Santa Down!

Everyone and anyone can be Santa at Santacon.

Everyone and anyone can be Santa at Santacon.

Rule No. 1 of Santacon: Santa does not make children cry. Other rules of Santacon: You must address everyone as “Santa.” You SHOULD “ho-ho-ho” like Santa. You OUGHT to give out gifts like Santa. And you MIGHT want to drink like Santa.

All of this is just to say, if you’re in downtown Asheville on Saturday, December 7th, and you see dozens of Santa Clauses tromping around, singing twisted carols and generally causing great merriment, don’t be surprised. The chaos is organized. Well, sort of organized.

SantaCon started in San Francisco in 1994, and Asheville’s had its own version for the past several years. It’s an orchestrated flash mob: part set-up and planning, part spontaneity and mirth. You’ve got to have both facets if you’re talking 200 Santas at large. But organizers won’t reveal their exact game plan…that takes the fun away.

Santa’s for men and women, both. You’ll see lady Santas and the traditional varieties, elves and reindeer and everything in between. When you hear “Santa Down,” watch out: the Santas fall to the floor, a big red-and-white synchronized mass.

Still confused? Try the FAQ section on What is Santacon, you ask? Santacon is your opportunity to be Santa. Is this some kind of political statement? No. It’s fun and only fun. Who’s in charge? Santa.

And Santa says expect gifts, costumes and a big wild roaming hoard of holiday fun, Asheville-style.

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