Triskelion: One Year In

John and Becky Ayers have brewing in their bones.
Photo by Rachel Pressley

After homebrewing for eight years, husband-and-wife team John and Becky Ayers decided they wanted to join the brewing community by launching their own downtown brewery/taproom. Triskelion Brewing Company opened on New Year’s Day in 2018. “Triskelion is basically our journey in exploration of what malt and hops can become,” explains John. He spent three-and-a-half years getting seven degrees to become a professional brewer, distiller, and fermenter, taking classes through the acclaimed professional brewing program at Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock. Not only are the Ayers passionate about designing and handcrafting beers, they also care about how the trend is developing in Hendersonville. “The brewing community here is amazing,” says Becky. “From big craft down to small craft, we bind together. It’s about paying it forward and supporting one another.” Triskelion has a taproom with 15 fill taps, a brewhouse in the back open for tours, a stage for entertainment in the summer, and an upstairs that can be rented out for parties. Plans for 2019 include creating five flagship beers. “People in this industry can taste the passion and drive you have,” the couple tells Bold Life. “This is not just our hobby — this is who we are.” 

Photos by Rachel Pressley

Triskelion Brewing Company, 340 7th Ave. East, Hendersonville. The taproom is open every day (starting at 4pm on weekdays, 12pm on weekends). 828-388-7051.

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