Unusual Arrangement

 Sculpture by Christine Kosiba

Sculpture by Christine Kosiba

It’s a progressive way to curate. In its upcoming exhibit Sculpture + One, opening this Friday at Transylvania Community Arts Council, invited sculptors from around Western North Carolina (mostly Brevard) have, in turn, been asked to invite an artist friend working in a different medium to share their display space. The joint exhibits will make for some vibrant bedfellows. Ceramic artist Christine Kosiba, she of the folkloric rabbits and owls perched on spheric pedestals, has invited singer/songwriter/painter Shannon Whitworth (recently profiled in Bold Life’s companion publication Carolina Home + Garden) to share her space.

“Including Shannon as my ‘1’ was an easy choice,” Kosiba recently told Bold Life. “Her work has an ease and positive energy to it. Her palette of colors and subject matter [resonates] with me, and I feel our work complements each other.” The two previously put together a two-person show, “Isis,” and a three-person show, “Sacred Spaces,” including the botanical installations of Eatherly Schultz.

“Both of these shows were very well received,” says Kosiba. “Collaborating with Shannon is inspiring and always rewarding.”

Other pairings include Kyle Lusk with J. Andrew Davis, Peter Dallos with Barbara Nerenz-Kelley, Marcia Brennan with Jack Christfield, Ann Zelle with Libby Cullen, and Chris Lisowski with Bruce Siulinski.

“I love the idea of collaborating,” notes Tammy Hopkins, executive director of the Arts Council  “It didn’t matter if their ‘+ one’ was a professional artist or an up-and-coming artist. The idea was to have the sculptors invite someone they have wanted to work with or exhibit with.”

Sculpture + One opens with a 5-8pm reception on October 28. The show runs through November 18. 349 South Caldwell St., Brevard. 828-884-2787. www.tcarts.org.

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