously de-fangs the notion that crafting is just for the absurdly talented.

Using an Altoid tin as a base, participants will make tiny shrines or keepsake boxes containing photos, small mementoes, or other gestures of nostalgic importance.

“This workshop is geared toward artists and non-artists alike,” says Gilmore, who includes a round of meditation in her classes. “A past participant stated that these workshops are like going to an art spa. I provide lots of instruction while allowing space for play and experimentation, in a nurturing, supportive environment.

“My goal for this workshop is for everyone to leave with a miniature container filled with symbols of whatever is meaningful or brings them joy,” she says. “Shrines can be a really useful tool for helping to remember a loved one or a special time or place in your life. The Altoids tin makes it portable, private, and small enough to keep on a desk or tabletop without being obtrusive.”

Altoids Tin Shrine workshop, Saturday, April 16, 10:30am-1pm. 307 N. Main St., Suite 10, Hendersonville. 828-595-3847. Contact

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