2017 Solar Eclipse Information Session

Prepare yourself with info from PARI.

Hendersonville is in the 99-percent viewable range for the Great American Eclipse on August 21 — an epically historic event not seen in populated U.S. States in 38 years. Jog a few miles southwest though, to Transylvania County — Gorges State Park, Rosman, Brevard — and you enter the coveted “path of totality,” 100 percent, where the stars will come out and the difference in awe factor is literally night and day.

In this month’s cover story, When the Sun and the Moon Align, written by Steve Wong and photographed by Rimas Zailskas, scientists from the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute in Rosman talk about the cosmic coincidence of being able to observe the eclipse with some of the world’s most sophisticated telescopic equipment.

Even if you missed out on the limited-edition tickets for PARI’s official event, though, it doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy the eclipse from other spots in the area. Just allow for plenty of time — tens of thousands of extra visitors are expected in the area — and don’t forget to bring your solar eclipse glasses for safe viewing. On Wednesday, August 9, 4-5pm, PARI will hold an event at the Henderson County Library (301 N. Washington St.) to offer tips, insights, and fascinating facts about the approaching celestial event.

2017 Solar Eclipse Information Session, presented by PARI, August 9, 4-5 pm. Hendersonville Library, 301 N. Washington St, Hendersonville, NC. Kaplan Auditorium. For more information, call 828-697-4725 or see henderson.lib.nc.us.

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