Ten Truths Brought Home from the Mountain State Fair

Photo by Beau Bianchi

Increased signage at this year’s NC Mountain State Fair revealed some fascinating agricultural facts about the area (as stated in items number 2 and 6 in the list below). Other impressions included in this list are purely subjective.

1) Even the guy paid to sell Dill Pickle Lemonade won’t actually try Dill Pickle Lemonade. But Dill Pickle Lemonade is truly delicious. It’s a briny revelation.

2) North Carolina is home to the oldest grapevine in North America. (It’s 400 years old, it’s called “the Mother Vine,” and it lives and thrives on Roanoke Island.)

3) The guy who gets shot out of the cannon sometimes stands on the cannon during a pre-show check and stares into the distance, and it’s impossible not to wonder what he’s thinking about.

4) Alpacas can turn themselves into loaves just like cats, and the effect is satisfying beyond description. 

5) Muscadines are now touted as a superfood, but will likely always dwell in the blueberry’s shadow. 

6) It takes more than 500 squirts from a cow’s udder to make a gallon of milk.

7) Quilters have more apparent patience than saints and should really be teaching meditation workshops.

8) You can now buy an $18 bowl of macaroni-and-cheese at the Fair. 

9) Luckily you can also still buy a $4 bowl of pinto beans and cornbread a few booths away. 

10) The sight of the lighted midway at sunset against the surrounding mountains never, ever disappoints.

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