Rites of Spring Chickens

Elinor Had Some Grand Ideas

Elinor Had Some Grand Ideas

Jacqui Fehl’s ruminative chicken paintings strut far beyond “cute.” These aren’t poultry images in the country-kitchen vein, but birds on a mission, birds with an edge: birds ensnared in a landscape of dreams.

Speaking of dreams, showcasing local art-for-sale in restaurants is a promising trend, and Fehl’s series of emotional, fowl-inspired works is an obvious fit for Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack South (3749 Sweeten Creek Road, in Arden), where all the deep-fried goodness is sourced from area farms. We won’t touch the irony — let’s just say that bird worship takes many forms.

“Chicken and birds just make me smile. I create them when I want to take a break from my other paintings,” says Fehl, who’s also Arden-based. “They help keep my other work fresh.”

Visit jacquifehl.com for more information.

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