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Middle eastern fare at Pita Express.

Middle eastern fare at Pita Express.

“It’s nice to have something to get excited about that I can afford!” This came (unsolicited) from a lady at the next table. I had a mouthful of gyro with yogurt dripping down my chin at that moment and could only nod enthusiastically. She couldn’t have put it better The Pita Express is serving large portions of terrific food at extremely reasonable prices.

Lina and Mohamid Abuadas opened Pita Express in January of this year. Located in the old Doughboy Doughnuts location, they have created a menu that showcases Lina’s culinary heritage but also offers your usual lunch offerings. Don’t be tempted to grab a burger — walk on the (slightly) wild side and order the gyro combo, with shaved lamb, vegetables and homemade yogurt — and the very best part is the warm, fluffy grilled pita bread that wraps everything up. Finish with a buttery square of baklava, chock full of honey and pistachios. Lina says, “We make everything from scratch. Everything is natural and I think that is what people are craving now.”

The Vegetarian Plate is loaded with all things good (and good for you). Mjadra (steamed lentils combined with rice and seasonings), Tabouli (a cracked wheat dish that is full of fiber and flavor) and the best hummus I’ve had in a long time. This is food to get messy with, so don’t be shy. And if you are looking for a breakfast that will carry you through the day, order the Mediterranean Breakfast Pita. Again, that fabulous grilled pita wrapped around egg, zatar (a spice grown only in the middle east), feta and vegetables. Savory and so delicious!

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