Making Good

An event at Transylvania County Library promises fun for Star Wars fans who are both diehard and just dabbling.

Garnering almost unanimous critical acclaim, the new Star Wars blockbuster, The Force Awakens, has been thawing out countless geek-avoidant moviegoers — the unconverted who previously turned up their noses at the 40-year mega-franchise. Featuring fresh young leads Daisy Ridley and John Boyega, pried-from-the-past icons Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, and an adorable droid (BB-8, holding R2D2’s torch), the new movie has pleased old fans, won over new ones, and spawned an avalanche of merchandise from here to the next galaxy.

Transylvania County Library dips into the action on Saturday, January 9, when it welcomes fanboys, fangirls, and fan men and women to a morning of Star Wars trivia and good old grassroots crafting. Participants can make their own light sabers (the Force’s ultimate weapon — supplies are included), wear costumes, and take a shot for Facebook (or just for posterity) in the on-site photo booth.

Transylvania County Library, Saturday, January 9, 6pm. 221 S. Gaston St. 828-884-3151.

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