The Family Food Truck

Claudio Romero, Owner of Baires Authentic Argentinian Food Truck.
Photo by Rachel Pressley

Since opening in July, Claudio Romero, a native of Argentina and owner of Baires Authentic Argentinian Food Truck, has been bringing Hendersonville vibrantly tasty food with a signature cultural flair. When he’s parked around town, his colorful truck is hard to miss. His son, Niko, a local tattoo artist, designed the sign, along with the menu. The food truck is a family affair, as Romero also gets help from his wife, Monica, his daughters Sabrina and Michelle, and his grandchildren Aidan and Josh. Romero worked as a server for 25 years and owned a restaurant for a short time — but he says that operating a truck is closer to what he’s always loved to do: making food for family and friends. “I wanted to do it on my own, and share my love for cooking with the community,” he says. He keeps his menu simple and fresh, including items such as empanadas, steak sandwiches, french fries, and vanilla custard. “People like what we do,” says Romero. The truck is normally parked on 7th Avenue in downtown Hendersonville.

Check the Facebook page Baires Food Truck for updates.

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