Blessing of the Animals

From Brooklyn to Bismarck, public animal blessings have been gaining steady popularity for the last ten years or so. Owners of cats and dogs, geckos and guinea pigs, and other house pets – even those “parents” who might not ordinarily darken a door of worship – are quite willing to offer up their fur babies (or scale babies, as the case may be) for a little holy hands-on action.

The notion goes all the way back to Francis of Assisi, the 12th-century saint known for his deep bond with the feathered and four-legged creatures of the world, and a beloved figure revered in perpetuity via backyard statuary.

On October 4, the Feast Day of St. Francis, Grace Lutheran Church in Hendersonville sponsors a cross-generational Blessing of the Animals, administered by the congregation’s high-school youth.

6pm. Free. 1245 Sixth Avenue West in Hendersonville, with refreshments following. 828-693-4890.

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