Vegan Brewery Opens Farm True to its Name

This turkey gets to enjoy a safe holiday season at Sweet Bear Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Brewing Co. broke a lot of new territory when it opened in Hendersonville a couple years ago, successfully launching a high-concept microbrewery — all food and drink is vegan, and the brewery’s events benefit animal-advocacy programs. (Sanctuary, which has been covered in statewide and national media outlets, also hosts a free Sunday meal to anyone in need, and gives away bags of toiletries to help the homeless.) This week, owners Lisa McDonald and Joe Dinan announced the opening of a nonprofit animal sanctuary and partner business, Sweet Bear Rescue Farm, also in Hendersonville. The three-acre spot shelters a dozen animals, including a pot-bellied pig named Ollie and a chicken named Charlotte who are rumored to best friends. “This is something Joe and I have been dreaming about for years,” McDonald said in a press statement. “We believe in the inherent value of all life, and we want to save every animal we possibly can.”

 For more information, see or call 828-333-0742.

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