Wildfire Update: New Shelter Open in Hendersonville

A shelter opened in downtown Hendersonville this morning to house evacuees of the Party Rock forest fire.

Parts of Bold Life’s coverage area, including Rutherford and portions of Henderson County, are experiencing historically destructive wildfires.

By now, the Party Rock fire in the Lake Lure area, which has consumed some 4,500 acres, is national news, along with some 20 other blazes big and small burning in areas of the Southern Blue Ridge, comprising 46,000 acres total. They’re the worst wildfires ever experienced in the region, according to the reports of several local firefighters, joined by teams as far away as Alaska to try to control the blaze.

At press time, no property or lives had been lost, but the fire was growing every day, and Henderson County emergency-management and law-enforcement officials had announced a mandatory evacuation of Highway 9 (between Highway 74-A and Shumont Road) beginning at noon on Wednesday, November 16.

A shelter at Grace Lutheran Church (1245 6th Avenue West, in Hendersonville) is now open for evacuees, operated by the local branch of the Red Cross. A volunteer told Bold Life that so far five people were sheltering there — with many more expected. For information, call Grace Lutheran at 828-693-5605. For updates on the Party Rock Fire, call 828-513-2500.


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