Guitar Does Good

Four world-class luthiers, including Tryon’s Jay Lichty (work shown here) banded together for this year’s outreach project.

Picking up where they left off a few years back, Luthiers for a Cause have banded back together to build four high-end custom guitars, with proceeds from the sales of the finished instruments benefitting The Ukulele Kids Club, an international children’s charity with a focus on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing through music-therapy programs and the distribution of ukuleles to hospitalized children ( The four world-class makers include Tryon’s own Jay Lichty together with Steve Grimes, Peter Robson, and Ben Wilborn. These are dream instruments for prospective players, and appropriately, they’ll be for sale starting this month through local Dream Guitars ( “All proceeds, once again, benefit Ukulele Kids Club,” says press coordinator Corrie Woods. Read more at 


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