A Very Viking Valentine

“Cupid may prefer arrows, but we prefer axes,” quips Hope Grier, co-owner of Timber Axe Throwing in Hendersonville. This February, in honor of the chubby-cheeked cherub, Grier will offer two promotions: Date Night and Axe Your Ex. The first is fairly self-explanatory: For the entire month, lovey lumberjacks are invited to heave hatchets at heart-shaped bullseyes. Sure, a candlelit dinner may be more romantic. But launching choppers through the air is much more “AXEciting,” says Grier. Of course, not everyone has a honey to share the season with. And that’s A-okay. For the recently dumped among us, there is Axe Your Ex. Equal parts fun and catharsis, this month-long event invites heartbroken customers to bring in photos of their former flames to — you guessed it — throw axes at. According to Grier, the experience doubles as “judgment free axe therapy.” Just bring your own tissues. 

Timber Axe Throwing (218 Duncan Hill Rd., Hendersonville) is open Thursdays, 5-10pm; Fridays, 5-11pm; Saturdays, 1-11pm; and Sundays, 1-8pm. To get $10 off your reservation for a Date Night, use promo code “VALENTINESDATE.” For 20 percent off your reservation for Axe Your Ex, use promo code “AXEYOUREX.” For more information or to make a reservation, visit timberaxethrowing.com.

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