Triskelion Brewing Co. Surveys Wide World of Beer

Beer lovers don’t need a passport to travel the world of brewing at newly opened Triskelion Brewing Company on 340 Seventh Avenue East. Brewer Jonathan Ayers, who owns Triskelion with his wife Becky, says its offerings will reflect his own preferences as a self-described “equal opportunity drinker.”

A graduate of Blue Ridge Community College’s Brewing, Distilling and Fermentation program, Jonathan enjoys the technical challenges of tackling a wide array of beer. In one case — Triskelion’s Argentinian IPA — he brewed his first batch without having tasted an example of the style, going entirely off the quantitative guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program.

The result is an elegantly clean, sessionable brew, far from the hop bomb aggression of some American IPAs. Also available at the taproom are the Trusted Advisor Imperial Breakfast Coffee Stout, The Order of the Kensmen Scottish Ale, and Angel’s Taint, a tart raspberry ale developed by Becky.

While Triskelion’s main space won’t open until April or May, its temporary taproom aims to foster a strong community of beer lovers. “I want to make a space that people can come in and claim, that they can make meaningful to them,” Jonathan says.

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