I Collage, Therefore I Am

Journaling is more fun if it looks pretty.

Diary-keeping has passed through myriad phases in its unthinkably long history. Ship’s captains logged the weather and the latest rumblings of mutiny; jilted Victorian maidens filled pages with their romantic woes, and, in the best cases, turned all that flowery angst into novels. Much more currently, A-list humorist David Sedaris topped the New York Times bestseller list by publishing his own unedited, quirky diaries spanning some 40 years. Returning to the more personal idea of the journal, art therapist Kara Ashley-Gilmore also incorporates a hip “maker” edge to the practice, showing her students how to use color and texture, plus found words and resonant images, to create a personal account of their distant journeys and goals for the future. On Thursday, September 7, at Art MoB Studios & Marketplace — an event recently rescheduled from August 25 — she’ll host a mini version of the Insight Journaling workshop she offers at her own downtown business, Mountain Creative Arts Counseling. (Ashley-Gilmore’s in-house courses sell out quickly, so don’t miss the chance to catch her transformative magic at Art MoB.)

6-8pm. 124 4th Avenue East in Hendersonville. For more information, call 828-693-4545.


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