House of Burgundy, Hendersonville Style

Maison Louis Latour French Burgundy

Forget Nouveau Beaujolais and the attendant trendy parties — Maison Louis Latour French Burgundy has been around since Napoleon decided to invade the Egyptian pyramids (1799), and is part of an exclusive club of family-owned French vineyards operating past the two-century mark. It’s very rare for any N.C. wine shop to get to host a tasting of the exalted vintagea — and thus “it’s a very big deal for a little shop like [ours],” says Merit Wolff, owner/operator of Wine Sage and Gourmet (416 North Main St., Hendersonville). Nevertheless, a tasting of this year’s varietals is set to happen on Wednesday, August 9, from 7-9pm. $60/person; reservations required.

For more information, see or call 828-595-2236.

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