How to Love Him

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “music of the night” brings Broadway home.

His melodies are so ubiquitous with Broadway that a Google search uncovers all kinds of fun “top ten” and even “top 50” lists dedicated to the perceived best songs of British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Jesus Christ Superstar, the title anthem from Phantom of the Opera, Evita’s “A New Argentina” — his work carries such emotional weight that theater buffs love to argue over which song means the most (naturally there’s no “right” answer). Webber directly rivals Rodgers & Hammerstein as the impresario with the most hits in full on-stage rotation, as it were — but he edges out the famous duo by his continued relevance: most recently, he was engaged to write the score for the musical adaptation of the popular Jack Black film School of Rock, to which we say: rock on.

Flat Rock Playhouse opens Music of the Night: The Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber on Friday, August 25. The show runs through September 3. $15-$50. For tickets, see or call 828-693-0731.

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