Historic Hendersonville Pub Crawl

The fall edition of the quarterly Historic Hendersonville Pub Crawl will be held to raise funds for Henderson County Habitat for Humanity. All ticket proceeds will go toward helping local low-income families become homeowners. Participating breweries include Dry Falls Brewing Co., Sanctuary Brewing Company, Triskelion Brewing Company, Guidon Brewing Company, and Southern Appalachian Brewery. The lineup will proceed in that order the day of the event, beginning with Dry Falls. “My idea all started with getting a few of my friends together for a pub crawl in Hendersonville,” says John Mitchell, founder of the Historic Hendersonville Pub Crawl. “After calling some friends, two of which were Stratton and Angie Hunter, Director of Development for Henderson County Habitat for Humanity, she asked me if I would be able to raise money for them while enjoying a day out visiting our great breweries. I thought that was a brilliant idea!” exclaims Mitchell. He has since expanded, asking each brewery to donate 20 perecent of all proceeds from the crawl to beneficiaries like Sweet Bear Rescue Farm, Safelite and St. Gerard House.

The Historic Hendersonville Pub Crawl will take place Sunday, Sept. 8, 1-6pm. To begin the crawl, go to Dry Falls Brewing Co. (425 Kanuga Road). Each stop along the crawl will last 45 minutes. To purchase tickets in advance for $5, visit the “Historic Hendersonville Pub Crawl” Facebook Page. Tickets are $7 at the door.

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