Going for Gemütlichkeit

Mike and Connie Baer aim for simplicity but will also teach you German words.
Photo by Rachel Pressley

After opening their doors on January 15, Guidon Brewing Company owners Mike and Connie Baer aim to attract people of all ages to visit their laidback space. In fact, they use the German word “Gemütlichkeit” — meaning warm and friendly — to describe the vibe they hope to evoke. Mike is a U.S. Army veteran and construction manager and Connie, originally from Germany, is a fitness instructor at the YMCA. Both have worked together to create the ultimate combination of their interests — but it can’t be completed in one fell swoop, as their goals for Guidon are endless. Among the German twists they’ve added to the space is the “guidon” of the title logo — a flag that represents a unique unit highlighting the U.S., Germany, and their family of four. They’ve completed all renovations themselves, including the carpentry, metal work, and concrete. “Most of our metal is scrap metal, and most of our wood is pallet wood,” notes Mike. “Our furniture is all upcycled, as well,” adds Connie. Even their T-shirts are 100% recycled: 50% from plastic water bottles, 50% from recycled cotton. Mike and Connie decided they wanted Guidon to be similar to a German biergarten (beer garden) with a community atmosphere. That means no TV; instead, there’s live music, cornhole, and other non-screen-related attractions. A future kitchen will feature kebabs on the menu, and currently five beers are on tap, including an IPA, a pale ale, a porter, a cream ale, and a stout — all nameless, as the couple says their beer speaks for itself: “Overall, simplicity is our goal.”

Photo by Rachel Pressley

Guidon Brewing Company, 415 8th Ave. E, Hendersonville. www.guidonbrewing.com.  (828) 595-7976.

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