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Have Hue Tried It? Adult coloring books: it's a thing. A major thing.

Have Hue Tried It? Adult coloring books: it’s a thing. A major thing.

If you’ve been in a bookstore or boutique gift shop lately, you know that coloring books for big people is the hottest trend to hit the common-culture-sphere since salted caramel. Intricate pen-and-ink renderings depict cityscapes, nature mandalas, holiday scenes, and cherished images from Victorian literature, along with humor and novelty themes. Filling in the pictures with color via crayon or colored pencil is a documented stress reliever; a meditative exercise that requires zero training. There’s no learning curve to be surmounted, only fun to be had and a sense of serene accomplishment to be gained.

Two groups in the area invite adults to come experience the phenomenon. The Adult Coloring Club meets Saturday, December 12 and Tuesday, December 15, 2-3pm both days, at the Henderson County Library (301 N. Washington St.). 828-697-4725. Free

The Main Street Coloring Club charges $25 but provides music and snacks and lets you bring beer and wine (no liquor). 21 and up. Wednesday, December 16, 6-8pm at Mountain Creative Arts Council (307 North Main St., Suite 10). 828-595-3847. www.mountaincreativearts.com

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