Barber Pole Blues

It’s Christmas in July at DE Turner Hardware in Mooresville, NC.

Piedmont lawyer Mike Lassiter spent six years and 30,000 miles chronicling the state of Small Town America, North Carolina-style. Photographing old hardware stores, diners, and theaters that somehow, resisting aggressive development, remain hardware stores, diners, and theaters, plus other signposts of small-town Southern life, he compiled a book, Our Vanishing Americana, a documentary, and found the zeal to preserve a way of life.

Check out the story in this month’s print issue ( On Friday, July 21, at 7pm, Lassiter and filmmaker Scott Galloway will appear at Saluda’s Historic Depot (32 W. Main St.) to discuss the ongoing project. (Portions of Saluda’s iconic downtown appear in the book.)




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