The Animals You Know

“J” is for Jerboa, a desert rodent found in northern Africa and Asia.

For this ambitiously whimsical exhibit at The Pottery in Saluda, owner Doc Welty has sculpted an animal for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet (the title references Bob Dylan’s classic folk song). A portion of proceeds from sales will benefit the Polk County Humane Society, and a 4-7pm reception on August 5 opens the show, which runs through August 21.

Regarding the elusive jerboa, shown, Welty remarks to Bold Life about the challenges of the theme. “I often [chose] some of the more unusual sounding names, like ‘platypus’ instead of ‘penguin,’ but some letters — ‘Q-quokka’ — didn’t have many choices. So some animals we’ve heard of, and some we haven’t.”

 “Man Gave Names to All the Animals,” Opening Reception August 5, 4-7pm. Show runs through August 21. The Pottery, 50 E. Main St., Saluda. 828-713-5719.

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