There’s A Reason Why They’re Here

Emily Lamar, left, and Chambli Stuber are keeping the Onion alive.
Photo by Rachel Pressley

As of early 2020, longtime employees of The Purple Onion, Emily Lamar and Chambli Stuber, have taken over as co-owners of the popular restaurant in Saluda. 

“We’re trying to keep the legacy going,” says Stuber. “What Susan [the restaurant’s previous owner and Lamar’s mother] has created here is amazing — great food for the community, for the employees and our families. We plan to continue what she has done and do it well.” 

The restaurant will host live music twice a week and continue with seasonal specials, with help from their head chef, Lena Koenig, “and using our farmers and local produce to design the menu,” says Stuber. 

Utilizing local businesses and products is important to the two, who have taken part in the restaurant in many ways over the last 21 years. “We’ve both been here for a very long time,” confirms Lamar. “Chambli started working here when she was 15, so we have a love for this place, and we wanted to make sure it would continue on forever. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this.” 

The Purple Onion, 16 East Main St., Saluda. For special inquiries and reservations, e-mail 828-749-1179.

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