NC’s Haunted Farm Celebrates Valentine’s Week

NC Haunted Farm is rattling its chains for a new seasonal event.

NC Haunted Farm is rattling its chains for a new seasonal event.

Last fall, The Haunted Farm in Henderson County got a great splattering of rave reviews online. Dramatically staged cemeteries, fields, and houses are something of a cottage industry during the Halloween season, with some tailored for little kids and others geared toward teens and adults.

The edgier ones are (fake) bloody, usually rely on horror-movie tropes, and tend to revel in a high level of kitsch. By all accounts, though, The Haunted Farm was something apart — vignettes of psychological horror played out by talented actors using old-school special effects.

“My husband and I moved to Asheville from Hollywood, California, where we would go to Universal Studios every year for their ‘Nights of Terror’ — needless to say, we were pretty spoiled,” wrote one reviewer online, who went on to enthuse, “I was so beyond thrilled after we visited The Haunted Farm last year. It was not only scary as hell, but I was in awe at how much creativity, time, and effort went into the whole thing.”

This week, the Farm is raising the demons again, with the seasonal theme “Love You to Death.” Details at press time were coy, but already the buzz is significant. Anyone who’s ever had their heart split in two will likely get vicarious pleasure from the scenarios. “For three days in February, you can bring your Valentine on the date of their lives,” goes a passage on the website. “Take a walk through the woods of bleeding hearts and then through the maze of buildings, including The Tunnel of Tormented Love. We promise you will leave brokenhearted.” And when the signature color is blood-red — well, what’s not to scream about?

February 10, 11, and 14. 7-11pm. $15. For information, see or check out the venues Facebook page.

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