Indoor Motocross at the Ag Center

Motocross racers still jump dirt hills in February - only they're set up in the climate-controlled WNC Ag Center.

Motocross racers still jump dirt hills in February – only they’re set up in the climate-controlled WNC Ag Center.

“’Tis the season to shred,” goes the call to action on the web page of FMF Motocross. And while the company — FMF stands for “flying machine factory” — is referring to an assortment of seasonal merchandise, it’s also a good motto for Victory Sports’ 25th Annual Indoor Motocross Winter Series, sponsored by FMF and revving into the WNC Ag Center this week.

Off-road motorcycle racing goes back more than 100 years, to roots in the UK. Today, though, as in most X-Game type sports, the stakes have dramatically accelerated — riders in some divisions perform aerial acrobatics and extreme jumps over hills and other obstacles. But also, in the last decade or so, emissions technology has evolved to make motocross more environmentally friendly.

Participants travel a wide section of the country, including the Achatz family of St. Augustine, Florida, who frequently attend Ag Center events. In their home state, “we can race outdoors all year long,” points out mom Brooke. But she says her 12-year-old champion son “also loves ‘Arenacross,’ which is indoors.” Christopher took home three first-place finishes at the last Victory Sports indoor race in Blountville, Tennessee, and another in December, also at the AG Center.

“I love it all — outdoor and indoor. We do it year round,” says Brooke, though she notes, “Daddy does all of the traveling during the winter races, because some are so far away, and it just isn’t economical for our whole family to travel at times. But I go to most of them … it’s such a family-involved sport, and everyone is so awesome and nice.”

February 3 and 4 at the WNC Agricultural Center’s McGough Arena. 1301 Fanning Bridge Road. 828-687-1414, 423-323-5497,,

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