Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium-making is a way to garden in the bleak midwinter.

Creating one’s own terrarium is a way to feel connected with the outdoors in the bleak midwinter. “Even for the most botanically inept, terrariums are super-easy to make,” says lifestyle writer Peggy Wang in an online piece devoted to creating them. Use any sort of enclosed glass container (the creativity starts there) and add soil, moss, rocks, or little plants.

Many find the practice meditative, but Brevard’s “Mossin’ Annie” Martin, author and horticultural rock star, recently told Bold Life that, for her, “making a terrarium is a creative celebration and a microcosm of a miniature landscape. I find it energizing.” (Needless to say, live moss is a natural component of terrarium-making. Look for a feature story on Martin and her celebrated new book in a spring issue of BL.)

Overall, it’s a rather limitless DIY endeavor that can keep impatient gardeners occupied until spring arrives.

Bullington Gardens in Hendersonville is hosting a Terrarium Workshop on Tuesday, January 12, from 1-2:30pm. The class will be held in the public garden’s warm greenhouse, and participants will leave with their own mini landscape cuddled inside a glass container. Supplies included. $45. www.bullingtongardens.org. To register, call 828-698-6104.


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