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Jose Case

Jose Case

You could argue that Jose Case is the most recognized person in Hendersonville. Jose who?

OK, granted the name may not instantly jump out at you, but it’s a safe bet you know who he is. He’s practically all over town waving, dancing, playing a harmonica or doing whatever else it takes to help various businesses bring in customers.

“I’ve worked as a chef. I’ve done landscaping. Now I’m more into using my art background as a performance artist,” says Case. “I’ve been taking the concept of that and gearing it toward advertising. I create different, interesting characters, and it does attract customers to a business. Creative advertising is a pretty amazing tool.”

Case says he enjoys his work because it lets him interact with the public he loves. He estimates that “98.5 percent of the people give a very positive response” to what he does. And what about that remaining 1.5 percent? Case says those people may say something insulting, but this man with the infectious smile simply lets it roll off his back. His work may look like fun and games, but it’s something he pours his heart and soul into.

“When you got 98.5 percent positive response, that tells me it’s working. It’s worth doing,” he says. “I try to do something that most — old, young, teenager — can relate to. I do take my work very seriously.”

Visit his Facebook page, and you’ll see that almost 2,400 people enjoy his style of entertainment. His Facebook page goes by the name Hendersonville Mattress Man, a reference to one of his earlier gigs wearing bedding for a mattress store. “One of the finest in Hendersonville” and “He is one of the sweetest people I have met” are just some of the comments his 2,400 fans have posted.

“Not only in Hendersonville, but the communities in the area have helped me a lot,” he says. “I don’t care if you’re here in Hendersonville, Flat Rock, or even Asheville and beyond, there’s a lot of good people throughout this region. I’m grateful to Hendersonville and the people in the surrounding areas.”

Scooter Aid: Help Jose Cover More Ground

A fundraising effort has been launched to purchase a motorized scooter for Case, who currently travels 24 miles a day by bicycle shuttling between his home in Edneyville and Hendersonville. A total of $1,200 is needed, of which $500 has been collected. A musical benefit will be at 8pm December 4 at Black Bear Coffee, 318 North Main Street, Hendersonville. You can drop by the Arcade on Main at 305 North Main Street to make a donation or call Lorrie Fernandez at 828-692-6090.

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