Good Food Cheap: Grandma’s Chicken Soup

The dining room at El Paso on Greenville Hwy.

The dining room at El Paso on Greenville Hwy.

When you think of El Paso Mexican Restaurant, tacos and quesadillas may immediately come to mind. And those are certainly solid choices, but you might want to direct your attention to somewhere a bit more unexpected on the menu — the chicken soup.

El Paso’s “Grandma’s Chicken Soup” (yes, that’s really what they call it) is served in a full-sized bowl filled to the brim. It comes with two flour tortillas on the side, and features diced onions with tomatoes, as well as sliced avocado, cilantro and rice. As the name implies, it includes an astonishingly grandma-like quantity of chicken in a nice light broth. The so-called “small” portion is just $4.99.

The generous size of the small portion may leave you wondering what exactly a “large” order might look like, but it’s a flavorful, hearty soup that still manages to be filling — perfect for your lunch break (it’s nice to be full while remaining light on your feet).

It would be remiss not to mention that the soup comes with complimentary tortilla chips one expects when visiting a Mexican restaurant. The good folks at El Paso have taken this a step further. They offer a free salsa bar that contains far more varieties of salsa than would be prudent to attempt to try in one sitting. With its greatly varying composition, heat, and flavor we are confident in declaring it the best and most comprehensive salsa bar in these parts.

Aside from the flavor and size of portions, there is another consideration. We have one acquaintance who swears that El Paso chicken soup has remarkable curative powers for various ailments. We are not doctors, of course, nor do we portray such on TV, but this fellow is an accomplished trencherman who knows his way around a dinner plate. We are inclined to take his word when it comes to culinary issues.

Of course if you are not a soup enthusiast and you are enjoying good health, El Paso’s menu is certainly extensive enough to satisfy almost any appetite.

El Paso Mexican Restaurant and Grill is located at 619 Greenville Highway Hendersonville. Call 828-698-6040 for more information.

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