Lonesome Tonight?

The king of all Elvis tribute artists plays Flat Rock Playhouse’s main stage.

An excerpt on Donny Edwards’ website assures potential bookers that the entertainer is willing to travel “up to 3,000 miles.” Last time we checked, that was the entire breadth of the United States. So it’s safe to assume that this Vegas-based Elvis impersonator is in uniformly high demand.

And speaking of uniforms … today, celebrity imitators are delicately referred to as “tribute acts” — but that doesn’t mean they’re all cut from the same yardage of pointy-collared polyester. Elvis clones are a dime a rhinestone, but Edwards — whose features breathtakingly favor a dreamboat-era King — is deeply authentic in voice, look, and manner. In fact, he is the only latter-day Elvis allowed by the late singer’s estate to perform on the grounds of Graceland.

Another point of pride: Edwards can plumb the entire Presley canon, not just the standards. “He gave us all goosebumps at how much he looks and sounds like Elvis … and was able to accommodate our unusual song requests without blinking an eye,” said one online reviewer.

Not only that, “but he’s played with the Jordanaires, Elvis’ backup band,” adds Dane Whitlock, director of marketing and communications at Flat Rock Playhouse. The Jordanaires supported Elvis from the ’50s to the ’70s — the same timespan as Edwards’ repertoire. Clearly an act for the ages.

“Donny Edwards as Elvis — A Heart and Soul Tribute to the King” opens April 7 and runs through the 17th, part of Flat Rock Playhouse’s Music on the Rock series. On the main stage. Tickets start at $30. See www.flatrockplayhouse.org for details.

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