Walk me to the Moon: FENCE sponsors a hike

Enjoy nature with your Valentine's Day date in Saluda and in Tryon.

Enjoy nature with your Valentine’s Day date in Saluda and in Tryon.

According to the Farmers Almanac, the full moon in February goes by many designations, since it rises in the traditionally snowiest month: hence, per Native American legend, The Snow Moon, The Hunger Moon (because hunting was scarcest in this month), and The Bone Moon — the latter a Cherokee name indicating that stores of food were down to bone marrow.

On February 10, AmeriCorps member Britney Tatters leads a Full Moon Hike at the Foothills Equestrian Nature Center in Tryon from 6-7:30pm, discussing the special significance of the February full moon.   Free. Hot cocoa provided. (3381 Hunting Country Road; to register, call 828-859-9021).

And on Valentine’s Day proper — Tuesday the 14th — Pearson’s Falls in Saluda will offer free admission to anyone who wants to take their significant other on a hike (quite different from telling the aforementioned S.O. to take a hike). “Bring Your Honey to Pearson’s Falls” is an event with a sweet incentive: the 14th visitor that day will receive a free pint of local honey. For info: 828-749-3031.

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