From France to Frenchtown (NJ): Kate Grom plays Black Bear

Rising Americana songwriter Kate Grom has been compared to Gillian Welch, but with her abundance of tresses and luminous good looks, she more aptly recalls pop country’s A-list songstresses, at least in appearance. Grom did a stint abroad, leaving the gritty life in NYC to flee to France with a rented acoustic guitar. Then she holed up on her parents’ farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey, woodshedding her sound. Finally, she polished her wandering-minstrel mode by studying choir voice at Belmont University in Nashville. Grom’s acclaimed debut album, Heroine, gets a boost from Grammy-winning producer Stewart Lerman.

Shell share musical excerpts from her journey when she plays Black Bear Coffee in Hendersonville (318 North Main St.) on Sunday, November 5. 3:30-5pm. 828-692-6333.


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